1A Hair: Everything You Should Know

The most straightforward and elegant hairstyle in the hair world is straight hair. It is also prevalent nowadays. These factors make many people mistakenly believe that 1A hair does not need care and maintenance. If you don’t handle it properly, it will make your appearance look lifeless and tired.

Ivirgo Hair Factory is here to share all the knowledge of 1A hair, including characteristics and care. Are you excited? Let’s read on.

What Is 1A Hair? 

According to Andre Walker Hair Typing System, 1A hair is the first hairstyle on the list. These hairs generally tend to be smooth and flat over the entire surface. Compared with other types 1 hairstyles, 1A hair is entirely different.

The texture of this mane is as straight as possible and without any bulk or body. To the touch, the hairs are incredibly smooth and thick.

Its hair follicle shape is the condition that determines the curl of the hair. Women with wavy or curly hair often have oval hair follicles; in contrast, 1A hair follicles are usually round in shape.

1a hair
All things you should know about 1A hair

Hair 1A is tough to keep the curls even if you use a curling iron. Usually, you will need to resort to chemical intervention to help curl your hair the way you want.

However, its appearance will look sleeker and smoother than other manes. Thanks to the relatively flat hair cuticle and the covering of natural oils, the maintenance of 1A hair is more superficial than different hair types.

The Differences Between Type 1A And 1B Hair 

Many people do not realize the difference between 1A and 1B hair. However, they still have characteristics that do not overlap with any other type of mane.

Both types of hair are type 1, meaning they are straight. Yet, 1B hair looks thicker and has some slight curling areas. This hair type is also the most popular today.

With 1B hair, curling is also much more manageable. It is a hairstyle that many hairdressers love because it is extremely easy to style and versatile.

1A’s hair is extremely straight and smooth, with almost no volume. They are harder to hold and quite fragile, so some specialized care will be required.

How To Care For Type 1A Hair: Helpful Tips

With all of the above characteristics, the care and maintenance of 1A hair will require specialized procedures. Fortunately, you won’t have to do too much because this hair type is low-maintenance.

Follow our tips below to ensure the smoothest and most shiny 1A hair possible.

Shampoo Regularly

One of the most significant disadvantages of 1A hair is that they quickly accumulate dirt and oil on the scalp. It makes the hair look flat and lifeless.

The best method to improve this condition is to wash your hair regularly. It helps to deal with long-term build-ups.

However, a valuable advice is that you should do this shampoo sparingly. Washing your hair too often or using products containing surfactants will strip the hair of its natural oils.

This dryness will stimulate the scalp to produce more oil. As a result, your hair looks like it has just been soaked in a pan of oil, shiny and greasy.

Typically, you should wash your hair 3 to 4 times per week. Between the days when you don’t need to wash your hair, use a dry shampoo to reduce the grease and make your hair volume quick.

Use Volumizing Products

The choice of hair products, such as shampoo or conditioner, is also essential. Our recommendations are specialized products for fine and thin hair.

Besides, you should avoid products containing silicone because silicone will weigh on the head and make the hair look very flat. Look for lightweight moisturizers to compensate for 1A hair’s lack of bounce and volume.

A bouncy hairspray is also a reasonable choice for any girl who wants to look fresh and energetic.

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Don’t forget to brush your hair daily

Brush Daily

Daily brushing helps stimulate the scalp better and makes hair grow faster. Besides, it will evenly distribute the natural oil everywhere to avoid excessive shine.

Another advantage of this action is that it minimizes the problem of tangled or tightly curled hairs.

The type of comb you also use matters. To avoid injuring the scalp and hairline, you should use combs with rounded, plastic prongs.

The best time to brush your hair is when it’s dry. 1A hairs are fragile, and they become even more breakable when wet.

Detangle Correctly

The rule of thumb is always to start untangling at the roots, not the ends. The hair is prone to breakage and damage if you do the opposite.

Wash Gently

A mistake that many people often make when washing their hair is rubbing their scalp too hard. However, it will only hurt your delicate scalp.

Instead, gently massage the lather on the scalp and then down to the middle and ends of the hair.

You should also use cold water to wash your hair as it helps to clean it deeper and keep it bouncy. It doesn’t have to be ice-cold water, and you can adjust the temperature to your liking.

Avoid Tight Styles

1A hairs are thin and very brittle. So, don’t put too much pressure on the scalp. Instead, choose comfortable hairstyles that don’t need to be stretched.

