4b hairstyles: 5 stunning styles that you never want to miss

4b hairstyles

It is often quite difficult for women with 4b hair type to style their hair, due to the kinky hair texture. What 4b hairstyles would look awesome on you, and how to do them is also a big question. Yet don’t worry, because you will find out 5 best 4b hairstyles that will definitely look stunning on your head via this post.

What do you know about 4b hair type?

There is one hair typing system that is popularly used to categorize women’s hair all around the world. This system divides women’s hair into 4 main types following their hair’s level of curl. According to that typing system, type 4 hair is the kinkiest texture among all 4 types. ((https://www.nutrafol.com/blog/hair-texture-hair-types/))

4b hairstyles
Type 4 hair is the kinkiest one. (Source: Internet)

Like the fact that kinky texture prevents the distribution of hair’s natural oils, type 4 hair is considered to be the driest, most fragile hair type. It is also extremely prone to break and damage, which makes it the most difficult-to-care hair type. Hair type 4 is categorized into 3 smaller types, which are:

4A hair type: The hair is naturally oily with defined curls. The strands are in the S-shaped pattern. This hair type generally has a greater capacity to keep moisture than others. Besides, with a high density of hair strands, people with 4a hair type often look like having coarser and darker hair.

4B hair type: The hair is tightly coiled with sharp angles. 4b hair type tends to look fluffy and the curls are more z-like rather than defined. Its structures make 4b hair look shorter than it actually does, as 4b hair strands shrinkage can be up to 70% of its real length. Women can usually create lots of beautiful 4b hairstyles.

4C hair type: This hair looks quite similar to type 4b hair with a lot of zig-zaggy curls. However, 4c hair type is the most tightly coiled and densely packed type. Therefore, it is also the most fragile, easily breakable hair type.

4B hairstyles: How to know your hair type is 4B?

It’s easy to know whether your hair is type 4B or not. Just observe your hair strands’ pattern: if it is softly S-shaped, then yours is 4A hair type; if the shape is sharply z-like angled, you definitely have 4b hair type. 4B hair coils are often not clearly defined, and usually as wide as a ballpoint pen.

4b hairstyles
if your hair pattern is z-like, your hair type is 4b. (Source: Internet)

4b hair type often falls into 2 texture: wiry or coarse. Usually, the most effective way to take care of 4b hairstyles is to use natural oil like coconut or castor oil before washing. This would help to retain some moisture for your naturally dry, vulnerable strands.

Stunning ideas for 4B hairstyles

The hair’s nature of kinky, dry and prone to damage make 4b hairstyles often remain a big question for thousands of women. But don’t worry! Let’s take a look at these 5 gorgeous ways below to style your 4B hair!

Layered Afro

The layered look may be the simplest yet excellent 4b hairstyles. All you need to do is ask the hairdresser to cut your 4B strands in layers. This will help to make your 4B coils unfurl, therefore prevent them from being too tangled.

4b hairstyles
Layered Afro is the simplest yet excellent 4b hairstyles. (Source: Internet)

Undercut Cornrows

This is the perfect 4B hairstyles for those who want both natural, chic and stunning yet protective look. You can have a half-size parted pixie and on the other side style some thin cornrows. This style would look like you have just gone for an undercut, while effectively protecting your strands from damages.

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4b hairstyles
Undercut cornrow can effectively protect your hair from damage. (Source: Internet)

Voluminous Afro

4b hairstyles
Voluminous Afro – the sexiest look for your hair. (Source: Internet)

Or you can call it the perfect dupe of Beyoncé’s look. This 4B hairstyle is all you need to highlight your hair in all its glory: gorgeous, vivacious, and of course 100% girly and sexy.

Frosted highlights

4b hairstyles
Use some colors or highlights to light up your hair’s beauty (Source: Internet)

Though dry, kinky and difficult-to-care, your 4B strands still do deserve some colors or highlights to light up its beauty. Let’s look at this girl with super vivid frosted highlights on the background of natural brown strands. If you want a fresh, stunning look for this summer, this 4B hairstyles would be a great choice.


4b hairstyles
you can look both sassy and feminine in dreadlocks (Source: Internet)

This 4B hairstyle is undoubtedly the coolest, chicest look for you! You can look both sassy and feminine in this style, which is – believe me – the wisest hair decision you would have ever made.

How to maintain and care for 4B hairstyles?

With such a kinky, delicate texture, 4B hair is super-vulnerable to dryness, shrinkage, breakage, and damage. That’s why 4B hairstyles also require far more tender care to keep it healthy and beautiful.

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Moisture, moisture, moisture!

Never forget this element if your hair type is 4, especially 4B. Because of its tightly coiled curls, the hair tends to dry out quickly and greatly. So never forget to regularly provide moisture to your hair with natural oils, conditioners and leave-in conditione ((Cold, F., Health, E., Disease, H. and Disea, L. (2016). Drugs & Medications. [online] Webmd.com. Available at: https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-8253/sodium-hypochlorite/details[Accessed 23 Feb. 2019].)) That’s the foremost way secret to keep your 4B hairstyles gorgeous.

Wash your hair from part to part

This tip is to prevent your strands from getting tangled and mixed up altogether. Also, this way can stretch your hair out – which avoids shrinkage. When washing, you can use clips to section your hair or do it in chunky braids or twists.

Detangle with fingers

Stay away from the comb if you don’t want to stick forever with hair tangles. Because 4B hair is naturally vulnerable, remember to gently detangle your hair with fingers or a wide-tooth comb, especially right after washing it. Your hair is more flexible when damp.

Tadaa, now you surely have got your own favorite 4B hairstyles and how to care for it. 4B hairstyles may require more care to maintain its beauty, yet it will worth. If you still have any questions about 4B hair and how to care for it, don’t hesitate to leave comments here to let us know.

Try to protect your hair style

You should limit touch to your hair or comb your hair. This keeps your hair from getting tangled. You can style your hair by using a bun, such as box braids, bantu knots or twists. These hairstyles will protect your hair better, reduce hair exposure with surrounding effects, avoid damaging the hair.

Use an appropriate sleeping pillow

Instead of using cotton sleeping pillows, which will make your hair dry and broken, use pillows made of satin or silk. You can also tie your hair in a silk bonnet before going to sleep.

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