5A Hair: Complete Guide To Care in 2023

If you are looking for a hairstyle that can combine multiple styles with soft curls, 5A hair is the ideal choice. Are you curious about this hair type?

Although this hairstyle has been around for a long time, finding accurate information about its characteristics is not easy. Don’t worry, and I’ll help you answer any questions about this hairstyle through the presentation below.

Keep reading to understand.

What Is 5A Hair?

5a hair

What is the 5A hair? 

Because it also undergoes chemical treatment, 5A hair has a texture similar to some 3A, 4A, and even other B hair types.

Simply put, 5A hair consists of S-shaped curls that have undergone a chemical treatment to help loosen or reshape. As a result, it has a smooth circle or wave shape and is easy to manage and shape.

The most significant disadvantage of this hairstyle is that it is fragile and easy to break. In addition, after switching to this hairstyle, you cannot return it to its original state in any way except by waiting for the new hair to grow.

Should I Buy 5A Hair?

5a hair

Should I buy 5A hair? 

5A hair has a texture with a blend of curls within the dominant thin strands.

This type usually ranges from loose to tight coils in their natural state. It also includes many S or Z-shaped circles similar in texture to hair types 3A to 4C.

That said, 5A hair can be the perfect choice for girls who love to be stylish and attractive with healthy, 100% pure hair.

However, it isn’t an easy choice for people who don’t use hair extensions.

Due to the chemical treatment, this hair will only last for a short time compared to other versions. So it is not wise to invest money in staining and treating it.

In short, the answer that you should buy 5A hair depends on your preferences, needs, and purposes.

Pros And Cons Of 5A Hair

5a hair

A quick rundown of 5A hair

Before deciding to buy any product, I recommend you understand its great benefits and limitations, and 5A hair is no exception.

In the next section, we explore this hair’s main pros and cons.


  • Good price
  • Easy to use and care for
  • Allows for a variety of styles, such as curling, dyeing, and bleaching
  • 100% pure hair should be highly safe for users


  • This hairstyle tends to tangle and fall out more than other versions
  • Low lifespan
  • Requires regular care and maintenance

How To Take Care Of 5A Hair?

Any hair should be appropriately maintained and cared for to maintain its lustrous beauty and healthy growth. 5A hair is essentially protein, so building a healthy diet and cleaning your hair regularly is essential.

If you also want beautiful hair, I recommend you start washing and conditioning your hair correctly. At the same time, learn the most helpful solutions in drying, styling, and ultimately maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To help you understand better, I will detail the above tips in the following section. Let’s check it out.

Hair washing

5a hair

Hair washing

The first factor determining effective hair care is how often and how you wash your hair. Generally, washing your hair sparingly and using quality shampoo is better than washing it too often.

The hair becomes dry and loses its natural oils when it comes in contact with water and the nutrients in shampoo. It will be better to maintain washing your hair every other day or twice a week.

On the other hand, you need to limit sulfates (foaming agents) or parabens (preservatives) while prioritizing natural cleansers. Both of the above are not good for your hair and body health.

Choosing the right shampoo for your hair type is remarkable. I will explain to you the versions that are most suitable for each hairstyle, specifically as follows:

  • Curly hair and all hair types with Afro texture require care with a softening or frizz-reducing shampoo. Usually, these product lines will be creamy and contain natural nutrients.

  • Straight or oily hair prefers gentle shampoos

  • They will need shampoos with a significant amino acid content for dyed or chemically treated hair.

  • Dry hair is suitable for shampoos with glycerin and collagen because these are great nutrients to help overcome dryness to restore moisture.

Condition your locks

Using the right conditioner is the most helpful key to helping you maintain soft and naturally shiny hair.

Understanding that, I recommend you condition your hair every time you wash your hair, especially for chemically treated hair such as bleaching or dyeing.

Moisturizing your hair isn’t a prerequisite, but it’s worth thinking about.

If you need clarification about which moisturizer to choose from, consider natural oils like almond, olive, castor, coconut, and lavender.

They’re suitable and effective for all hair types and are safe for the user’s health.

