10A Hair: All You Need To Know About This Hair 

One of the most common terms you see when buying hair extensions is the symbols 6A to 10A. If you’ve just entered the hair world, you can be confused.

Hair extension suppliers have a reason to give their Remy hairs nicknames. What is a 10A hair weave? What salient features do they have?

Let’s find the answer with Ivirgo Hair Factory in this article. Keep scrolling down to discover fascinating knowledge!

What Is 10A Hair Grade? 

10A hair is the purest and highest quality hair on the market today. This layer of hair has a robust and thick structure and has volume extending from the ends to the roots.

Typically, hair vendors will only take hair from a single donor to form a 10A hair extension. They create uniformity in product texture.

All hairs are usually about the same length, thanks to the manual selection method. So you will have a gorgeous look possible.

Without chemical treatment, 10A hair can last up to three years. They are also effortless to handle and care for because they will be difficult to dry or mess up.

You can change this hairstyle to your liking. Whether you want to go platinum or curl, 10A hair can respond with minor damage after styling.

However, with high quality comes a price that doesn’t come cheap. 10A hair weave is the most expensive of all hair extensions.

You can think and weigh between your budget and desired hair quality. Although hair quality is critical, hair 6A and up can guarantee a great look.

Highlight Features Of 10A Hair 


The cost of a 10A hair-grade extension is usually prohibitive. It is understandable because the high value will go with commensurate quality.

When you own and compare this hair type with other products, you will understand why. Not only does it have a natural shine, but it also has a very long lifespan. It is the best option if you are looking for a long-term investment.

However, many fake hair vendors often trick you into selling poor-quality hair extensions with the 10A label. You must check carefully when receiving the product to avoid cases like this.

High-Quality Texture

With this high-quality hair, you can create various styles and hairstyles to your liking. Hair 10A is utterly resistant to chemical effects and high temperatures. This element is highly significant because you can completely transform any style to your liking.

10a hair image 1
The quality of 10A hair is supreme

Low Maintenance

The most significant advantage of the 10A weave is that it does not require much maintenance. Since this hair weave is made from 100% virgin hair, it is hard to tangle and stays shiny.

Nothing is worse than taking care of your natural hair while maintaining your extensions. 10A hair will solve that problem and help save a lot of effort and effort of the owner.

The process of maintaining this type of hair is straightforward. You must follow the basic instructions and store your hair in a dry place during use.


The average life of a 10A hair weave can last from three to five years, depending on the owner’s maintenance process. Compared with other wigs, this hair extension has a long lifespan. It’s worth your investment.

Differentiating Between 9A And 10A Hair Grades 

The Similarity

The most considerable similarity between the two hair types, 9A and 10A, is their origin. These extensions come from a single donor and are 100% natural hair.

As a result, the quality and texture of the hairs are always kept at the highest level. It also increases their durability and luster many times over.

However, the problem that many consumers often face recently is buying fake hair weaves. It would be best if you chose reputably experienced hair extension suppliers such as Ivirgo Hair Vendors to avoid that situation.

The Differences

When it comes to hair 9A and 10A, there are the following fundamental differences that you need to keep in mind:

  • Price: Price is the most significant difference. 9A hair will be cheaper than 10A hair, although only by a little. You can choose flexibly according to your individual needs.
  • Texture: To the touch, 10A hair is thicker and more uniform from start to finish. So, they are super double-drawn hair, while 9A hair is just double-drawn hair. This texture allows the owner to customize and modify it to your liking.
  • Bleaching process: If you love bleaching your hair, 10A is the best choice. The hair fiber is strong enough to undergo bleaching processes without damage. On the contrary, you should not bleach 9A hair because it is elementary to tangle and dry after finishing.
  • Lifetime span: The life span of 9A hair can last from two to three years, depending on the owner’s maintenance. With 10A hairs, you can use them longer without much care or effort.

Buying 10a High-Grade Human Hair Weave: Factors To Consider

Things will be more complex when shopping for hair weaves than walking into the store and choosing any extension. To ensure the best hair quality, you should follow some guidelines below.

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Tips for purchasing the ideal hair extension


100% pure Remy Hair is the first choice for a high-quality wig.

These hairs usually have an intact cuticle that keeps the hair smooth and firm. If you choose hair types that have lost the cuticle, they will be very tangled.

One plus of these cuticles is that they create a glossy and smooth look to your hair, giving you the most natural look.

Production Procedure

To ensure your health, you should choose products with no harmful chemical ingredients.

Single Or Double Drawn Wefts

There are two basic types of hair weft: single or double-drawn hair. Each type has its advantages.

With single-drawn hair, the hair will often have an uneven thickness with lots of flying and short hair mixed in. You will find them thick at the ends and thinner at the roots when you touch them.

This hairstyle is similar to natural hair structure and has a reasonable price. Yet, if you aim to increase your hair’s volume, double-drawn hair is the first choice.

Hair 10A is a super double-drawn hair. It is incredibly thick and has all same-length hair creating consistency in structure.


Please make sure you can entirely style and curl them temporarily with the heat tool. A good hair weave will usually restore its original shape after washing it.

Virgin hair weave’s innovative chemical-free streaming technology makes hair more potent and more accessible to style. It also repairs the cuticle and clears bacteria without destroying the hair shaft.

In addition, good hair extensions must be able to color efficiently. Some factories cover up hair imperfections by dyeing them black.

It is almost impossible to dye other tones with treated hairstyles like this.

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Frequently asked questions about 10a hair

10a Hair Frequently Asked Questions 

If you still have questions about the 10A hair weave, let’s find out more here.

What Is The Best Hair Grade?

On the market, 10A hair grade is one of the highest-quality hair weaves. Thick, strong virgin hair from the tip to the hairline makes its price higher than usual.

The lifespan of this type of hair is also extremely high. However, hair vendors will not stop but continue to launch more advanced hair weave products in the future, such as 11A or 12A.

Which Hair Grade Should I Choose: 8A Or 10A? 

You should choose 10A hair because it has better quality. This hair type is thicker and more robust than other weaves.

However, salons often choose 8A hair to make wigs or extensions. It is the perfect balance between quality and price.

What Are The Differences Between 10A And 12A Hair Weaves?

Grade 10A is currently the highest hair quality grade by industry standards. However, as technology improves, these industry standards change.

For example, the 5A weave was once considered the highest quality but is now just about average.

Grade 12A hair is longer, thicker, and finer. Hair vendors have sold grade 11A and 12A hair on the market for the past few years.

What Grade Is Remy Hair? 

Remy hair is a term that refers to the fact that all hair in a bundle comes from a single donor source. Thanks to this, the hair’s cuticle remains intact and aligned in one direction.

Wigs made from Remy hair are often difficult to tangle and have a beautiful natural shine. You also don’t need to maintain them too often.

Is There An 11A Hair Grade? 

11A hair is one of the most luxurious hair grades. It is also the fullest and double-drawn hair, meaning the bundle contains 95% of the long strands.


Hopefully, our article has helped you get an overview of 10A hair, its features, and its applications in the hairdressing industry.

Each type of hair has its characteristics. Depending on the needs of each person, you can make the most appropriate choice. Please refer to our articles if you are still interested in other hair grades.

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