2D Hair: In-Depth Reviews and Caring Tips

2D hair is less popular and little known in today’s natural hair community.

It is not in the standard hair classification, so it is easy to confuse people with other hairstyles. So is 2D one a different hairstyle?

In this post, Ivirgo Hair Vendors will give you the basic 2D hair features. Besides, I will also give detailed care instructions to help you have attractive hair.

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2D Hair Features

2d hair

2D wavy hair

2D Hair, aka wavy hair, involves S-shaped curls and a looser texture. It is often confused with curly hair because it quickly curls if you don’t use care products.

According to Andre Walker’s hair classification, 2D hair includes 3 different styles with increasing curl: 2A, 2B, and 2C. So does 2D exist?

Although not in the hair classification system, 2D hair still exists in the natural hair community. It is little known to the public because of its unpopularity. So what is 2D hair? What characteristics does it have?

2D hair is a particular curly style, with a curly texture similar to other hairstyles but with a higher twist and tighter. With a face-hugging hairstyle, the perfect 2D hair helps to hide your face defects:

  • Construction: Curls in 2D hair roll faster, making the hair length much shorter than it really is. It also increases the overall weight of the hair.

Not taken care of carefully will make your hair ugly and less aesthetic, creating a burden for your head and neck system.

  • Holds: Like most 2D hairstyles, 2D hair does not have a high handle. It can straighten out quickly after washing or using a flat iron.

  • Dryness: 2D hair tends to be drier because the curls are tighter, causing the amount of oil to move from the roots to the trunk and ends significantly. You will need specialized care products to make your hair soft and less dry.

  • Buff: 2D hair has excellent bounce, but it’s also easy to flatten over time or move.

Things To Consider For 2D Hair Condition.

Knowing the condition of your hair will help you have care and nourishment. Here are some essential suggestions to help you consider.



Hair porosity describes the absorption and retention of moisture at the cuticle. Hair that is low in volume often has a dense cuticle. In other words, it’s hard to absorb water or conventional skincare products.

It takes longer to dry after getting wet because it is holding water in the cuticle. If this situation continues for a long time, it will weaken your hair quickly.

Meanwhile, hair with high porosity will give good moisture absorption and quick drying after shampooing. It contributes to the smoothness and hair bounce.

To improve hair porosity, you can entirely refer to using some intensive hair care products. They are produced with natural ingredients, have the ability to increase porosity, and take good care of your hair.

Hair density

In addition to porosity, you can rely entirely on hair density to determine your hair health accurately. Density refers to the thickness of the hair on your head. The proximity of the different ends determines it.

Your hair is probably in excellent health if you have voluminous and thick hair. To maintain things, you need to continue your care with moisturizing products.

If your hair is sparse and fragile, it is a sign of hair weakening. That doesn’t mean everything. Many people are born with thin and light hair. So, based on your reality, clearly determine your health status!

Specifically, I will not give any advice about evaluating hair density because each individual will have their assessment.

Yet, you can refer to how to determine based on hair follicle density. More hair follicles mean you have denser hair and vice versa.



Curl thickness refers to the fiber diameter. With 2D hair, its ends are usually relatively thin and curly.

But some fibers are larger and have a firmer feel. So is thick or thin yarn better?

For each individual, the small or large yarn has its own meaning to them. I think thin hair is still better. It can be susceptible to environmental aggressors.

Yet, it will make your hair softer and lighter. Large-diameter hairs may be strong, but they are pretty stiff and coarse. It is easy to shrink and makes your hair look less aesthetically pleasing.

What To Expect From 2D hair?

2D hair 

If you have purchased 2D hair, you can expect more from them than you ever thought possible. This type is more prone to drying out than other straight hair. Its wavy texture makes it harder for oils to travel from the roots to the strands.

It’s also a nice feature that prevents hair from becoming overly greasy, like straight hair. As a result, 2D hair is better balanced between being not too dry and not too smooth. Yet, its wavy hair can still become drier than regular straight hair shapes if not correctly cared for.

2D Hair is easier to dry higher, which means it will likely curl more often. It would help if you took extra precautions to care for your wavy curls to reduce abnormally bad circles. Particularly with the unique 2D version, if not intervened in time, it will cause severe hair loss and lead to dryness, itching, and breakage.

2D hair is between straight hair type 1 and curly hair type 3, so it is easy to change between the two structures and is affected by the weather. During the summer humidity, people with 2D hair can expect more volume and less frizz.

Meanwhile, with the dry weather in winter, 2D hair will often be straighter and easier to flatten. Hence, you must consider developing an excellent moisturizing technique for your hair.

Top Care Tips For 2D hair

Caring tips for 2D hair 

To keep your 2D hair strong and bouncy, you need to pay special attention to the hair care process. Here are some great tips for you.

Wait to wash your hair too much.

With 2D hair, there is no need to wash your hair everyday like other straight hair types. It accumulates oil faster than straight hair, so washing your hair too often can strip away any remaining oil from your hair and make it dry and dull.

Instead of washing your hair every day, try to get into the habit of washing your hair 2-3 times a week. It allows your hair to hold more oil, which contributes to increased bounce and shine.

When you wash your hair, it is advisable to use shampoos that do not dry it. They should be products with natural ingredients that are friendly to the user’s scalp. This way, your hair will be smooth and healthy.

Check for a reliable conditioner.

Conditioner is an indispensable ingredient in the hair care routine. It helps to repair the damage quickly and keep your hair full of life. But which conditioner is right for you? Based on your current hair condition, buy a conditioner with the corresponding ingredients to best care for and nourish your hair.

Please avoid conditioners containing alcohol or sulfates, as these often backfire, drying your hair more than it moisturizes.

Instead, choose conditioners that provide your hair with vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. It will be perfect for hydrating and nourishing your hair.

Brush your hair regularly.

People with straight hair often need to remember to brush their hair every morning. In the long run, there will be consequences for the quality of your hair.

With 2D hair, it is necessary to brush the hair every day to minimize unwanted tangles. Plus, it also helps ensure your hair doesn’t dry out.

Yet, consider using wide-tooth combs to brush your hair because it’s good for long-term health. Using combs with dense tooth density on 2D hair will increase damage and breakage.


What are type 1 or 2D hair strands?

According to the current classification system, type 1 is straight, while type 2 is curly-finished. With the naked eye, we can completely distinguish these two hair textures.

Is 2D hair suitable?

Yes. 2D hair has many attractive advantages with high value to people. It can strike a balance between not letting your hair get too dry or too greasy.

What are the ingredients that should be for 2D hair?

You should limit hair care products that contain chemical ingredients because they will erode and change the hair texture. From there, it causes the hair to become weak.

Can 2D hair be dyed?

2D hair can be free according to your preferences. But don’t let that make you abuse bleaching chemicals on your scalp. If you use it too many times, it will lead to damage and make your hair dry and brittle.

How much is the price of 2D hair?

Grade 2 hair prices may vary between individual hairstyles. They will range from about $10 to $15 per 100g of hair.


2D hair exists in the natural hair community. Although not famous, it has consistently been recognized for its unique texture.

This sharing about 2D hair care will help you gain more knowledge to build a care process for your hair successfully. Thank you for reading!

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