Blow-dry hair

5a hair

Blow-dry hair 

Wet hair is very fragile and breaks easily. Therefore, please dry your hair quickly and adequately. Some practical drying measures include:

  • Ordinary rough towels will make your hair frizzy and split ends. So you should use a soft t-shirt or a microfiber towel to dry your hair gently.
  • The healthier solution is to air dry your hair. This process usually takes a long time for your hair to dry completely. But in the long run, this solution is very safe for the overall growth of your hair.
  • If you are short on time and want quick drying results, blow drying on a warm setting is the ideal choice.

Hair styling

Hair styling is indispensable for any modern woman. So what should be paid attention to about styling to minimize the negative impact on the hair? Let’s see!

  • Do not brush your hair too much, as this will cause damage to the hair strands and make the hair follicles prone to split ends and hardening.
  • To own soft and naturally shiny hair, you should prioritize using frizz-control products in a sufficient dose before styling.
  • Styling won’t damage your hair too much. However, repeating the same hairstyle repeatedly will make the hair stressed and weak.
  • Finally, cut your hair periodically to eliminate damaged and split ends.

Maintain your general health

Hair is mainly composed of protein, so adding protein-rich foods, nuts, fruits, and vegetables will help hair look better.

Stay hydrated by drinking at least 2 liters of water per day. In particular, remember to remove all the stress you encounter. These factors have a significant mental impact and keep your hair from reaching its great potential.

What Ingredients Should I Avoid In Hair Products?

Many factors influence the healthy growth of hair follicles. The most typical must-be products contain ingredients that are not safe for hair.

So, if you come across any nutrients found in shampoos, conditioners, or others in the list below, consider carefully before deciding:

Mineral oil

There is no denying the ability of mineral oil to condition and detangle hair. However, it contains polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are potential causes of skin cancer.

If this substance is available too much, the immune system of the hair follicles will be less active and damage hair cells.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly comes with the same risks as mineral oil. That said, it also contains PAHs that increase users’ skin cancer risk.


You will easily find copolymerization of PVP/VA in most hair products, such as hairspray. This toxic chemical causes scalp irritation and respiratory disorders in some people.

Sodium lauryl sulfate 

Sodium lauryl sulfate is the main ingredient of detergents or foaming agents in hair products. While users will enjoy washing it, you will find your scalp dry in the long run, and hair will lose its natural moisture.

I do not recommend anyone to use this product regularly, especially those with sensitive skin.

Polyethylene glycol

Polyethylene glycol is found in hair care products and makes hair thicker. Losing your hair’s natural moisture is a trade-off if you use many of these products.

Many studies have shown that carcinogenic components can interfere with human development in various PEG compounds.


Benzene is an indispensable ingredient in hair coloring products. Yet, it is a disruptor of the human immune system and the cause of cancers and leukemias.


Q. How does 5A grade hair differ from other grades of hair?

5A grade hair tends to be softer than other grades of hair, as well as more luxurious in terms of its shine and texture. It is also less prone to tangling and matting.

Q. Is 5A hair a good quality for making wigs or extensions?

Yes, 5A hair is perfect for wigs and extensions because it holds its style well and lasts longer than other grades of hair.

Q. Are there any special treatments that need to be done to maintain the texture of 5A grade hair?

5A grade hair should be treated gently with a mild shampoo and conditioner, as well as using appropriate styling products to maintain its texture.

Q. Are there any drawbacks to using 5A hair for wigs or extensions?

One potential drawback to using 5A hair for wigs or extensions is that it can be more expensive than other types of human hair.

Q. What is the best way to style 5A grade hair?

The best way to style 5A grade hair is by avoiding excessive heat when curling or straightening the hair, and always applying leave-in conditioner after washing it to keep it healthy and shiny.

Q. Is 5A hair more expensive than other types of human hair?

Yes, 5A grade hair is typically more expensive than most other types of human hair.

Q. Does 5A grade hair come in a variety of colors and textures?

Yes, 5A grade hair comes in a variety of colors and textures to suit different preferences. It can also be dyed or highlighted if desired.


5A hair is quite fragile and prone to breakage, and it is not 100% natural hair. So the best solution to protect your hair is to use styles like loose buns and braids.

The things are to stay away from tight hairstyles and use products that contain harmful ingredients, as mentioned above.

I hope the information from Ivirgo Hair Vendors can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of 5A hair and how to care for it effectively.

Thank you for reading!

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