2C Hair: Highlight Features & How To Care

For everyone with 2C hair, this article is what you need. Ivirgo Hair Factory will help you uncover all the mysteries of this hair type. Knowing your hair will make it easier to care for and style it. Let’s read on to discover about the 2C hair type!

What Is 2C Hair Type? 

2C hair type is one of the most popular hairstyles. According to the definition of the Andre Walker Hair Typing System, this hairstyle is wavy.

The C in its nickname refers to how tight the coils are. A is the loosest level, and C is the most intimate level. 2C hair is a wavy hairstyle with tight curls. Curly hair starts at the scalp and has a consistent S shape.

A unique feature of this mane is the beginning of the torsion point. If it starts from the scalp, it is 2C hair, and vice versa.

2c hair
Voluminous curl is a feature of 2C hair

Each strand of hair tends to be thicker and coarser than usual. At first glance, this mane is extremely massive with small to medium curls.

Many people like this hairstyle because it doesn’t lose shape when blow-dried, pulled, or wet. However, you still need to apply some unique moisturizing methods to maintain the shine of your hair.

Compared to the type 3 hairstyle, this part of the hair is less curly. It has the shape of ocean waves, not springs or spirals. In some areas, 2C hair looks straighter, while others will have a more pronounced curl all over the hair.

2C hair is also harder to control than other types 2 hairstyles when wet. It is also a distinctive identification mark for those who want to learn and categorize.

Differentiating Between 2C Hair And 3A Hair

Many people often confuse 2C and 3A hairstyles. So, what is the difference between them? 2C curls usually have a prominent and characteristic S shape. Meanwhile, the shape of 3A is a combination of loose rings. This hairstyle also has a more consistent texture than the 2C model.

The circumference of each spiral of 3A’s hair is about the size of a highlighter pen. These large twists are the reason many people mistake it for a 2C hairstyle.

Besides, you can also distinguish 2B and 2C hairstyles based on the starting point of their curls. If the coil starts to curl from the scalp, it is a 2C hairstyle.

These features are usually reserved for natural hair only. Many external factors can also affect the hair, such as temperature or chemicals.

2c hair image 2
Shiny hair curls of a beautiful girl

Pros And Cons Of 2C Hair Type 

To understand in detail the 2C hairstyle, you need to master its advantages as well as its disadvantages. This action will make the hair care and maintenance process much more manageable.

Each type of hair has its unique characteristics. For 2C hair type, you will need to consider some of the following factors.


1. Prominently Wavy

This hairstyle is a natural and robust curly hairstyle but not too curly. Thanks to this, you can take care of them more quickly than with type 3 hairstyles.

Compared to type 2 hairstyles, the 2C has many tighter and messy coils. So, it is suitable for many different face shapes and fashion styles. Whether you want to show off a hippie or classic look, this mane has something for everyone.

2. Volume And Fullness

With their super wavy shape, these hairs take up more space as they curl and wrap around your head. The rough texture and medium size make them even more fluffy and thick.

So, even if the hair density is not too high, the 2C mane still maintains a thick volume and stands out more than other styles. Thick hair is sometimes all that girls are looking for. It will make your face look smaller.

3. Naturally Damage-Resistant

2C hair fiber is very resistant to damage thanks to its rough texture. Compared to fine hair like 2A or 2B, your mane will be healthier for longer.

The main reason is that coarse hair contains an extra layer inside the medulla. This extra layer makes it more resistant to chemicals and heat than other thinning hair types.

If you do styling or dye your hair on other types of mane, the damage will be apparent. In contrast, 2C hair can go through these stages without any problem.


1. Wildness

The puffiness is the advantage but also the fatal disadvantage of this mane. The main reason is that this hair has volume starting from the top of the head.

For those with too much hair, this volume can tire you. Things get worse when the hair becomes too frizzy and difficult to control. The only solution is to shower and restart your hair care routine. It takes a lot of time and effort.

2. Frizzy Look

The biggest battle with 2C hair owners is grappling with frizziness. These curls are very tight, so it is easy to twist and fold. 2C hair is similar to 3A, a curly hairstyle, so it is easier to curl and frizz.

