How To Identify The 4b Hair? A Detailed Guide

It is challenging to distinguish each curly hairstyle when you are just a newbie.

There are different curly hair types, from 2c (light curls) to 4c (tight curls). Based on many readers’ opinions on hair forums, I decided to choose 4B hair for my discovery to guide you on how to distinguish and take care of your hair.

When you know your hair type, you can purchase products, use styling techniques, and have the most appropriate care regimen.

Of course, having bouncy and vibrant hair is extremely simple and easy. Check with me through the helpful information below!

What Is 4B Hair?

4B hair tends to be Z-shaped and thick. Its curly texture is looser than the other 4 hairstyles and is naturally curled to create a specific volume. So, it helps to highlight the youthful and fresh beauty on your face.

4B hair
What is 4B hair?

With the 4B style, you can have hair that has a smooth texture but is somewhat curly or coarse. This sharp Z-shape will often interfere with using natural oils on the scalp that go along the length of the hair. To limit this situation, we should consider using coconut oil to enhance moisture and softness.

4B hair is different from many other types of curly hair. It curls tight and makes your hair look shorter than it is. Yet, you can overcome this situation through proper care and maintenance.

How To Identify 4B Hair?

4B hair image 3
How to identify 4B hair?

There are still quite a few people who need clarification on 4B hair with the remaining 4 types. They assume that they share a curly texture and only sometimes separate everything. It’s a misconception that makes care and maintenance difficult.

So how to correctly identify 4B hair? The key to recognizing 4B hair lies in the curly style. Accordingly, the 4B curls will not form a uniform circle and usually follow a zig-zag texture. Looking more closely, you will see that 4B hair creates many sharp corners and tends to be frizzy and dry.

However, the above characteristics are not necessarily actual. Many different 4B hair models have additional unique features. Consider identifying based on both the texture and health of your hair.

How Is 4B Hair Different From Other Hair Types?

4B hair image 4
How is 4B hair different from other hair types?

The curly texture is the most significant difference between 4B hair and other hairstyles. Hair model 4A gives good moisture retention and does not shrink as much as 4B hair.

The curls 4A are also more defined, and we can identify them quickly by observation. Particularly with 4B, each circle is relatively small and has a coarse and fibrous texture. You can rub your hands on the hair shaft to feel the fiber.

The 4C hairstyle’s curly texture is all the curl’s tightest. But, due to its frizz and poor elasticity, 4C hair is just as prone to frizz and breakage as 4B.

4B hair can have a lot of shrinkage, making its length much shorter. To straighten your hair, you need to provide it with enough moisture and maintain a suitable care regimen.

It is best to use oils with natural ingredients and minimize the impact of heat so that the hair will be more bouncy and healthy.

How Should You Take Care Of 4B Hair? 

4B hair tends to be fragile and vulnerable to harmful environmental factors. To ensure your hair has stable health, you need to have a specific care plan. And here are some detailed suggestions for you.

Optimize your laundry day

A daily shampooing routine is integral to hair health, so using the right products to wash, detangle, and style your hair is essential. Which oil is best for 4B hair?

With a soft, curly texture, 4B hair needs to be carefully cared for with intensive natural shampoo lines. Their synthetic natural nutrient content is guaranteed to restore damaged hair quickly. You can easily find the best oils for your hair health by browsing the top hair care forums.

Refrain from following the crowd when buying shampoo for 4B hair. It’s more than likely that your hair’s texture and health differ from theirs. If the right product is available to the hair, it can worsen the damage.

To enhance nutrients and care effects, we should combine conditioners. Ideally, it would help if you bought a conditioner with the shampoo so the results will be higher and longer-lasting.

The noticeable thing when choosing a hair conditioner is the ingredient. If there is a hydrolyzed protein function in it, using it many times will make the hair dry and broken.


4B hair is more accessible to dry than many other hair types, and moisture is a great solution to moisturize and reduce hair loss effectively.

While moisture is key to 4B hair care, this hair also needs care to avoid overloading them with toxic bleaching products. Using harmful chemicals regularly makes it easy to change hair texture and difficult to recover.

Avoid silicone

Good care products containing silicone should be avoided, as they hurt hair health. After a long time, curls dry, reducing moisture absorption and increased breakage. It can cause scalp flaking, which is highly toxic to hair root health.

But not all silicones are so toxic. Some shampoo lines contain silicone fillings that can moisturize and give extra hair protection.

Less wash the hair extension

Many studies have shown that daily washing of your hair is the leading cause of dryness and hair loss. Specifically, it removes a certain amount of oil from the scalp’s surface, making it less able to absorb and retain moisture. Of course, breakage is inevitable.

Ideally, you should only wash your hair about 1-3 times a week to ensure that your hair absorbs and metabolizes nutrients in time.

Shampoos should be those with ingredients that are friendly to hair root health. Using it combined with intensive conditioner will increase the durability of the hair structure, helping the hair stay bouncy and robust.

Wash each part

Many women who own this 4B hair are often shy about washing it because of its thickness and roughness. To make it easier, we should divide the hair into small sections, so it will be quick to clean and care for with high efficiency.

Care about the protective style

4B hair image 5
Care about the protective styles

How can hair texture be protected? Using an intensive cream is an excellent suggestion to help your hair’s safety from harmful environmental influences. Apply the oil evenly on the body and hair ends, combined with gentle massage to increase absorption and protection.

Do not use this method for the hair roots because it will clog and reduce the ability of the scalp to absorb nutrients and retain moisture. In addition, it also causes stickiness and discomfort in your hair.

Satin pillowcases

Regularly drying your hair with thick cotton materials is a big mistake, reducing its moisture. Better yet, we should use satin pillowcases because they are great accessories to help repair damaged hair.

The Best Styles For 4B Hair

Bantu knots

The Bantu knot is a beautiful style for women with fluffy 4B hair. It makes you more personality, active and energetic.

Box braided hair

Box braids are a good idea for you. It is suitable for many different fashion styles, from personality and vibrant to gentle and quiet. People with slightly chubby faces can also wear this particular hairstyle.

Hair curler set

A hair curler set is a perfect choice to keep the best curls. It helps you curl your hair more, making it appear uniform. This hairstyle does not require too much technique, and you can create it successfully at home.

Update puff

The puffy style is a new trend for those who prefer classic beauty. It makes your face more charming and polite. This hairstyle is also an excellent suggestion for complex runs or any activity that requires flexibility.

Twist strands

4B hair image 6
Twist strands

Twist two strands are more popular than the previously introduced hair models. It is available as an effective measure to protect hair quality 4B. They bring a unique beauty to your face, which is youthful and vibrant.


4B hair is a particular curly hairstyle because it has a different texture. It is easier to care for and style than many other hair types.

With this specific sharing from Ivirgo Hair Factory, we hope to help you understand its characteristics and have the best care plan.

Thank you for reading!

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