4C Hair: Key Things To Consider

4C hair texture differs from the rest, which features naturally bold, bouncy and vibrant curls. This hairstyle is also the tightest curl with interwoven micro-rolls.

With this model, you may often struggle with challenges like frizz, dryness, and breakage. So how to minimize this situation?

In this article, Ivirgo Hair Factory will guide you with the simple, easy, and effective 4C hair care tips. Besides, we suggest some great ways to style with 4c.

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What Is 4C hair?

Type 4C has a Z-shaped curl, similar to 4b but curled more tightly. As the highest grade in type 4 hair, 4c hair is considered the most fibrous and dense.

Its texture is unique, extending horizontally and not falling too low like straight hair. If you pull a 4c curl out, you’ll find that its length can be doubled from its original state.

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What is 4C hair?

It comes with surprisingly tight folds and is prone to shrinkage, giving this hair a relatively heavy weight.

If we evaluate the quality of each strand, we will see its fragility, dryness, and brittleness. The curly texture interferes with the natural oil transport from the roots to the ends.

To maintain hair quality, softness, and bounce, we must ensure enough moisture. A standard conditioner and preservative are the most effective and economical solutions.

How To Know If The 4C Hair Is Unhealthy?

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How to know if the 4c hair is unhealthy

First, you need to accurately assess the condition of your hair so that you can give the best care. Here are detailed instructions.

Hair porosity

Through hair porosity, you will quickly determine your health status. So what is the specific way? Let’s start by preparing a water bowl and putting your hair in.

If the strand sinks to the bottom, your hair has a high porosity because of its good moisture absorption. Conversely, if your model is still floating on water, its porosity is low, which cannot absorb moisture.

We can ultimately draw conclusions about hair quality with a few simple steps.

For an accurate and complete overview, you should try each curl in turn in all different areas of the hair. Based on that, you will find the proper care method to bring the best results.

Hair elasticity

Many studies have shown that hair elasticity and moisture retention are closely related. Good elasticity means its ability to retain moisture will be higher and vice versa. But how to evaluate? How to get the most accurate reviews?

When the hair is wet, gently stretch the hair and release it. If the hair stretches and returns to its original shape, its elasticity is good. In other words, your hair stays healthy and retains enough moisture.

If your hair takes a long time to return to its original length, then its elasticity is poor, and it cannot hold water well.

Yet, do not panic about this situation because we can quickly fix this error with the proper care. You can increase the moisture supply to your hair with intensive care nutrients.

It would help if you combined special tools to strengthen the hair. Specialized shampoos for scalp massage tools are things you should consider.

Knots and breaks

Maintaining thickness from root to tip is a vital sign that your hair is healthy. It reflects how stable and robust your hair cuticle is.

You should take note of breakage during combing, which indicates unhealthy hair. The cause could be an altered hair texture, leading to dryness and increased breakage.

To restore hair health, provide the proper moisture with intensive nutrients. If you need more confidence about taking care of your hair, keep scrolling down to check out my hair care tips below!

3 Useful Tips For 4C Hair Care

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What are the key tips to consider for 4C hair care

Fighting frizz, dryness, and breakage is a big challenge, requiring perseverance. Here are three valuable tips to help increase moisture to maintain 4c hair bouncy and vitality.

Step up the condition

When you have 4c hair, softness and moisture are what you always lack. It is more serious when you regularly use hair dye bleaching chemicals.

As a result, your hair will have a more challenging time absorbing water, leading to the usual dryness and breakage. So how to remedy this situation?

Strengthening the nutrient content through hair masks is a great solution to restore your hair. Choosing high-moisturizing masks and massaging during shampooing will make your hair much softer and smoother than before.

Yet, don’t overdo it every week. It can lead to stickiness and cause scalp discomfort and dandruff.

Add a silk or satin touch.

Regular cotton towels can draw moisture on curls and leave your hair dry in the morning. For best care results, I recommend using silk or satin fabrics.

With a soft texture, they will help reduce friction and limit water absorption from your hair. Hence, your hair will not be dry and brittle.

Experience the shared laundry benefits

Daily shampooing with 4C hair is taboo because it will dry the hair and increase breakage. How to make the scalp feel as clean as freshly washed every day without losing the oil in the hair?

Custom shampoo formulas for curly hair will help you handle this well.

What Is Concurrent Shampoo For 4C Hair?

It is a specialized cleansing conditioner that can be available between shampoos to remove dirt and moisturize the scalp well. Meanwhile, it still ensures not to strip the hair’s natural oils.

Many shampoos on the market today are advertised as bringing this great use. But, not all is good and gives the desired result.

As a savvy user, you need to consider the ingredients of each product in detail. Prioritize using oils made with synthetic and natural ingredients such as nut butter, avocado oil, or aloe vera juice.

5 Awesome Ways To Style Your 4C Hair

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Awesome ways to style your 4C hair

4C curly hair can transform into many different hairstyles to bring trendy and luxurious beauty. Check out 5 great hairstyles below!

Trendy Faux Hawk

You worry that the curls can poke your neck and create an uncomfortable feeling in the summer, so Trendy Faux Hawk is a great suggestion.

With this hairstyle, all your curls will gather and tie into a ponytail vertically down your head. It makes your face more personal and attractive.

But, for people with more prominent faces, this hairstyle is not recommended. It can reveal facial flaws and make you look older than your years.

Badass Pixie

Many modern women choose Badass Pixie because of its flexibility, personality, and strength to bring their fashion style. It is quite an impressive hairstyle with a simple look, which is best suited to highlight a slim oval face.

Many hair experts recommend that the Badass Pixie is perfect for those with exceptional 4C hair. The time and care process can also significantly shorten with Badass Pixie hair.

It will be easier for you to manage your hair quality. This model should only be cut for U55 women to highlight more modern beauty. After this age, it should be a different style because making a face look ridiculous is easy.

Brushed Out Afro

If you love the bold, Brushed Out Afro is the perfect proposition for you.

To create this hairstyle from thicker 4C hair, we must use a comb to brush each hair tip generously. It will look unique to make you stand out in the crowd.

This hairstyle is suitable for all different face shapes. Covering the defects on your face is convenient for enhancing youthful and poetic beauty.

Bleached Blonde

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Bleached Blonde

Bleached Blonde is a typical hairstyle for naughty girls who prefer a liberal rather than restrained lifestyle. Its distinctive color is guaranteed to set you on fire in the crowd. So who is it suitable for?

This hairstyle is not picky about age, which suits everyone, including middle-aged people who like personality. However, consider carefully before deciding to have this hairstyle, which is quite different from everyone else.

Side parted bob

Side parted bob will change your 4C hairstyle to become more luxurious and attractive. It is a parted hairstyle, which helps to conceal very well for those of you with large faces. With impressive fluff and curly effect, this hairstyle helps to add a youthful look to you.

Bob’s hair is a national hairstyle, a personality for all different ages. For young people, it highlights the youthful, fresh, but still attractive. Meanwhile, at an older age, this hairstyle successfully shows elegance and courtesy to your face.

If you have a disruptive and active lifestyle, you can add a little dye to your hair to make it more prominent and unique.


The above sharing on evaluating hair quality and 4C hair care tips will help you understand deeply and successfully nourish your hair.

Your hair care routine is essential to keep 4C hair bouncy and vibrant. With intensive nutrients, helpful massage, and incubation tips, your hair will be very quickly smooth and moist.

If you find these shares useful, please comment below to motivate us for the following articles! Thank you for reading!

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