How To Take Care For 5b Hair? A Detailed Instruction And Extra Tips

If you are looking for a hairstyle that combines multiple textures and allows users to redesign with chemical treatment, 5B hair is a great choice. You can customize the 5B hair freely without worrying about quality degradation.

Even though the hairstyle has been released for a while, it might be challenging to locate precise information about it. I will help you answer all the questions about this hairstyle in this article.

Keep scrolling down, and I will show you!

What Is 5b Hair?

Type 5 hair is natural human hair that combines multiple textures, including curls or frizz. This hairstyle typically ranges from tightly to loosely coiled with various curl shapes.

5B hair is a hairstyle where you redesign the z-shaped curls with chemical treatments to make them more manageable or straightened. Typically, the 5B hair delivers S-shaped loops after applying heat and treating chemically.

Compare Hair 5c And 5a, 5b 

5A Hair

You can have 5A hair by applying heat and chemicals to the hair texture to loosen the curls gradually or reform them. Some people also consider taking multiple-textured combinations with S-shaped curls for better results.

The desirable 5A hair can be smoother and more manageable with slight curls or waves. You can maintain good condition for several months with a proper hair care routine.

5B Hair

You can get 5B hair by chemically treating the multi-textured combination of hair, which usually has Z-shaped curls or kinks to make it more manageable, frizz-free curls, or simply straightening it.

5C Hair 

The 5C hair type delivers completely smooth and straight surfaces. Compared to 5A and 5B hair, the 5C hair requires more ambient effects to straighten the thick curls or kinks.

5b hair

5b Hair 

How To Take Care Of Hair 5b

A proper hair care routine is vital in maintaining your hair quality. So how many steps do you need to have healthy 5B hair? Continue reading to find out!

Use The Right Hairbrush

With the right hairbrush and hair brushing routine, you can protect your hair from breakage and being damaged. I can also help your hair strands be healthier and free of tangles.

Consider using a wet brush and a boar bristle brush simultaneously. The boar bristle brush can reduce friction, preventing your hair from breakage effectively.

Moreover, you can comfortably brush your hair with a boar bristle brush as it doesn’t get caught in any knots, so the hair remains smooth and silky without yanking out hair strands.

The wet brush also works well with any hair tangles that reduce the pressure on your hair when you brush.

You can brush the hair from its root and carefully work your way up. This will reduce friction and scratches. When your hair is wet, consider using a wide-tooth brush to separate it more easily.

Use A Deep Moisturizing Treatment Twice A Week

If you have dry hair problems, look for a suitable way to moisturize your hair, making it silkier. You can provide moisture to your hair with two methods: coconut honey mask and olive.

Regarding coconut honey masks, you should start with a mixture of one coconut spoon and one honey spoon. Then, pour the mixture into a pot, heat it up for 3-5 minutes, and let it cool.

Apply the mixture entirely on your hair for at least 20 minutes. After that, wash your hair with warm water and shampoo to have a new silky and smooth texture. You should only apply from the mid-length if your roots are oily.

More simply, you can use oil from olives as they contain a high amount of vitamin E, an essential nutrient for hair health. To start with, you can heat the oil in the pan at a low temperature.

Then, gently apply the oil to your hair, wrap it with a clean towel for 45 minutes, and wash it with clean water. The oil will make your hair texture shinier and softer than usual.

Use Anti-Heat

Applying heat protectant on your hair is another effective way to protect it. Since the heat protectant can serve as a shield, protecting your hair from sun exposure and ambient effects.

This method can also keep your hair in form and ensure a sleek look throughout the day. Generally, people use Grapeseed oil and Almond oil to create a natural shield around the hair strands.

Grapeseed oil is a byproduct of wine production. You can have this oil by exacting grape seeds. Applying Grapeseed oil on your hair can help your hair strands endure well with high temperatures of curlers and hair dryers.

It also provides moisture, making the hair strands more silky and supple. You should use 4 to 6 drops evenly distributed through your hair, then style as usual.

You should drop 2-3 drops on wet hair with Almond oil and brush gently. The Almond oil will create a protectant around the hair structure while providing necessary nutrients like vitamin E, B1, B2, and B6 for hair growth.

Use A Hair Tie That Does Not Pull Close To The Hairline

Consider using scrunchy and plastic coil hair ties to protect your hair from high pressure or pulling out at the root. They will give you a comfortable hairdo and don’t snag the hair strands like conventional hair ties on the market.

You can use them on any hairstyle, including a bun or a ponytail. Their structure will ensure you keep your hairstyle form while reducing damage significantly.

Use A Towel Or An Old T-Shirt Instead Of A Towel To Dry

You can use cotton or linen fabric to dry your hair. By doing this, the hair shaft won’t shred when you wrap it to dry. The likelihood of frizz or damage is diminished because the strands are kept smoother within the fabric.

Use Low Heat To Dry Your Hair

Misusing a hairdryer is one of many ways you do to destroy your hair’s beauty. It would help if you learned how to use a hair dryer like a professional to reduce the risk of hair damage by heat.

Before using a hair dryer properly, apply heat protectant in advance. When using a hair dryer, you should pay attention to the distance between it and your hair. The nozzle should be 3 inches away from the hair for best results and aimed straight down.

5b hair

3. You Need To Learn How To Use A Hair Dryer Like A Professional 

Try Not To Wash Your Hair Too Much

Your scalp produces natural oil to keep your hair smooth and silky throughout the day. When you wash your hair with shampoo too often, the natural oil can be washed away, making the hair strands dry and damaged.

To keep your hair healthy and ensure vital nutrients for growth, you should wash your hair with shampoo every three times a week. Moreover, it would be best to buy high-end shampoo to help adjust the oil production cycle effectively.

Wash Your Hair Properly

When it comes to washing hair, many take a large dollop of shampoo to apply on the hair and wash it with water. But you might be surprised that using shampoo on the scalp is the right way to wash your hair.

Since the scalp produces natural oil and provides it to the hair strands, you can get rid of oil problems and have healthy hair by gently applying shampoo on the scalp.

When rinsing your hair, you should use cold water to improve the hair strands’ circulation and strength.

5b hair

4. Remember To Apply Shampoo On The Scalp Gently 


What Are The Best Protection Styles For Hair Type 5?

You can braise hair type 5 to protect it from hair loss and breakage. This also reduces the oil production from scalps, allowing your hair strands to have a stable amount of oil on their surface.

What Is The Texture Of 5b Hair?

The texture of 5B hair includes Z-shaped curls and S-shaped curls with a coiled surface. Depending on your preferences and face shapes, you can redesign your hair type suitably.

What Is The Tightest Curl Type?

The type 4 curl type is the tightest curl pattern. Compared to the type 3 hair, type 4 hair requires more moisture and has fewer cuticle layers. This hair type is renowned for its high density and fragility.

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