How To Care For The 9A Hair? Ultimate Guides 

9a hair
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9A hair has a unique design and is rare with other hair models. So, this hairstyle is chosen by many girls to create tenderness and femininity for themselves.

So, is 9A hair the best choice? How to distinguish it from other hairstyles? If you are interested in this hair type, refer to the information contained in the article.

9A Hair Overview

9a hair

What is the 9A hair 

9A wig hair is made from 100% virgin human hair. Because it retains the cuticle and natural straightness, this one has high aesthetics and can last long.

To create 9A hair, hair donors need to have never used chemicals to style their hair. This demanding requirement gives 9A hair incredible naturalness. Its color and strength are similar to natural hair, giving users the best experience.

Also, 9A hair is at a high price for the above reasons. However, by investing in this type, you will be comfortable styling by bleaching, dyeing, and curling and can use your hair for a long time.

Outstanding Features Of 9A Hair

9a hair
                                                                              9a hair

What are its outstanding features? 

9A is one of the best quality wigs. It offers wonderful user experiences: no damage, no breakage, and can be with chemicals and heat.

The durability of 9A hair also makes users completely comfortable. With synthetic products between natural hair and artificial materials, its lifespan can be up to 1.5 – 2 years. Meanwhile, if 9A hair has 100% natural hair composition, you can use it within 3-4 years.

It is an impressive advantage of 9A hair because many current hair extension products can only be available for a few months.

The 9A price is slightly above average. Yet, with quality products from Ivirgo Hair Vendors, the price is still acceptable compared to the product quality.

What Are The Differences Between Grades 9A And 10A Hair?

Hair 9A and 10A are often brought to the table for comparison. In reality, however, the two have a lot in common.

They are all made from 100% natural hair that has never been chemically affected. These products also conquer users with excellent quality.

Yet, there are also some differences between the two hair types. If you are confused between the two options, here is some information you can refer to:

Hair quality

9A is the double-drawing hair. Its thickness meets user needs but is less impressive than 10A hair.

Hair 10A is super double-drawing hair. It has a thick and full finish. Whether you perform the manipulation of creating curtain bangs or bleaching, or dyeing, 10A hair still retains its natural thickness and volume.

Hair bleaching process

You can style 9A hair by dyeing and perming. However, it would help if you did not bleach because this operation will affect the hair cuticle and cause tangles.

Meanwhile, 10A hair always retains its naturalness and durability even when bleached. Therefore, you can dye this type in many different colors. It will color well, meeting all your aesthetic expectations.

Hair life

9a hair

Hair life 

Its longevity is quite commendable. It can last about two years if you follow strict hair care methods. Meanwhile, 10A hair can last longer than that but does not require too complicated maintenance.

Hair price

10A is the best quality hair available today. Therefore its price is a little higher than 9A hair.

How To Care For 9A Hair?

Hair 9A is quite strong. You can use this hair type for years instead of just a few months, like many poor-quality options on the market.

However, for your hair to always maintain the desired aesthetic effect, you must have separate care measures. If you have never taken care of hair extensions before, consider the simple process below:

Keep your hair clean.

9a hair

Keep your hair clean 

You should still wash your hair regularly, even if it’s just an extension. Cleaning hair extensions will help keep your hair and scalp clean, avoiding dirt and excess oil affecting its lifespan.

You will need to use a particular cleaning product for extensions. Popular shampoos on the market contain too many strong surface cleaners that are not beneficial for hair extensions.

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Find products that are right for your hair and scalp type. I always encourage users of hair extensions to use shampoos and conditioners that contain natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and mint.

These ingredients do not negatively affect the wig’s cuticle but still prevent fat accumulation and remove dirt from the hair.

Be careful with styling products.

Suppose you don’t want to go through complicated styling operations and instead pursue a quiet natural beauty. In that case, all you need to do is find a keratin-based conditioner that doesn’t contain large silicon.

This naturally derived conditioner effectively restores and protects hair extensions. Suppose you’re looking for styling products to use when curling or coloring your hair, you need to avoid products with alcohol.

These types damage your hair extensions. Some signs that the styling product you are using contains alcohol, such as dry, brittle hair, not naturally shiny.

Limit heat impact on hair

There is no denying the benefits that a hair dryer or curling iron brings. These tools will help you get the look you want quickly. Yet, while using hair extensions, you should limit products that exert heat on the hair.

Hair extensions are less intense than your regular hair. Too much exposure to heat causes it to lose moisture, which becomes dry and brittle later.

Protect your hair when exercising

When using hair extensions daily, sweat and dirt inevitably accumulate on the hair. To prolong the hair extension use, you should minimize dirt and excess oil on the hair extensions.

When exercising or participating in other outdoor activities, you should tie your hair in a ponytail and take appropriate hair protection measures.

You should also not use hair extensions when swimming. Substances in the pool water can affect the lifespan of the wing.

Get rid of some bad habits.

Limit the use of hair dryers to help maintain the moisture and natural beauty of the hair. However, you should still sleep with wet hair. If you have this habit, your hair extensions are easy to tangle.

You’d better ensure your hair is dehydrated naturally before bed. You can also try going to bed with a ponytail. You will be surprised with the smooth and non-greasy hair extension the following day.

Another bad habit you need to get rid of is sloppy handling. Remove the extension tape carefully and handle it separately for washing and drying.

Store hair extensions

You need to take care of your hair extensions during use and storage. You will need to clean and straighten your extensions before storing them. Then you can refer to how to preserve hair extensions with a plastic bag.

With this method, you will need to use a spacious zippered plastic bag to store the hair extensions. Let the hair extensions dry naturally before placing them in the bag. Then, let the hair extension lie flat in the bag.

Follow the stylist’s advice.

The above are just the most general tips on how to care for 9A hair extensions. For each product and need, each stylist will give different advice.

So, to improve the life of hair extensions, you should consult stylists’ advice.


There are many other problems related to 9A hair that I want to share with you. Yet, to use this hair effectively, you will need to update some information below.

Which hair is the best quality?

9a hair

The best hair quality 

Indian human hair has a natural texture, smoothness, and natural shine. It is also one of the best-quality hair types and is suitable for many different uses.

How do I know if I have nice hair?

Most hair experts believe that good hair will have high elasticity. You can lengthen this hair with a brush without worrying about breakage.

What determines your hair type?

Genetics is the most decisive influence on your hair type. Genetic factors influence most hair characteristics, such as texture and thickness.

Do you get your hair type from Mom or Dad?

Both mom and dad influence your hairstyle because genetic information is obtained from both parents.

Is it reasonable to wash hair daily with water?

You can thoroughly wash your hair with water every day. However, it is better to use cold water with minimal chlorine to avoid damage to hair quality.


9A hair is one of the best quality hair extensions available today. Through the sharing in the article, you have understood how to take care of this hair and distinguish it from other popular models.

I hope you can make the most of your extensions to get the perfect look.

Thank you for taking the time to read the post!

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