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Having trouble in narrowing down your supplier? If you need a human hair extension distributor for yourself or salon, store, we have the best options. We’re one of the top vendors across Vietnam and can provide high-quality products at great prices to suit any budget.

IVIRGO HAIR is a leading wholesale hair vendor in the world, with over 10 years of experience and expertise when it comes to human hair. With their vast knowledge about various markets around the globe, they were able to provide customers with what best suits them – from raw Vietnamese hairs for Brazilians’ needs or blonde texture wefted hair for Europeans’. IVIRGO HAIR’s strengths lie not only on making quality products but also tailoring those very same goods according to customer preferences – whether that be bulk supplies of Brazilian virgin wavy hairs or European weave thick-weaved tresses!

IVIRGO is a company that provides top-quality human hair products to customers all over the world. They trade with more and more different countries, such as Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia; Russia; Costa Rica: Estonia Thailand Israel Ukraine United Kingdom Italy Argentina France United States Germany etc., in order to provide better services for their loyal clients who keep coming back again and again because of IVIRGO’s high quality Vietnamese Human Hair Products which are cut into our special lengths so they can be easily used by people without any experience or skills!
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Wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam

Wholesale hair vendors – wholesale raw Vietnamese hair extensions

Why you should choose our?

Being the top wholesale hair vendor from Vietnam, IVIRGO HAIR is ready to support customers with 24/7 services whenever you need them by the professional sales team. We have known that only supplying good products is not enough, determining factor is customer service. IVIRGO ensure the needs and expectations of customers are met in the best way :
  • Quick Response: From consulting, delivery to feedback, or solving customers’ problems are committed to the time and on time.
  • Accuracy: Customers will be consulted until getting the right Vietnamese hair for your choose
  • Profession: IVIRGO has a skillful sales team graduated in Business Department and high – professional trained about the products, also Customer understanding skills. So, we provide to customers great services and customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.
Owings to its 100% Remy hair quality, we commit to providing high-quality human hair to all customers: Raw hair is collected and selected at our factory after that quality of products also is controlled before shipments. Besides, IVIRGO always offers a variety of products: single-drawn hair, double-drawn hair, super double drawn hair, euro double drawn hair, same length hair, virgin hair – from one donor no- mixed at grade 5A to 9A so that customers can choose the best for them.
Return and Refund Policy: The buyer can contact us within 7 days of buy to start a refund or exchange request in the following request:
The buyer has made the payment but has not received the products. The product is defective or damaged during shipment. IVIRGO delivers the wrong products to a buyer ( wrong types, size, color…). Product not as described. The agreement between IVIRGO and the buyer, and we accept for buyer’s return. Fast Delivery and Door to Door Service: Human hair vendor in Vietnam package will be shipped by DHL, UPS, EMS, or FedEx to the customer’s address.
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