1B Hair: Key Things To Consider

1B hair is one of the unique styles among the current straight hair extensions. Yet, many young girls have never known this unique hairstyle. What is 1B hair? What salient features does it include? How to care for 1B hair? I will answer your concerns in detail and give an objective assessment of 1B hair.

You will be surprised by the information I will provide in this article below. Now, let’s get started!

What Is 1B hair? 

1B Hair
What is the 1B hair?

1B is straight, between 1A (absolutely straight hair) and 1C (slightly wavy). So what will the standard texture for 1B look like? 1B is straight, and the one is a bit puffy and naturally bouncy.

Compared with others, 1B hair is more memorable with high-quality natural curls. Each has the same length to form a particular thick hair. And the ends of the double hair are curled or messy. Keeping the hold is always the most prominent thing for this hairstyle. It is easy to style and holds the hair for a long time, even without special conditioners.

As with other straight hairstyles, 1B hair tends to be greasy. Oil travels from root to tip much easier than 1A hair, leaving your strands shiny and soft.

What Does 1B Hair Look Like?

1B Hair image 1
What Does 1B Hair Look Like?

The 1B strands are thick, and it has a medium, firm texture. The hairline often adheres to the scalp, creating an attractive leg puff effect. Notably, only some 1B textures are the same. Between the two one, there may be different experiences. However, knowing the nature of your hair will significantly help you with adequate care.

1B Hair Benefits

1B Hair image 2
1B hair benefits

The 1B hair has various valuable characteristics, namely:

  • Beautiful shape: 1B hair tends to be straight, with a slightly slanted tail, creating a unique beauty for each person’s face. It has a specific volume and shine, making your hair look natural and full of life.
  • Low maintenance requirements: 1B hair does not require time to style, so it is very suitable for busy ones, such as office workers or homemakers. Most women with straight hair can enjoy its benefit.
  • Rarely curly: This hair is less prone to frizz than other hairstyles. It’s relatively smooth and bouncy, making you stand out and attractive in the crowd.
  • Does not require deep moisturizing: With a straight hair texture with little frizz, 1B hair does not require intensive moisturizing.
  • No shrinkage: This hair has no or almost no frizz, so it rarely shrinks. Therefore, it will usually look as long as the actual length.
  • Less damage: It is less damaged than others because of its naturally firm texture. Each curl is inherently intense because they receive enough sound regularly by the scalp.

1B Hair Challenge

Besides benefits, 1B hair also causes many troubles, such as

  • Greasy fast: 1B hair tends to get greasy quickly because the hair is close to the scalp, and the oil on the scalp can travel to each strand. Hence, it can cause itching and discomfort for you.
  • Doesn’t hold curls well: It doesn’t hold curls well because of its naturally straight and robust texture. This hairstyle can only carry light circles perfectly, suitable for creating simple but delicate hairstyles.
  • Hard to evaporate: 1B hair has more difficulty making volume because it hangs down or looks lifeless. To successfully increase the volume of this hairstyle, it is necessary to use specialized products.

How to Take Care of 1B Baby’s Hair?

1B Hair image 3
1B baby hairs

Hair 1B does not require a particular care regimen. It rarely dries out or breaks like many other hairstyles. Yet, that does not mean that we forget it and mistreat it. Here’s your guide to ensure your hair stays healthy and full of life.

The balance between overwashing and under-washing

How many times do you wash hair enough for 1B hair? The line between washing hair more or less is too fragile and difficult to confirm with this hair model.

If you wash the hair too much, the scalp would produce oil, quickly making the ends dry and brittle. On the contrary, if you do not wash your hair regularly, your hair would be less bouncy and heavy.

You should wash your hair about two to three times a week. As such, it will ensure health and a bright appearance.

Take care of the conditioner properly

With 1B hair, the most important thing is to avoid using conditioner on the scalp.

1B oily hair will make the hair greasy. Also, it will cause stickiness, which leads to uncomfortable and itchy scalp plaques.

We should only take conditioner to the body and ends to ensure adequate moisture for the hair. To increase the moisturizing effect, we can combine gentle massage with conditioner so that the nutrients penetrate quickly into the hair.

Then, rinse it off with water because if you leave them on your hair, it will lead to greasy and less voluminous hair.

Keep your head hydrated

The 1B hair ends are easy to dry because they are old parts. Therefore, keeping them hydrated through a conditioner is essential.

Every week we should apply a 1B intensive hair mask once a week and leave it on for about 20 minutes for the nutrients to penetrate deeply into the hair structure. With regular frequency during the month, you’ll see a change in hair.

Of course, this approach leaves many disadvantages for your natural hair. It inhibits the natural oil glands on the ends of the hair, making it stiff and brittle in the long run.