When the curls become disordered and out of control, it brings several problems. Hair breakage and frizz are the issues everyone wants to avoid.

3. Dryness

Any of these styling processes, like dyeing and perming, can also cause damage to the hair. Curly hair is more prone to damage than straight hair because of a lack of moisture.

Because of these coils, the natural oils secreted from the scalp will be difficult to penetrate evenly into each hair. In addition, the dye is also more challenging to reach the entire hair surface.

Drying and straightening hair is also very difficult when the texture of each strand is extremely coarse. So, you will need a lot of time, chemicals, and heat to create the right style.

How To Care For 2C Hair?

Keep Your Hair Protected While Sleeping

Curly hair types are straightforward to dry and damage, so you must take care of them all the time, including in your sleep. Cotton is the most absorbent material, and so it damages your hair.

Cotton’s ability to absorb water will make hair brittle and more prone to breakage. To prevent that, try sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase.

Another option is to cover your hair with a hat or silk scarf at bedtime. Try a garlic bun with a scrunchie if your hair is too thick.

Using hair oil is the secret to keeping the hair in place and smooth. Your hair will be bouncy in no time.

Don’t Overwash Your Hair

Washing your hair too much can also damage your hair. Curly hair is easy to dry and break when you do not clean it properly.

Curly curls prevent the natural oils from the scalp from reaching the entire hair shaft. The ideal cycle is to wash your hair twice a week to maintain this oil.

Please do not wash your hair with hot water as it opens the pores and releases the oil accumulated on the scalp. Use cool or warm water instead.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the type of shampoo used. The best options are products that are highly moisturizing and sulfate-free. Thickening or volumizing shampoos can make the overall mane frizzy and uncontrollable.

Another helpful tip is always to use a dense conditioner rich in nutrients. Moisture is the critical factor for healthy hair, so you must pay more attention.

Try Co-washing 

Curly hair is constantly experiencing a lack of moisture, and overusing shampoo only makes this condition worse.

The solution to this problem is co-washing. Try skipping shampoo and cleaning your scalp with a dedicated conditioner once a week. It will make the natural waves look shinier and smoother.

2c hair image 3
Taking good care of your wavy strands

Purchase A Showerhead Filter

Water quality can also affect hair structure. Water with minerals or hard water easily creates a film on the hair’s surface.

This film prevents nutrients from penetrating the hair shaft. If this condition lasts too long, it will make the hair prone to frizz and dullness.

Test the water in your household and consider purchasing a water filter if necessary. This part helps to remove the minerals that build up in your hair.

Go With A Hot Oil Treatment

Curly hair types need a lot of moisture to keep the curls. A hot oil treatment may be all you need to upgrade your look. This method will help nourish the hair from the inside out. Best of all, it is also great for your scalp.

Some ideal oils are coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, or almond oil. They are rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help strengthen hair.

2c hair image 4
Ideal hairstyles for 2C hair

2C Hair Type: Recommended Hairstyles

The 2C curls are easy to style. However, our advice is to focus on bringing out your natural curls. Straightening the hair takes a long time and leaves some severe damage to the hair. That process is more complex than clothing but involves using some specialized products.

In any case, avoid applying too much heat to your hair to minimize frizz. Some styles suitable for 2C hairstyle are:

  • Be natural: 2C hair is already beautiful and does not require much adjustment. You need to apply a little serum, and that’s more than enough for a goddess look. If it’s too dull, add accessories like a headband or try a deep side part.
  • Messy bun: The volume of the hair creates a slimy texture that is perfect for elegant buns. One thing to note is that you should remove your hair before the bun to avoid tangles.
  • Curly bangs: The bangs will be an exciting highlight for your fashion style. Pair with a messy bun; you’re the most elegant lady of the day.


Now that you have all the knowledge to take better care of your 2C hair, arm yourself with the right products and apply these tips.

You will be rewarded with clearer, smoother, and less frizzy curls. Besides, your hair will be healthier than ever!

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