7A Hair Grade: Everything You Should Know

The world of hair weaving and extension is new and can make many girls feel strange when they learn it. So, 7A hair can be confusing for many people.

That is the reason why Ivirgo Hair Factory wrote this article. We will help you analyze the 7A hair grade and everything related to it.

What Is 7A Hair Grade? 

7A hair grade is 100% real premium hair with a strong and intact hair structure. It has a full cuticle and a shelf life of up to a year if well-maintained.

You can dye your hair brown without worrying about making it dry or damaged. 7A hair weave is the most suitable choice for those looking for Malaysian or Brazilian hairstyles.

7A Hair
Hair texture

Brazilian Hair

7A grade Brazilian hair is one of this segment’s most popular hair types, with highly outstanding quality. This pattern usually consists of 100% natural hair and is woven in a double-drawn style.

You can dye them to #613, a platinum color commonly found in Russian hair. However, we recommend limiting bleaching because it causes hair to tangle and break easily and quickly.

This hair type is only a single-drawn weft, but it is not too thin at the hairline. Thanks to this, your look will be gorgeous in a completely natural way.

The maintenance requirements of this hairstyle are average. You will need to take care of them periodically to ensure that your hair stays beautiful and maintains its effective lifespan.

You can extend their lifespan by several months if you take good care of them.

Virgin Hair

7A virgin hair grade has the same texture as 6A hair. Yet, the manufacturer keeps the cuticles intact and does not treat them with acid soaking to preserve the structure.

The 7A mane is less mixed with short hairs into the hair bundles. As a result, they feel thicker and smoother to the touch. Hairstyle 7A is also the top choice of hairstyling salons. It’s the perfect balance between quality and cost.

7A Hair image 1
Bundles of hair extensions

Differentiating Between 6A And 7A Grade Hair Weaves 

Many people wonder about the difference between 6A and 7A grade hair. These two weaves rank right next to each other on the system.

So, in what way are they different? A 6A hair extension is a medium-quality hair extension. It has a lifespan of only three to six months.

Hair type 6A is quite easy to tangle and damage if you do not take care of it properly. In addition, it is also not suitable for hair bleaching but should only be dyed to a deep brown tone.

6A hair grade will be suitable for those who want to have bouncy hair in a short time or for important events. If you want a more premium option but still have a reasonable price, then 7A hair weave is the best choice.

This hair type comprises 100% real hair with natural softness and shine. You can even dye the tone up to a bright yellow.

7A hair has a long lifespan of 12 to 18 months. This hair type is a balanced choice between cost and quality to meet the needs of the vast majority of users.

Differentiating Between 7A And 8A Grade Hair Weaves 

Besides comparing 7A and 6A hair, many people are curious about the difference between 7A and 8A hair. 8A hair is the more advanced hair type in the grading system. Its texture consists of 100% virgin hair from one donor.

When collecting 8A hair, the manufacturer usually does not treat them with chemicals, so this hair type is very durable and has a natural shine. The full cuticle is oriented towards the end, and the stable shaft allows you to style effortlessly.

You can even bleach your hair up to blonde or platinum. If well maintained and cared for, 8A hair weave has a lifespan of up to two years.

The 8A hair extension is a perfect choice for those looking to change their hairstyle. It has good wave retention and is less prone to damage after styling.

This hairstyle is also hard to shed or tangle, so you can rest assured that it is a valuable investment.

How To Define Hair Grading System? 

The hair grading system has yet to be an official term. Currently, there are not any regulatory bodies that can control them. This system is used to classify the quality of hair extensions. It helps buyers know what they are paying for.

The supplier will be the ones to label their hair samples. The following properties determine hair type:

  • Texture: Hair that is 100% natural and has the cuticle intact is of higher quality. Poor-quality hair weaves are often chemically treated or dyed black and have a potential damage. It also makes hair more prone to breakage and tangles than usual.
  • Single or double-drawn hair: Usually, double-drawn hairstyles will cost more. It is because this is a set of hair consisting of all hairs of equal length. It helps to create volume and a surreal look for the owner.
  • Price: The higher the quality of the hair, the higher its price will be.

These standards are approximate as companies will have their assessment. Some customers buy 7A hair, but the quality is only like 5A hair.

The factors make it difficult for customers to grasp the texture and quality of a valuable hair weave. To ensure safety, you should look for reputable hair suppliers.

Why Should We Use A Hair Grading System? 

There are many reasons why people have to have their own system for classifying hair weaves. The top reason is that it fits the needs of the customer. Each person shopping has a different goal and will need additional products.

With this classification system, knowing which hair weave is best for you will be easier. The classification is also a way to summarize the outstanding features of the extension so that you do not feel it is too long and difficult to remember.

The only problem is that each company often has its classification. It makes you feel confused if you buy from many units and realize the difference in quality.

It’s better only to trust reputable companies with many authorized customers.

You can also search for reviews comparing hair weaves of different brands to make a decision.

7A Hair image 2
A mix of natural hair extensions

What Is The Difference Between The 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, And 10A Hair Grades?

In today’s human hair market, there are three levels of hair extensions: low grade, medium grade, and high grade.

Only some people are looking for the most expensive hair. So, the market needs different hair types, which means people are buying the right product for you.

Grade 5A

5A grade hair weaves are usually medium quality and relatively porous. Its average lifespan falls between three and six months, depending on the level of care and maintenance. You can dye your hair 5A to medium brown.

Grade 6A

Hair 6A is good quality hair with 100% natural Remy hair and has medium hair. You can dye your hair 6A to lighter tones, but we don’t recommend doing that.

The reason is that this hair is still a bit spongy and prone to breakage. If properly maintained, the shelf life can be as long as six to eight months.

Grade 7A

7A hair grade consists of 100% natural hair with thick and healthy hair. You can maintain it for more than a year if you know how to take care of it.

This layer of hair has a full cuticle. You can dye it brown without fear of damage.

Grade 8A

Hair 8A is 100% premium Remy hair and is suitable for making wigs. Thick strands with full cuticles have a lifespan of up to two years.

You can even bleach your hair to a platinum tone without fear of damage. It is one of the most popular hair types right now.

Grade 10A

10A grade hair is currently the most advanced hair weave today with a full cuticle. You can even bleach your hair white without worrying about damage or loss. With proper care, this hair can last up to three years.

7A Hair image 3

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please find the answer here if you have any questions about the 7A hair weave.

Is 7A A Good Grade Of Hair?

Yes. 7A hair is high quality 100% natural hair with a strong hair shaft. It has a full cuticle and can be dark yellow and still healthy.

7A hair costs more than many people usually pay for their extensions. The difference you are paying for is quality, which will last up to a year and a half.

This hair type should not fall out or tangle and is excellent for adding volume.

How Do You Take Care Of 7A Hair?

Apply conditioner at least once a week and wrap at night.

You can untangle this part of your hair while it’s wet, but applying conditioner before detangling is best.

Should You Buy 7A Hair?

It would be best to choose a 7A hair weave to change your look without burning your wallet. This hair type suits those who want to curl or dye deep brown.


Choosing the right hair weave is a complex problem. Hopefully, this article about our 7A hair grade has helped you solve the above worries.

This hair type is the first choice for those who want to strike a balance between value and cost. It has moderate durability and is suitable for gentle styling.

Is this the best option for you? Please share with us!

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