9A hair extensions and 3 useful things you need to know!

POSTED ON December 14, 2022 BY Thomas Taw

Many women want to have beautiful hair. It is great for them to choose hair extensions to make the hair thicker, longer and softer. There are many types of hair that you can use but today, we want to introduce you 9A hair – one of the best types of hair. If you haven’t found the extensions that are suitable for you yet, you can’t ignore this article.

Extensions can be used in many ways depending on each type of hair. There are different types of hair extensions such as 9A hair, 8A hair, 7A hair, 6A hair,… which are normally called by China manufactures. To use them in the best way, we need to know about them. We have researched many documents to bring the useful and interesting information to the readers. Scroll through the article and you will be not disappointed about many things you received!

grade 9a human hair
Grade 9a human hair

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are also known as hair weaves which are used by people who want to make up for their hair. They help to add the length and the thickness of hair human extensions for the natural hair. The hair will become thicker, longer and more beautiful without being realized that the people are wearing them

Hair extensions contain different types such as 9A hair, 8A hair, 7A hair, 6A hair, 5A hair,… Besides, they can be divided into the group which includes clip-in hair, fusion hair, lace frontal and closure hair, sew-in hair, bulk hair, weft hair, tape and tips hair…  Hair extensions have various prices which meet the demand of the buyers. Therefore, the qualities of them are different.

Some of the hair extensions can be maintained for a long time. If you take care them in a good way, they totally can be used for one years or two years. Especially, the human hair extensions can be styled and dyed on the way you want. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. Today, we find out about 9A hair and some meaningful things around this hair type. Let’s start right now!

What is 9A hair? Pros and cons of this hair type

9A hair is a type of hair extensions which have the quality on the best level which can be considered by many manufactured. They are totally human hair and are soft, bright, and strong. Especially, they have the same length of hair and they are 100% virgin hair.

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If you don’t know what virgin hair is, we will demonstrate for you. Virgin hair is known as the highest quality hair which the market has. It is the type of human hair which isn’t processed by chemicals. You can be comfortable when using it.

The virgin hair hasn’t ever been dyed, permed, bleached or washed before. Especially, it is only collected from a single donor which can give the buyer the good statement for styling or die on the ways they like. They haven’t been straightened, curled, ironed, blow dried, permed,…

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Therefore, the virgin hair is remy hair which totally isn’t damaged. It is bright, beautiful and many women want to have it. Although, the remy hair doesn’t need to be virgin hair. It can be dyed or permed before and gathered from the hair of some donors or producers. To sum up, the virgin hair is the best choice for installing and a favorite way to make the hair more attractive.

Therefore, 9A hair, which is classified as virgin hair, make a huge difference on the price, It has the highest price and is suitable for the people who have enough money to enjoy the best quality. You have to spend quite lots of money to have it.

9a hair distributors
9a hair distributors


  • 9A hair hasn’t been chemically treated such as  dyed, permed,  bleached or colored
  • 9A hair hasn’t been styled such as straightened, curled, ironed, blow dried, …;
  • The quality of 9A hair is very  good which is undamaged hair cuticles
  • 9A hair is collected from the single donor.You seem not to worry about the origin of it


  • It is a bit pricey so that you need to think carefully before using it.

What is the difference between 9A hair, 8A hair, 7A hair and 6A hair? Which grade is the best?

To understand more about these grades, we need to know more about the history of them. The grading system (9A hair, 8A hair, 7A hair, 6A hair, 5A hair,…) was invented by some hair manufactures who came from China. They named different types of hair to explain easily to their customers about the difference between many hair types. Depending on the grade, the people can know how good the quality of hair is. And the grades also tell us about the age of them

5A hair

5A hair is the hair which was appeared soon. It was known around 2012 – 2013. At that time, the quality of 5A hair was considered to be quite good. It is soft and bright but difficult to be dyed.

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After that, the Chinese vendors provided the better hair type and named it as 6A hair. They are introduced widely and still used nowadays. Continuously, 7A hair, 8A hair, 9A hair, 10A  hair were invented and the higher grade the better quality it has. The qualities were upgraded increasingly and the price of them made a huge difference.

9A hair

9A hair is also perfect quality human hair. It is silky, soft, shiny and really strong. Especially, 9A is virgin hair which hasn’t been ever treated chemically or styled by hairdressing tools. It has the same length and very easy to use. They also blend with many hair textures so that you don’t need to worry about your hair texture when using it.

9A hair also can be dyed and styled in your favorite ways without any difficulty. If you take care it well, it can be last up to one year or two years. Because of many advantages, the price of 9A hair is more expensive than many types of hair.

8A hair

8A is also a good hair type which is recommended by the experts. It is the virgin hair and very soft, bright and healthy. You can feel confident and comfortable when using it.

7A hair

7A hair is commonly a favorite hair type. They have t affordable price and good quality. Therefore, you totally choose it as hair extensions and enjoy it!

6A hair

6A extensions are the second lowest grade but you don’t need to worry when using it. It is soft, bright but not the virgin hair. It can be collected from some donors or vendors.

5A hair

5A extensions are the lowest grade of hair and you almost can’t dye and bleach. If you want the thick, long hair extensions, you can choose it. Be careful because it only maintains natural hair color and can make you be detected easily.

There are some different things between 9A hair and other hair types. You should consult this article before using them. To sum up, 9A hair is great to wear and you need to pay little pricey to have it.

Where to buy 9A hair

If you wonder where you can buy 9A hair, we will recommend for you. There are many places which you can choose some hair types. You should find out carefully before buying it anywhere. 9A hair has many shapes, textures, and colors which can make you confused to choose one of them.

There are some shapes of 9A hair which we can introduce such as 9A body wave hair, 9A curly hair, 9A deep wavy hair, 9A straight hair etc,…  Besides, there are many colors which you can choose such as dark brown, black, light ash blonde, etc…

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You also need to concerned about different types of hair braid extensions (Bulk hair, weft hair, tape hair and tips hair, lace frontal and closure, clip in hair, etc…). The good vendor can provide for you the product with the best quality and price.

What does 9a hair mean
What does 9a hair mean

There are some places we think they can be suitable for you. We recommend that Ivirgo Hair is the good vendor we want to introduce, They provide various hair type, including 9A hair. If you choose Ivirgo hair, you can have large choices because they have many products which are suitable for you.

Ivirgo Hair can meet your expectation no matter how your real hair is. They have lots of hairstyles which are fashionable, attractive and comfortable. They have different types of hair extensions qualities (9A hair, 8A hair, 7A hair, 6A hair,…) to meet the demand of the buyers.

Ivirgo Hair is a big vendor so that the price of hair types are cheaper than many places and you totally are peace of mind about the 9A quality and the origin of it when buying here. They also ship overworld. No matter where you live if you have the demand, Ivirgo Hair will help you.

With the professional attitude, you don’t need to worry about the hair extensions and can receive the meaningful advice from the vendor. 9A hair is an important product of the company and Ivirgo hair always care about it! They ensure that 9A hair is 100% virgin hair and the quality of them is very good.

Therefore, if you haven’t found the suitable places to buy 9A hair, Ivirgo Hair will help you. It is amazing and great, right?

Here is some useful information we want to introduce for you. Hope you will have many meaningful things from this article. If you have any question for us, please call us at +84 968 509 490  to have the best answer. Your hair is really important. It defines the first feeling from other people.

Therefore, you need to have beautiful and healthy hair. 9A hair is a great choice which helps you to do this. 9A hair has many advantages which make it a huge difference from other types. If you think the article is good, let’s comment on this post, we will reply you soon. Don’t hesitate anymore! Let do some things to change your hair right now!!


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