3A Hair: Detailed Tips & Tricks To Use

Compared with regular straight hair shapes, curly hairstyles are more demanding in process and care. If you are not careful to care for it, the damage will likely be aggravated or even broken and irreversible.

I chose the 3A hair and gave specific directions on good hair care. This article helps you understand this hairstyle and have a suitable nurturing and care plan.

Read on for more helpful information!

What Is 3A Hair?

3a hair
What are the outstanding features of the 3A hair?

3A hair belongs to the category 3 hair group, which is favored because of its curly texture. 3A tends to have lighter curls, similar to loose spirals. When we switch to 3B or 3C hair, the curl increases and makes it thicker.

The 3A helix diameter is quite large, ranging from about 0.5 – 1 inch. They add bounce and vitality to your hair. So, it is suitable for many different ages and faces. These simple curls help to rejuvenate your age and cover many flaws on your face.

The 3A hairstyle combines flexible springs, which keep the hair in a fluffy and smooth state. But, if it is not taken care of properly, it will most likely lose its curls and cause damage.

Specifically, when not given enough nutrients, the spiral folds will tend to stretch and lose shape. And, of course, your hair will become damaged and return to its standard straight form over time.

So how to take care of 3A hair effectively? Continue to follow my information!

Distinguish Between 3A Hair And Other Types

3a hair image 1
3A hair and other types

Not many people know how to accurately distinguish 3A hair shape from other curly hairstyles. They mistakenly think about their similarity, making care more difficult. Syles 2 and 3 are the most similar as they both have gentle curls.

Type 1 and 4 textures easily distinguish with the naked eye. So there is usually no confusion between the two with type 3 hair.

With spirals, 3A and 2C are most likely to confuse you. Although one is wavy and the other is curly, to the naked eye, they are highly similar. So what is the difference between them?

The 2C hair has a more curved S-shaped texture and resembles a zig-zag pattern. Meanwhile, the 3A hairstyle is a spiral S-shape. To distinguish these two types properly, we must pay close attention to the curl and its curl. In the 2C hairstyle, everything seems tighter and firmer than in the 3A.

How To Take Care Of 3A Hair?

If you need help with how to take care of your 3A hair, I’ll help you with the instructions below. I will show you tips to help keep your curls stable and robust. Take advantage of this helpful information now!

Avoid contact with chemicals

3a hair image 2
You should avoid contact with chemicals

It is necessary to minimize the use of bleaching chemicals for hair to keep the hair bouncy and smooth.

If you constantly change the texture of your hair with chemicals or high heat, it can cause damage deep in the hair, leading to dryness and breakage.

For this curly hair shape, using a lot of chemicals will change the flexibility of the curl, making it stiff and less aesthetically pleasing. To ensure good health for the curls, we need to maintain a suitable care regimen, avoiding chemicals.

The best frequency to return to dye or change your hairstyle should be 3 – 6 months. This period is to help the hair texture recover and promptly adapt to subsequent changes.

Deep condition

A deep conditioner is necessary to help restore damage quickly and nourish the hair. So which oil should you choose?

There are many different intensive conditioners on the market today. However, not all classes are suitable for you to believe.

I recommend that you buy synthetic ingredients from natural ingredients, such as avocado or banana. Thus, it will be better for providing effective hair care.

About how to use it, you should maintain the frequency of use about 2 times/week. Or more according to the instructions on the product label. When using a deep conditioner, massage regularly on damaged hair to ensure the nutrients are absorbed and restored well.

Do not use too much of this oil because the rich nutrient content can make the hair texture “suffocating” and challenging to absorb. It even makes your hair sticky. In the long run, it will lead to damage and the appearance of many scalp plaques.

Limit silicone products

3a hair image 3
Limiting silicone products is a good idea

Numerous studies have shown that silicones in hair care formulations can enhance hair shine and flexibility quickly. However, it will likely worsen your long-term health and damage.

Over time, silicone in the hair can cause breakage, moisture imbalance, and weakness. Instead, it would help if you prioritized using emollient products such as vegetable oils, which help nourish and care better.

In addition, for these curls with various twist shapes, you can choose natural plastic styling products for weightless styling. Accordingly, your hair will float and form beautiful loose twists.

However, if you have the funds to invest in these products, you can buy them. With the 3A curly style, the natural elasticity makes the hair somewhat bouncy, and it is not necessary to use them. But remember to take care of your hair extensions properly and regularly to prolong their life.

Washing your hair too many times will make your hair dry and increase breakage. We should only wash our hair once a week. Or up to 2-3 times a week if you have dandruff, oily, and often itchy scalp.

Using natural shampoo products will help you have strong and shiny hair. Notably, this only applies to hair care 3A and may vary with different hairstyles.

The Best Hairstyles for 3A hair

Finding the right hairstyle for 3A hair can be challenging for those with limited knowledge and poor aesthetics. I know a few good hairstyles for the 3A shape, and if you’re considering an option, check out my recommendations below.

Shoulder-length cuts

3a hair image 4
Shoulder-length cuts

You can completely cut a little shorter with your curly hairstyle, although shoulder length is not famous yet. Yet, it’s nice to show off your facial charm.

It’s a great length to pop your little rings, making them extra flexible and light.

This hairstyle will help you look younger and more active. This simple hairstyle is suitable for all ages and different faces.

Especially for people with chubby faces, cutting short at shoulder length helps to hide some shortcomings and make the overall look neater and sharper.

Defined ringlets

You are a personality with solid fashion trends, so defined ringlets are your most suitable hairstyle. You can easily create this style by fixing your curls.

In short, they are different from many current hair models by their unique curly texture to make you stand out in the crowd. This hairstyle will often be more suitable for young people to show off their lifestyle and personality.

For weak points, this style can take time and accessories because of its complicated construction. The more brilliant choice would be to get help from the professionals at the salon instead of doing it yourself.

Pineapple updo

The sweet pandan style is a good idea for you when you’re in the middle of shampooing days. This perfect hairstyle makes your face delicate, attractive, and attractive. Pineapple updo can guarantee to keep your curls long and in place.

This hairstyle will be more suitable for people with small round faces. This version will make a face look worse and less dynamic, particularly for large faces.

Curly bangs

Curly bang is an ideal choice for 3A hair

Styling curly bangs with 3A hair is a bold but successful suggestion to make your face stand out. It makes you look more robust and more memorable.

This curly bang is suitable for all ages, and you can enjoy doing it if you want.

With this look, you’ll need to hook up more hair extensions to achieve a minimal bounce. Experts recommend using the most seasoned 3A templates to form this style quickly.

Bouncy blowout

When you want flatter strands, I recommend a blown-up hairstyle. You can use different specialized straighteners to create the desired style. Or else you can also use a regular flat iron. However, the iron will not give good inflated results.

It can cause your hair roots to break or fall out because of chemical intervention quickly. Of course, the best professionals can minimize this risk. But it means more expensive costs that you have to spend.


The above sharing about 3A hair care will help you understand and successfully build a suitable hair care regimen. To achieve high results, you should precisely determine the condition of your hair.

If there is a lot of damage, flexibly use deep nourishing lines with appropriate frequency and vice versa. Please leave feedback under this article if you have any questions or concerns about 3A hair care! Ivirgo Hair Factory will give you the most detailed and satisfactory answers.

Thank you for reading!


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