How To Take Care For 8A Hair? A Step-By-Step Guide

There are a variety of hair grades with prices on the market, and it is a challenging task for users to choose suitable ones.

For many years, 8A hair has been an ideal choice for those looking more youthful and elegant. This hair grade brings users’ visuals to another level, making others pay attention to your presence.

So, why is 8A hair the best choice? What should you do to maintain the 8A hair quality? Ivirgo Hair Vendors have come up with detailed instructions and extra tips to help you understand this hair grade.

Keep reading, and I will show you!

History of the Hair Grading System

Over the past decades, the hair wave business has changed significantly, paving the way to creating hair grades with various qualities and prices. You can easily find many types of hair extensions on the market.

Chinese hair extension manufacturers created the hair grading system to market their products’ quality grades. The hair grading system includes 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A with different lengths and materials.

More specifically, the 5A hair impressed hair stylists in 2012-2013 with reasonable prices and convenience. In 2015, the first initial release of 7A Brazilian had soon considered the top hair grade thanks to the perfect circle intact.

In 2016, the 8A virgin hair built its reputation for high-class quality, which is suitable for many years to use. After that, the 9A hair weave became popular for those who love to dye or curl hair extensions.

The 10A hair grade is the most expensive and highest quality that you can purchase. It was originally sourced from donors with a healthy diet and proper hair care.

What is 8A hair?

The 8A hair is 100% natural human hair from single donors. The hair grade has no chemical treatment and still has all cuticles intact. This is a prevalent choice for anyone who wants to purchase hair extensions for the next two years.

Generally, the 8A hair delivers a smooth texture and a high volume, allowing users to redesign according to their preferences.

Moreover, you can choose many other surfaces, including curly, wavy, and coily.

Many hair stylists recommend the 8A hair as a great choice if you are looking for a hair extension of around 18-20 inches since the high-class virgin hair helps users manage and take care of the hair extension more conveniently.

Hair Extension Types

Remy Hair

Remy hair is usually made of real hair with natural cuticles. Remy hair and non-Remy hair might be different in texture.

Remy hair texture delivers a shinier and healthier hair texture than its counterpart. This product can maintain its top conditions even after one or two years.

100% Virgin Hair

100% virgin hair refers to a high-quality hair grade. Consumers can rest assured about the hair quality as it has never been dyed or chemically treated, allowing users to have the most natural texture and hairstyle.

Women in hilly regions can make a stable income by selling their natural hair. The quality of virgin hair depends on donors’ diet and hair care routine.

100% Human Hair

100% human hair is any hair from humans. Manufacturers can collect them anywhere, from donors to the hair salon floor and a brush.

If you want to dye or try a new hairstyle, there couldn’t be a better time to customize the hair extension.

Synthetic Hair.

As its name suggests, synthetic hair is fake hair strands made of artificial fibers such as acrylic or nylon.

The product might have a strong chemical smell and be easy to tangle as the material can’t maintain a smooth texture after using it multiple times.

8a hair

2. Remy hair is usually made of real hair with natural cuticles 

Difference between 8A and 9A hair 

The core difference between 8A and 9A hair grades lies in the number of intact cuticles.

While the 8A hair grade delivers around 60%-80% cuticles intact, the 9A hair grade has 100% cuticles that go in the same direction. This allows users to redesign their hair with any supplemental products and hairstyles.

To experience various hairstyles and colors, you should invest in the 9A instead of the 8A hair grade. The 8A hair is more suitable for anyone who wants to add a wavy or curly texture.

It would be best if you were careful of retailers that sell 8A hair as high-grade 9A hair. Although at first glance, they seem identical, 8A hair is 9A  hair. To make 8A appear healthy, some of it has been colored naturally black.

How to care for 8A hair?

Replace extensions regularly

Even if you purchase high-class hair extensions like 9A or 10A, you can wear them forever. The best maintenance can only keep the hair extension in good condition for several months.

The obvious sign is that you should replace the hair extensions’ worn and tangled strands. If you leave the degraded hair extension on the natural hair too long, the beads might bend when you try to remove them.

Depending on your hair extension type, the replacement time can be very different. For example, tape-in and hand-tied extensions take around 4 to 8 weeks for the first replacement. Fusion extension replacement is extended every 3 to 4 months.

Sleep on silk or satin

Sleeping on a silk pillow or keeping the hair extension in the satin pillowcase will protect them from dryness. To start with, you can use a small brush and gently brush the connection joint between your head and the hair extensions’ root.

Then, use a silk or satin scarf to tie around your head and knot the scarf forward to your forehead. This will keep the hair strands in one direction during nighttime hours.

If you want to create some wavy texture, many hair stylists suggest putting two loose pigtail braids on your hair, which will give you a wavy texture the following day.

Keep washing your hair.

Many are afraid that washing their natural hair with the hair extension will degrade the hair extension quality. But hair extensions require frequent maintenance, and you also take care of the scalp underneath them.

Yet, you should only apply a little pressure on the connection between the natural hair and the extension. This might loosen the beads or the bonds over time.

Always remember to wash the hair extension gently. The lifespan of this product line depends on how carefully you upkeep them.

Install your extensions correctly.

Installing your extensions correctly is crucial in maintaining their good condition during the usage process. The point is you should hire a professional stylist to install the extensions.

This will reduce the risk of natural hair damaging and changing your hair extension sooner than expected. Poor installation might frustrate users, making it inconvenient for users to maintain the extensions.

8a hair

3. Installing your extensions correctly is crucial in maintaining their good condition

Brush your hair daily and every time you take out your extensions

The best way to deal with all the tangles after using hair extensions is to use a suitable brush. Depending on hair extension types, you can use many brushes.

For instance, a paddle brush would work well with straight extension; a wide-tooth brush is an ideal choice for curly extension. When the hair extension is damp, consider using a detangling brush to achieve the best untangling process.

Don’t use too many products

Using many supplemental hair products doesn’t mean you will have a beautiful hair extension during the usage process. The key factors determining hair extension quality are the product type and how you use them.

If you have a silky and smooth hair texture, you should use only a few hairstyling products because the hair is already straight, and straight hair typically maintains its style.

Hair stylists recommend only using three basic protective methods, including dry shampoo, spray, and heat protectant. And keep in mind that you should only occasionally use dry shampoo.

8a hair

4. Hair stylists recommend only using three basic protective methods


How often should I oil my extensions?

Since the hair extension can’t get the oil from our scalp, you should consider providing oil from supplemental hair products at least 1-2 times daily. This ensures shine and a silky texture throughout the day.

What makes hair extensions last longer?

Proper maintenance extends the extension’s lifespan. Since, unlike our natural hair, hair extensions can’t get enough moisture and oil during the usage process.

By using oil or conditioner, you keep them in top condition for many months.

Does hair grow faster with extensions?

The answer is yes; when wearing hair extensions, many women discover that their hair grows more quickly and generally looks healthier.


8A hair is always a good choice if you want an affordable and versatile hair extension. Thanks to the information shared in this post, you know how to take care of this hair and set it apart from other fashionable models.

Please take care of the extension properly and make the most of it.

Thank you for reading!

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