So, it would help if you only used a moderate-frequency conditioner to balance your hair’s natural elements.

Use heat protectant

1B Hair image 4
Heat protectant

When using heat tools, apply a protectant first. It will keep your hair from getting dry. Protectants create a barrier that prevents your hair from being affected by heat.

But be careful when shopping for the right product. If you are not alert, you may buy poor-quality products, seriously affecting your hair.


Use extra volumetric shampoo and conditioner if you need to get volume and bounce to your hair. It can add texture to the hair. So where can these products be found?

Through hair forums, you can easily find the product you want. Or not, you can get a volume mousse or a lifter to add volume to your hair. Although it does not inflate according to your wishes, it ensures safety.

Volumizing product selection is also an important step. 1B hairs often prefer water-based products over oil-based ones.

Plus, the essential oil content in the volumizer you consider should be low. As such, it will provide maximum support for moisturizing and regulating straight hair.

Use chemicals for moderation

Using chemical bleach or heat tools on your hair can cause severe dryness and loss. Consider using it in moderation to keep your hair smooth and vibrant.

The Best Hairstyles For 1B Hair?

Are you ready to change your look with different hairstyles for 1B hair? Let’s find out the hottest hairstyles right now!

Cut Pixie

Pixie hair is a sweet, poetic but incredibly romantic short hairstyle. It is suitable to change your dull 1B hair.

For this hairstyle, less maintenance is required compared to other curly and wavy hairstyles. It makes you more vibrant and attractive in the crowd.

Pixie is suitable for all different faces. People with large round or oval faces can apply a simple style with this hairstyle.

Shoulder cut with many layers

This hairstyle enhances the natural texture of your hair. It suits women who like simplicity but want to be outstanding and attractive. This hairstyle helps to create a dramatic floating effect, making the hair more lively.

Bangs curtain

1B Hair image 5
Bangs curtain

Bangs Curtain is in vogue and has become the perfect hairstyle for 1B hair. It is a harmonious combination with youthful fashion bangs to highlight the natural beauty of your face. It is especially suitable for women with large round faces to hide flaws.

Half-tied hairstyle

The half-tipped hairstyle, although simple, is still a trend that many people choose today. It helps you become more active and personal. Also, it brings convenience to you when participating in practical activities.


1B Hair image 6
Extra hairstyle

The middle part doesn’t suit your hairstyle. It makes your hair tend to be flatter.

Try the extra side part, which can add volume to your torso by shuffling the part position to work around this. Accordingly, the deeper the parting, the more voluminous and bouncy your hair will look.

FAQs about 1B Hair

Q: What does 1B hair color mean?

1B hair is a dark black hair color with a subtle brown undertone. It’s often described as “off-black” or “natural black.”

Q: Is 1B hair a common hair color?

Yes, 1B hair is one of the most common natural hair colors, especially among people of African, Asian, and Mediterranean descent.

Q: Can I dye 1B hair a lighter color?

Yes, you can dye 1B hair a lighter color, but it may require bleaching or lightening before applying the desired shade. Consult a professional stylist for the best results.

Q: What hair care products are suitable for 1B hair?

Moisturizing and nourishing products are essential for 1B hair, as it can be prone to dryness. Look for sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks designed for your hair type.

Q: Does 1B hair require special maintenance?

Like all hair types, 1B hair benefits from regular care. Avoid excessive heat styling, use heat protectants, and consider deep conditioning treatments to maintain its health and shine.

Q: Can I use hair extensions or weaves with 1B hair?

Yes, 1B hair extensions and weaves are widely available and can be used to add length, volume, or different styles to your natural hair.

Q: What hairstyles complement 1B hair?

1B hair can be styled in various ways, including straight, curly, wavy, or braided styles. The choice of hairstyle depends on your personal preference and the occasion.

Q: Does 1B hair fade over time?

While 1B hair is a relatively stable color, exposure to the sun and repeated washing can cause it to fade slightly. Using color-safe hair care products can help maintain the shade.

Q: How can I prevent 1B hair from turning brassy?

To prevent brassy tones in 1B hair, use purple or blue-tinted shampoos and conditioners designed for maintaining cool tones in black hair.

Q: Can 1B hair be naturally shiny?

Yes, 1B hair can have a natural shine, especially when it’s healthy and well-moisturized. Using hair serums or oils can enhance its shine.


Specifically, sharing the benefits, challenges, and care of 1B hair above. I hope to wake up your crazy ideas about this hairstyle. Most important to keep your hair bouncy is your detailed care plan. Check out my post, and remember to leave a comment! Thank you for reading!

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