2a Hair: All Things You Need To Know

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To have healthy hair, the prerequisite that you need to achieve is a thorough understanding of your hair type. For 2A hair girls, this article is for you! Today, Ivirgo Hair Factory will analyze this hair type in detail.

Everything you need to know about this wavy hair is here. Come on, keep scrolling down to discover it all!

2a Hair
Healthy blonde woman with wavy hair on white background

What Is 2A Hair Type? 

According to Andre Walker Hair Typing System, type 2 hair refers to wavy hairstyles. There are three types 2 hairstyles in this category, 2A, 2B, and 2C.

Of these, A is the hair type with the loosest curls, and C contains the tightest curls. Hairstyle 2A is wavy, with soft S-shaped waves all over the hair.

The hair on the scalp will be pretty flat and smooth, thin towards the end. It is effortless to straighten 2A hair.

As it grows, the hair will tend to curl slightly. It takes almost no effort to get gorgeous curls. It is the most manageable and versatile mane of all the hairstyles.

Differentiating Between 1C And 2A Hair

Those unfamiliar with the classification of hairstyles can easily confuse 1C and 2A hair. However, they still have fundamental differences.

1C hair is straight hair but slightly curled at the end. In contrast, hair 2A has gentle S-shaped curls and is slightly tangled at the hairline.

The main reason for the shape of 2A hair is the growth of hair follicles. Straight hair follicles will be round, while 2A hair follicles will be slightly elliptical or oval.

While this difference isn’t huge, it still significantly affects how your hair grows.

Besides, the hair texture of these two manes also has fundamental differences. To the touch, the 1C strand is a little thicker and coarser, and the 2A strand is flat and smooth.

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So, 1C hair will have better volume and thickness. The hair looks thicker to the touch. The 2A mane is more voluminous thanks to consistent S-shaped curls.

2a Hair image 1
Air-drying your mane for a good look

Ideal Ways To Take Care Of Type 2A Hair

Understanding your hair will make the care process more accessible by identifying tips or choosing the right care products. Yet, this process will still require constant testing and learning from mistakes to have a consistent routine.

Don’t worry because 2A hair has some fixed characteristics. Based on that, we suggest the most suitable preservation methods you can apply today.

Air-Drying Is The Best Method

Heat is not the best friend of curly or wavy hair. Heat only makes the hair lack moisture and become frizzy. The best option for drying your hair is to let it dry naturally. You will have perfectly bouncy hair in no time.

Another problem for people with 2A hair is that their wave pattern is loose. If you blow-dry your hair with a machine, the heat will straighten the curls and leave almost no curl.

For those who want to keep your hair straight, keep doing what you’re doing. Otherwise, you should let your hair dry naturally to maintain the absolute curl.

Get Used With A Curling Iron

While 2A hair doesn’t take much effort and time to style, sometimes you’ll want more. Many people will want to add more curvature to the strands at important events or dates.

Your savior at this time is the curling iron. However, remember to use a little heat-resistant product to limit the damage.

Apply Light Hair Products

With a smooth and flat strand texture, you should use less hair product on the 2A mane. Too heavy products will only make your hair feel heavy and lifeless.

Instead, try using gentle shampoos and conditioners. Cream and oil-based products should be kept out of your shopping cart.

Your shampooing habits will also make a lot of changes. Instead of washing your hair daily, reduce that frequency and use a specialized conditioner instead. It helps to balance the natural oils on the scalp so that the hair dries faster.

Some experts also recommend using apple cider vinegar to wash your hair. This miracle vinegar can control oil and increase shine effectively.

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Frizz-Free Products Are Your BFF

People with 2A hair also struggle to fight frizz and roughness. So, keep this feature in mind when choosing the right product.

Many brands make products specifically for people with curly hair. If sorting and choosing are too complicated, they are the first choice.

Extracts of these products often include natural ingredients such as flaxseeds or chia seeds. Your curls will always float and shine as bright as they can.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

The best method to highlight the waves in your hair is to choose the right hairstyle with a reasonable length.

Many people opt for a one-length hairstyle and feel it helps them reduce frizz and accentuate the S-shape. Cutting the hair in layers can reveal unevenness in the curls.

Maintain Moisture

Curly hair, as usual, is less able to store moisture than straight hair. So, be careful while styling your hair.

Using chemicals and excessive heat only makes the hair texture dry and brittle. Instead, nourish it with gentle moisturizers like conditioner.

Always Detangle

Type 2A hair is more prone to breakage because the hair is naturally very smooth. She explains that using a detangler before brushing and styling is an easy way to help prevent breakage.

2a Hair image 2
Portrait of a beautiful blonde woman with natural make-up

Pros and Cons of 2A Hair 


  • Hard to dry: Unlike curly or kinky hair, the natural oils from the scalp reach the 2A strands entirely. So it will be less dry and frizzy than type 3 or type 4 hair.
  • Lots of natural volumes: With S-shaped waves, your hair will be bouncy and not close to the scalp. As a result, the overall appearance looks more energetic and healthy.
  • Easy to manage: Its light texture and total volume create a naturally gorgeous look. You don’t have to try too hard to improve your appearance before going out.


  • Easy to get oily: Of all the wavy hair types, 2A is the most prone to greasy hair. So, you will still struggle with keeping the oils in your hair to avoid them being too sticky.
  • Frizzy look: Even though 2A’s curls are loose, they can still get tangled. If you don’t untangle and style it correctly, your look will look sloppy and messy rather than wild.
2a Hair image 3
2A hair is easy to style

How To Style 2A Hair?

It’s time to talk about how to style 2A hair properly. This fantastic hairstyle is suitable for so many different styles and events.

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Apply Curl Defining Products 

The easiest way to style 2A hair is to let your natural curls shine. The process is straightforward; you need to wash and moisturize your hair. Then, dry your hair with a soft cotton towel and apply a curling cream to the surface.

Once your hair is dry, you’ll have the bouncy and vibrant look you’ve wanted.


One of the best ways to add volume to your hair is blowouts. The process is straightforward. First, you must wash your hair and apply a heat protectant to the surface. Divide your hair into four to six sections depending on length, and tie them up with a string.

Use a paddle or round comb to separate and comb a small 1-inch strand of hair from the back. Tuck the bristles into the roots and pull gently to create volume.

Dry hair with specialized equipment in the brush area. Continuously stretch hair and blow-dry downwards. Then, fix the hair by blowing cold air. Brush each section of hair in turn until you’ve finished your hair.

Try Pin Curls

Pin curls are the perfect choice for those afraid of using heat to damage their hair. You can even prep it overnight to wake up with a ready look.

To achieve this look, dry your freshly washed hair with a towel. Then, apply a curling serum to the surface and detangle.

Separate a section of hair and roll it into curls that touch the scalp. Use hairpins to secure and keep them in place overnight or for several hours.

After drying hair, carefully comb it with a wide tooth comb. It would be best if you also used creasing cream to keep the curls as long as possible.


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