2b Hair: Here’s What You Need To Know

2B wavy hairstyle is a favorite hairstyle because of its natural beauty, youthfulness, and personality. Compared with other hair, 2B is more special because of its simple S-shaped curly texture and ease of holding after each curl.

Yet, under the adverse weather effects, your hair will become frizzy. But don’t worry because I will provide you with helpful advice.

In this article, Ivirgo Hair Factory will guide you on how to care for 2B hair.

Let’s explore it now!

What Is 2B Hair?

2b hair
What is the 2B hair

2B hair has a wavy bundle, similar to an S shape. The hair waves lie relatively flat at the base and form soft S-shaped waves towards the tail.

Without proper care, these wavy curls will quickly turn into natural curly hair and face dryness and breakage.

I am interested in this hairstyle because it brings natural and pure beauty to the face. In addition, it also provides the following primary benefits:

  • Flexible: 2B hair can be straightened easily with just a few simple steps.
  • Floating: 2B hair has a certain bounce with natural waves. It is suitable for chubby, round faces to cover imperfections perfectly.
  • No intensive care: 2B hair requires less maintenance than my usual hair types. People with a 2B hairstyle can usually wash their hair and let it dry naturally or put it in a bun and do their favorite things.
  • Natural ripples: 2B has attractive wild waves. You can use a little more conditioner to keep it in place longer.

Differentiating Between Type 2 Hair

It isn’t easy to distinguish 2B hair from 2A and 2C styles, as they all have wavy textures. With the naked eye, you don’t identify each type of hairstyle.

Many hair experts said that despite the same texture, there are apparent differences between type 2 hairstyles.

  • 2A hair: This type has loose waves, light and delicate. It comes with lots of little tangles but no ripples. Its curls tend to be thinner than the rest.
  • 2C hair: The 2C patterns have a defined S-wave throughout their length. Looking closely, we can see that its shape resembles a ring. It is coarser in diameter with each unsmooth ripple.
  • 2B hair: 2B hair has a similar texture to 2c hair, with a distinctive S-shape. However, it is easier to straighten than 2C curls, thanks to the heat action.

How Should You Care For 2B Hair?

2b hair image 1
How should you care for 2B hair?

2B wavy curls do not require complicated care. But that quickly dries out the lint and causes breakage. For 2B hair, you can consider the care tips below.

Use a specialized detangling spray.

When the waves are concentrated in the same area, it is easy to make your hair tangled in the middle and the ends. To limit breakage, we should combine a specialized detangling spray to ensure its strength and shine as usual.

Also, pay attention to the detangling comb. Do not use tight tooth combs because they can make your hair more tangled. The priority is products with a moderately wide tooth design, enough to detangle and create volume.

Choose a shampoo rich in protein.

It would help if you used shampoos rich in protein with deep conditioning content to keep hair roots healthy and strengthen sound waves. Ideally, you do not use chemical products to handle your hair extensions.

It will make your root hair dry quickly, weakening and leading to breakage. To increase absorption, gently massage while washing, allowing the nutrients to penetrate deep into the hair structure and play an excellent nourishing and hair care function.

Smart styling

2b hair image 2
Smart styling

2B hair tends to be refined and often has trouble creating volume. So how to keep the hair bouncy and attractive?

Wrapping curls around your fingers to form a spiral is ideal for styling and keeping the curls perfect. It’s simple and only takes a few seconds to do.

Consider applying a little extra conditioner before wrapping your hair to ensure a long-lasting hold. And finally, you’ve got bouncy hair and vitality.

Notably, heating should give your hair volume. In the long run, it will leave your hair unbalanced and lead to severe breakage.

How often do you wash your hair?

Many people think washing your hair daily is suitable for growing long hair. It is a wrong definition, inadvertently causing hair health to go down.

The most reasonable frequency for 2B hair should be about 1-3 times/week. This number is perfect for the hair texture to absorb nutrients and grow.

In addition, you should also pay more attention to the scalp than the rest. It is best to focus on massaging the scalp and gently squeezing the foam through the ends of the hair.

Use the right moisturizer.

2b hair image 3
Use the right moisturizer

Applying cream to the roots is a big mistake, reducing moisture absorption and increasing the scalp’s stickiness and itching. So, you should only use conditioner for your hair and body, and end with caring for and restoring the damage.

What Are the Struggles Of 2B Hair?

2b hair image 4
What are the struggles of 2B hair?
  • Under the heat, 2B hair returns to its curly texture quickly: Unlike 2A waves, you can’t use a comb to make them flatter. It will cause frizz and create complex tangles that are difficult to remove.
  • Wet messes: 2B damp hair can easily tangle in the middle. It knotted together and was very difficult to untie. For the best hair, you should wait for it to dry and proceed with detangling with a wide comb and a little specialized spray.

How To Take Care of 2B Hair? 

Do not abuse shampoo

Washing your hair too much will lead to an imbalance in the amount of oil in the hair. Accordingly, it will make your hair dry and brittle.

You may feel itchy and scaly after using hair extensions for a while. So, you should maintain shampooing 1-3 times a week, depending on your condition.

Consider using an extra conditioner after each wash for the best nourishing and caring results.

Run the comb through your waves

Using a regular comb for 2B hair is not advisable, as they are easy to tangle and break hair. The best option for you is the specialized widening comb.

It helps to smooth your curls without damaging the natural curls. Besides, a wide comb will also reduce breakage because of the more gaps between the fibers.

Use additional softening products.

To add softness while maintaining waves, consider adding a few other products. You should prioritize buying products with pure natural ingredients to ensure good hair care.

How To Style 2B Hair?

2b hair image 5
How to style 2B hair?

There are many ways to style with 2B hair, and here are detailed suggestions:

Dry wave

This hairstyle is said to be the simplest, taking full advantage of 2B hair’s naturally curly hair. To complete a dry wave, give it some volume and use a little cream to hold it. It will make your face more attractive and youthful.

Big waves

Styling big waves will usually be for girls with personalities who like the bustle. It helps to hide many flaws on your face, making you stand out in the crowd. To create large waves, you can use special specialized machines.

Wavy bob

Wavy bob is the perfect hairstyle for 2B hair. It’s a timeless style that makes you look much younger than your actual age. You can cut it yourself or go to a shop.


How do you sleep with type 2B hair?

Here are some ways to make it easier for you to sleep with 2B hair:

  • Hairstyle pineapple.
  • Twist or braid your hair.
  • Use silk or satin hats or headscarves.
  • Use a moisturizing spray.

Is argan oil good for 2B hair?

Yes, it’s beautiful to use for 2B hair. Argan oil is gentle for daily use, easily absorbed by an inch, and moisturizes your waves.

What is a 2B curl?

2B hair has an S-shaped wavy texture, usually starting in the middle of the length of the curl. The 2B hairs are thicker in diameter than the 2a style, and you must add a bit of conditioner if you want to straighten it.

Is it better to cut 2B hair wet or dry?

Wet cutting helps curl curls float, not breaking like dry cutting. In addition, it also helps to create a more consistent shape and less frizz.

How do you shower with 2B hair?

You can tie or bun as you like with your 2B hair, and it’s accessible to bathing without worrying about affecting hair quality.


It is not easy for you to take care of 2B hair. Therefore, please consider my instructions above to use and maintain this hair in its best condition.

If you have other questions, remember to comment in the section below. We will give you the most timely answers. Remember to leave feedback on my posts!

Thank you for reading!

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