4A Hair: All Things You Should Know in 2023

Hair is one of the unique human features. If you want a voluminous and beautiful mane, the critical factor is understanding it internally and externally.

The first step to help you do that is to learn about your hair type. With kinky hair like type 4A hair, you will need more knowledge to care for them more carefully.

Are you feeling excited? Read on to find out!

What Is 4A Hair? 

4A hair is a natural hair type with a texture consisting of small, thick, and S-shaped curls. To the touch, you will feel the softness and fluffiness of the coils.

In the Andre Walker Hair Typing System, 4A represents the first kinky or coiled hairstyle. Its curls are the loosest compared to the other 4 hairstyles.

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Learn about your Afro hair type

Compared with other curly hairstyles, 4A hair retains moisture better. However, they are still easier to dry than straight hair and require special care.

With an S shape, this hairstyle is harder to shrink when wet. This advantage is significant because most curly hair shrinks quite a lot when you wash your hair.

What Does Type 4A Hair Look Like? 

The curls of 4A hair are coils of medium thickness and tight. When the hair is wet, it can shrink in half.

Compared to other types 4 hairstyles, 4A hair has more recognizable curls. Different strands have coils that roll tighter and are more like Afro.

When growing out of the scalp, most type 4A hair tends to hang down and have an even thickness as it grows. It has better light reflection and does not tarnish on the surface.

How the body forms hair follicles also determines the curl of the hair. Instead of round hair follicles like straight hair types, people with curly hair have more elliptical or oval follicles.

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The differences between all type 4 hairs

Differences Between 4A And Other Hair Types 

The world of hair is incredibly diverse. Although many types are often confused for their similar appearance, their structure is unique.

To fully understand this system, you must know how they are classified. The numbers in the typing system refer to the style of the hair.

Type 1 is straight, type 2 is wavy, and type 3 is usually spiral curls. Meanwhile, type 4 has a coily and kinky appearance.

The letters, from A to C, indicate the degree of twist and tightness of the curls. 4A hair is different from most hairstyles. Similar samples include 4B, 4C, and 3C.

4A curls will be looser than 4B and 4C but thicker than 3C hair. It also has better moisturizing ability than the other two types of 4 Hair.

Identifying 4A curls is also easier than other types 4 hairstyles. You will have to wet it with 4B and 4C hair to see the coils easily.

Another difference is that the structure of 4B and 4C hair is usually more brittle and brittle than that of 4A. You must be very careful when taking care because it is easy to lose its folds and mess.

Helpful Tips To Take Care Of 4A Hair

4A hair type requires a consistent, patient, and careful care process. If you can do the following steps, your hair will be solid and shiny.

Use Satin Pillowcases

While cotton is an excellent material for clothing, there are other choices regarding pillowcases. Its super absorbent feature will quickly draw all the moisture from your hair.

Instead, consider satin to moisturize the 4A hair type. You can also wear it with a hood or silk scarf.

Using silk or satin in your daily hair care will help you save money on other hair conditioners. The main reason is that your hair has enough moisture.

Handle Your Hair With Love

Kinky or coily hairstyles like 4A are often seen as unmanageable and unruly. However, you can ultimately improve that with patience.

Do not apply excessive force to the scalp, such as pulling or tugging while combing. Instead, use your hand.

Remove all rings, bracelets, and related jewelry to prevent them from getting caught in the hair. Besides, you also have to pay attention to the nails.

If your nails are broken or scratched, you need to get your nails done before you get your hair done.

Maintain a regular hair removal routine. One tip worth noting is to always start from the bottom up. It will make it easier for you to untangle your curls instead of frantically tugging them.

Style Your Hair Carefully

One of the biggest problems people with Afro hairstyles face is scalp tension.

You should leave your hair free and comfortable while you relax. Stressful hairstyles like braids can cause headaches and hair loss.

Although this hairstyle protects hair from dirt, it will harm the scalp if left on for six to eight weeks. In many cases, it irritates the scalp and causes an itchy sensation.

A note for those who love protective hairstyles is routine hair care. Without this step, all efforts to protect your hair will be in vain.

Minimize Your Heat Usage

Overusing heat devices to style your hair only makes your hair weaker and more prone to breakage daily.

When you limit the impact of high heat on your hair, the results will happen very quickly. Hair texture quickly becomes softer, and strands are shiny.

However, if you need heat to style your hair, use them properly. Careful conditioning before starting is the key to protecting your hair.

Hair conditioners which include silicone can reverse heat damage to hair.

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Cleanse your hair regularly

Choose Appropriate Shampoo 

Many experts say that sulfate-free shampoos are the first choice for 4A hair. However, this idea still needs to be completed.

The key to healthy, shiny hair is moisture, moisture, and moisture. With type 4 hair types, this factor is even more critical.

Sulfate-free shampoos are often mild, so they can effectively maintain the natural oils in the hair, but not all shampoos are well-moisturized. You’ll need to use a heavy-duty conditioner to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Switching from traditional shampoo to mild shampoo will bring many benefits. Make sure it effectively removes the product and dirt accumulated on the scalp.

Keep Your Scalp Healthy

Scalp health is one of the essential factors for owners of 4A hair. When washing your hair, you should not scratch them with your nails but gently massage your scalp with gentle circular motions. This action will remove dirt and encourage blood flow to the scalp.

Trim Regularly

There is a persistent misconception that trimming your hair will make it lose its length and become less beautiful. The truth is that getting rid of damaged hair will help you boost its overall health.

Split ends are a phenomenon in which hair slowly separates from the body, becoming brittle and growing more slowly. Getting rid of split ends will help your hair grow faster and more robust.

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The highlight feature of 4A hair

Pros And Cons Of 4A Hair 

4A hair type has distinct advantages and disadvantages. If you want to learn more about it, read below.


  • Defined curl pattern: The curls of this hair type are tight and clear. Its natural texture is enough to attract the eye, but shaping is also easier.
  • Hold style well: Curly hair is more accessible than straight hair. You can maintain your style for days with proper care.
  • Easy to take care of: Among the 4 hair types, 4A is the easiest to manage. You will save more time and hair care products because the texture of 4A is not too dry and brittle.
  • Versatile styling options: The 4A’s styling possibilities are limitless. You can even straighten them with ease.
  • A ton of volume: This hair has natural volume and volume. So, it creates a unique feature for your look.


  • Dryness: A common problem with type 4 hairstyles is poor moisture retention. The natural oils that the scalp produces cannot travel down the hair strands making it brittle and brittle.
  • Shrinkage: The length of the hair can be halved because of the tight curls.
  • Easily get tangled: The 4A hairs are extremely curly, making them easy to get tangled together and create tangles. The debugging process will take a long time and requires much patience.
  • More susceptible to damage: Every bend in the curl is a weak point. Hair fibers are often fragile and break easily.


4A hair has clear, stunning curls and impressive volume. Once you learn how to care for your curls, you’ll appreciate everything about your style.

Ivirgo Hair Factory can answer all your questions and give you everything you need to take care of your 4A hair. Thank you for reading!

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