What Is 3C Hair? Caring Tips That You Shouldn’t Miss

3C hair impresses the opposite person with its unique and strange design. However, only some know how to style and care for this particular hairstyle.

If you are interested in this curly hairstyle with many braids to create this style, immediately refer to the instructions below. Scroll down to see more!

What Is 3C hair?

What Is 3C hair
What Is 3C hair

3C is a curly hairstyle that combines 3B and 4A. It consists of curls braided together for style and tight loops with high volume.

This curly hairstyle is quite tricky to use if you need to learn how to maintain and style it properly. However, if you moisturize your hair and style it appropriately, this natural hairstyle will impress the opposite person.

The 3C Hair Type Scale

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The Hair Type Scale
  • Type 2

Its typical feature is a slight curl. You’ll find variety 2 hairstyles with just waves, pretty loose, without many circles.

2A is the most natural curl with a relatively light S wave. 2 B’s hair has a tighter lock but still has many loose curls. In the end, 2C hair curls the fastest, and you may even find some spiral curls using this hairstyle.

  • Type 3

This curly hair has more tight curls. And similar to type 2, type 3 curly hair also divides into three levels. 3A curly with fairly wide curls with a slightly loose part. 3B curly hair has tighter curls, and some spirals appear.

Finally, 3C curly hair will have loops around the circumference of a pencil; the circles are pretty friendly and have a bounce.

  • Type 4

Curly hair type 4 has the most closed texture. 4A is the type of hair with many small coils with a thick density. Meanwhile, 4B stands out with Z-shaped curls with few curves. Finally, 4C collects tight, dense, and highly aesthetic circles.

Tips to Care of 3C hair

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What are the key tips and tricks to take care of 3C hair

Like many other curly hairstyles, 3C curly hair can only maintain its aesthetic beauty if you take care of your hair correctly.

To handle this hair, remember to provide the proper moisture. It ensures the hair stays nourished and protected instead of being damaged by chemicals.

Step 1: Wash and condition thoroughly

If this is your first time owning curly hair, remember to keep your hair clean.

During the shampooing step, you must be careful with the shampoo and conditioner you use.

The best cleaning products will have to effectively remove excess oil from the hair without stripping the moisture and nutrients inside.

Meanwhile, the conditioner must have an excellent moisturizing ability, ensuring the hair is always smooth and shiny.

It would help if you also looked for natural products. Shampoos and conditioners containing herbal essences are usually quite friendly to hair, even color-treated.

Step 2: Deep-condition

As a curly hairstyle, 3C hair is prone to dryness, thinning, and damage. If you want to maintain the aesthetics of this hair for a long time, you are better off looking for an excellent conditioner for dry hair.

These specialized hair care products have a more profound moisturizing ability than regular conditioners. You also won’t have to worry about stickiness after applying a moisturizing effect to your hair.

Step 3: Choose a curl cream

Want to keep the volume and shape of each 3C curl? Find a moisturizing styling cream specifically for curly hair.

This product acts as a mousse for wavy hair. It absorbs and holds the hold well. Each strand of your hair will be shaped, smoother, and more beautiful than ever.

Step 4: Apply a curl refresher

You can use the product to maintain and regenerate curly hair every day. These products will help you renew curls safely without causing damage to your hair.

Different Between 3C Hair And 4C Hair

Different Between 3C And 4C Hair
Different Between 3C And 4C Hair

4C hair is the tightest curly hairstyle because the inner curls are all in a tight pack. Its loops are so small that you can wrap them comfortably around your pencil.

3C curly hair has many disadvantages, such as being prone to tangles and breakage. It is also a common feature of curly hair, including 4C.

However, there are specific differences between 3C and 4C. You will notice the most obvious difference if you observe these two hairstyles when straightened. While the 3C curls stretch into an S shape, the 4C spiral has a Z pattern.

Unlike the 3C curl with a pencil circumference, the 4C loop has a smaller circumference than just a crochet hook.

4C hair also has more shrinkage. Typically 3C hair will shrink 50% of its wet length, but 4C curly hair will shrink by more than 70%.

How To Style The 3C Hair Type?

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How to style the 3C hair type

3C curly hair with an S-wave style attracts all eyes. However, you can ultimately enhance its aesthetics by styling your hair. Here are some styling styles that you can refer to refresh yourself:

Wash and Go

This hairstyle is relatively easy to do. And the result after washing and going is beautiful dry curls.

One tip for creating a perfect blow-dry hairstyle is to choose a conditioner that is moisturizing but not sticky. Apply this conditioner to your hair after showering, and you will notice a difference in your appearance.

Curl Hawk

Curl Hawk is quite a curly hairstyle worth experimenting with. It has high applicability when you can confidently go out and go to work with this hairstyle.

Top Bun

It is a hairstyle for busy people who only have a little time for styling and hair care. Buns save you time and can help curl and increase curls.


Half-tied hair brings graceful and gentle beauty. It is also a style you should try because of its high applicability.

How Often Should You Wash 3C hair?

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How often should you wash 3C hair?

Shampooing will help remove excess oil and sebum, returning hair smooth and bouncy. Yet, using chemical cleaners too often negatively affects hair quality and frizz.

Even if you are still looking for the right shampoo, your hair may end up getting drier and more damaged with each wash.

So how often should you clean 3C hair? The frequency will depend on your style, hair thickness, and the shampoo and conditioner you use.

Some experts in the field recommend that you wash your hair two to three times a week if you use a natural shampoo.

If you use a thorough cleansing shampoo because it contains a lot of solid surfactants, the interval between shampoos can be prolonged.

Between each wash, you should apply the following hair care techniques:

  • Create and maintain a moisturizing hair spray every morning.
  • Pin the curls that need reshaping.
  • Use dry shampoo to treat the oil at the roots.

3C Hair FAQs

3C hair is a broad field with quite a few problems you may have yet to learn about. Here is some interesting information related to this hair type that you may have been curious about at least once:

Is my hair 3C or 3B?

People with experience with wigs may need clarification on 3C hair and 3B because they have similar shapes. However, 3B hair has a rather loose spiral.

In contrast, 3C hair has thin strands and tight curls with relatively many rolls.

You can try rolling the curls into a pencil or a paper marker to determine your hairstyle. The 3C hair with the smaller roll will easily roll around a pencil.

Is 3C hair hard to maintain?

The softness on first contact might make you think 3C hair care is relatively easy. However, this hair type is dehydrated, so it is easy to damage and break.

Therefore, to care for and maintain the beauty of 3C hair, you must pay attention to the moisturizing step. You must also have a regular hair maintenance routine and perform many other complex hair care techniques.

What do 3C curls look like?

The 3C curl is relatively small, and the strands are densely packed. These loops can be easily around a pencil.

Should I wet 3C hair every day?

You can get your 3C hair every day to maintain moisture. However, you must be careful not to use detergents and chemicals in wetting. Using too much surfactant regularly can make the condition of your hair worse.

How do I stop my 3C hair from frizzing?

To make 3C hair no longer frizzy but instead smooth and shiny, you can refer to the methods below:

  • Use moisturizing and styling products.

  • Impact on your curls.

  • Use hairspray.

  • Dry the hair.


You need to consider many issues related to moisture and styling to use 3C hair effectively. Through the article of Ivirgo Hair Factory, the above problems no longer make it difficult for you. Hopefully, you can always maintain your hair’s natural beauty and have the desired look.

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