Handle With Care

Styling the 1A mane was also a problem. The texture of the hair is thin and brittle, making it unsuitable for repeated bleaching or dyeing.

If you want to choose the wrong hairstyle, the overall hair will look thinner.

Ideal Styles For 1A Hair 

With 1A hair, styling should be simple and straightforward. If you love straight hair, congratulations, you’ve got the perfect look without effort.

However, those who want to add volume or curvature will need help.

One technique to create volume for the hair roots many stylists trust is upside-down blow-drying. It helps to increase the thickness of the hair most naturally.

Since 1A hair is quite delicate and brittle, you must be careful when using styling devices. Don’t let the heat get too hot, as it can cause frizz and damage.

Hair 1A holds curls badly, and you can only fix that with hairspray. Even using rollers on a curling iron can help create curls that last longer.

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Choose the best haircut

The Best Hairstyles For 1A Hair

If you don’t style your hair correctly, 1A strands will look lifeless and lifeless. Check out some hairstyles below.

Blunt Bob

The biggest plus of a blunt bob is that it makes your hair look thicker. You can even create some accents with balayage.

Side Braid

Braids are the best method to keep your hair from being too exposed to dirt. It also makes the hair become much more body and thicker.

Instead of the basic braid, try moving all your hair to one side and braiding it. You will notice the difference quickly.

Multi Layers

Layered hair is the perfect choice for those who have too thin hair. It also makes the hair look voluminous and much more interesting than the dull, uniform strands.

Besides, you can ask the barber to give you an asymmetrical hairstyle. It will help add life to your look.

Side Part

If you’re still used to the middle parting, think again today. The main reason is that it will make your hair look flat.

Instead, try switching partings frequently. Your hairline will need more time to adjust to the direction of that section and thus increase the volume almost immediately.

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Frequently asked questions


Please continue reading below if you still have questions regarding 1A hair.

Q: Is 1A Hair Rare?

When referring to this mane, you will mainly find it among Asian people. Not every Asian man or woman has this hairstyle, as the 1A type is very rare.

Q: Is 1A Hair Easy To Break Than Other Types?

Yes. 1A hair has a tendency to shed or fall out faster than other hair types because of the refined and thin texture. However, you can use moisture-enhancing products with aloe vera or coconut oil to fix this quality quickly.

Q: How can I identify if I have 1A hair?

You can identify 1A hair by its straight and fine texture. It typically lies flat against the scalp without any noticeable curl or wave. 1A hair tends to be quite shiny due to the even distribution of natural oils.

Q: Is 1A hair common?

1A hair is relatively rare, with only a small percentage of the population having this hair type. Most people have some degree of wave or curl in their hair.

Q: What are the challenges of having 1A hair?

One of the main challenges of 1A hair is that it can appear limp and lacking in volume. It may also struggle to hold hairstyles, curls, or waves without the use of styling products and tools.

Q: How should I care for 1A hair?

To care for 1A hair, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh it down. Avoid heavy or oily products that can make it look greasy. Regular trims can help maintain a healthy appearance, and heat protectant products are essential if you use heat styling tools.

Q: Can 1A hair become damaged easily?

Yes, 1A hair can be susceptible to damage because it is fine and lacks natural protection. Overuse of heat styling tools, harsh chemicals, and improper care can lead to breakage and split ends.

Q: What hairstyles work best for 1A hair?

Hairstyles that add volume and texture can work well for 1A hair. Layered cuts, beachy waves created with styling products, and updos with added volume are popular options.

Q: Can 1A hair be transformed into other hair types temporarily?

Yes, 1A hair can be temporarily transformed into other styles using heat styling tools, braids, or hair rollers. However, these transformations are usually not long-lasting and may require the use of hair products to hold the style.

Q: What are some common misconceptions about 1A hair?

One common misconception is that 1A hair is always easy to manage due to its straightness. In reality, it can be challenging to add volume and hold styles without the right products and techniques.

Q: Are there specific products designed for 1A hair?

While there may not be products labeled specifically for 1A hair, those with this hair type often benefit from lightweight, volumizing shampoos and conditioners. Additionally, products that provide texture and hold, such as mousse or texturizing sprays, can help achieve desired styles.


1A hair is an elegant and luxurious hairstyle. Although they have some disadvantages, such as flatness, hair loss problems, or oiliness, you can completely solve them correctly. You will have smooth hair with high moisturizing ability. This hair does not need much work to shine as long as you take care of it properly.

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