Almond oil vs coconut oil for hair! Which is the best for you?

Almond oil vs coconut oil for hair are no stranger to us especially women. Both almond oil and coconut oil contain high levels of vitamin E and essential nutrients for your hair. In order to find out which oil is the most suitable your hair, it is very vital for you to understand deeply the benefits of both of them for your hair. Let’s explore in this article!

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Almond oil for hair

Before becoming a common ingredient in beauty products in North America, it was extracted directly from the trees in The Mediterranean and Southeast Asia. Not only is almond oil good for your hair but it also effective as an enhancer for your skin and heart because of the vitamins and minerals found in it. One of the primary ingredients is used in lots of popular hair products, vitamin E, is found in almond oil. Zinc, the minerals and vitamins are found in the magical oil. Here are 4 benefits of almond oil for hair:

Prevent hair fall and stimulate hair growth

Almond oil is pretty effective at saving hair follicles and makes them become healthier so they can against excessive breakage and don’t fall off. Therefore, you are more likely to grow your hair longer without worrying about split ends. The vitamin, minerals and magnesium that are found in sweet almond oil provide moisture the follicles from root to tip, promote the stands of your hair so that they become thicker and stronger.

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Treat dandruff

If you have trouble with dandruff, sweet almond oil is the best option for you. The vitamins found in the oil act as an anti-inflammatory (( which can help reduce any irritation and eliminate flaking in the scalp. As a result, your scalp becomes softer and healthier.

Almond oil is lighter than a lot of other oils and thus it is a perfect base for other essential oils which help to fight off dandruff. It is better for hair if almond oil is mixed with gooseberry. The mixture aids in nourishing the scalp and roots of the hair.

Add shine to your hair

Thanks to containing the high level of proteins and vitamins A, E and B, almond oil helps add shine to dull hair. In addition, fatty acid omega 3, 6 and 9 ((Cold, F., Health, E., Disease, H. and Disea, L. (2016). Drugs & Medications. [online] Available at:[Accessed 23 Feb. 2019].)) assist in reflect damaging UV rays and protect hair from the sun.

Repair split ends

Another excellent use of almond oils is strengthening a repairing split ends. The oil has high level of vitamins and proteins that keep hair strong and healthy, prevent breakage. Almond oil’s natural moisture-sealing properties assist in fighting against split ends by storing moisture in hair for longer periods of time.

Almond oil treatment formula

  • Hair care

Not only is it known as a skin care medicine, almond oil is also considered a miracle medicine in nourishing hair, so that the hair becomes smooth, healthy and not broken. With the essence in almond oil, your hair is effectively restored.

For those who have tangled, dry or damaged hair due to using a lot of chemicals, add this natural essential oil to the beauty step every day. You only need to apply almond oil evenly to your hair, then perform a gentle massage and let this essence remain in your hair for 15-30 minutes, then wash it with clean water and conditioner.

  • Incubate the hair with almond oil, honey and lemon juice

In addition to the above direct method, there is another way to significantly improve your hair called a hair warming mask. The method is also extremely simple:

Step 1: Mix the almond oil, lemon juice and honey in a 1: 1: 1 ratio

Step 2: Apply evenly to the hair, especially the damaged part. After that, dip the cotton pad in warm water a little bit hot and wrap it around your head. Leave for about half an hour and then rinse with cold water

  • Incubate hair with almond oil and yogurt

You mix almond oil with yogurt in regular proportions and apply this mixture to your hair. After 15 – 25 minutes, wipe with a soft cloth and wash with cold water

  • Hair balm with almond oil, honey, chicken egg yolk, rosemary leaf oil and lavender essential oil

There is another way to help beautiful hair thanks to almond oil with ingredients that add essential nutrients to help hair recover quickly. To do this, mix the mixture of 3 drops of rosemary essential oil + 3 drops of lavender essential oil + 2 tablespoons of honey + 1 spoon of almonds and 1 egg yolk. Mix the mixture well and smooth it on your hair. Use a cotton towel and wait for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and shampoo.

Coconut oil

Almond oil vs coconut oil for hair
Almond oil vs coconut oil for hair

Coconut Oil is a very popular choice in the Indian State of Kerala. It is used for cooking purposes. There are over 1500 studies proving that coconut oil is one of healthiest foods on our planet. Additionally, it is good for your hair. This miracle oil is one of the best natural moisturizers and nourishes your hair follicle. The great source vitamin E, saturated acids and minerals is found in coconut oil. Here are 5 reasons you should apply coconut oil to your hair:

Condition deeply

Coconut oil is a conditioner better than any synthetic hair available on the market. Use warm coconut oil to keep your hair shiny and soft. Apply a little warm oil at night and wash your hair the next morning. This can be repeated every few days for healthy and fresh hair.

Slow premature graying hair

If you have problems graying hair coconut oil is the good choice for you. According to studies published in the medical journal Food and Function, the oil improves antioxidant levels and can slow the aging process. Therefore, Coconut oil strengthens hair follicles overcoming premature graying hair. Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with strawberries for breakfast. If you maintain the healthy routine, you will notice your hair becoming shiny and silky in a couple of time.

Reduce hair loss and promote hair growth

Coconut oil that is known as an antioxidant makes your hair smoothe, grows faster and reduces hair loss in a period of short time. The miracle oil stimulates hair growth because it is able to penetrate the hair well and prevent the reduction of protein molecules which is one of the main causes of hair loss and split ends.

Help in styling your hair

Coconut oil is an excellent styling agent without containing dangerous chemicals for your hair. Using hair dryers and irons that are factors cause your tangle and brittle hair. Coconut oil helps prevent this thermal damage by penetrating into the curls.

Note: If you own thin or fine hair, apply coconut oil to hair for styling. Also, do not apply it to the scalp because this can weigh down the hair.

Prevent and treat lice

Another wonderful benefit of coconut oil is lice prevention and lice treatment. According to a research published in the European Journal of Pediatrics, to prevent and treat lice, coconut oil combining with anise spray is more effective than prescription lice treatment permethrin.

Hair care formula with coconut oil

  • How to condition hair with coconut oil

The habit of using chemicals in the process of beautifying the hair and the effects of environmental pollution causes hair to be damaged. This method will help you regain smooth hair and help treat dandruff without spending too much money.

How to do:

– First you need to heat coconut oil. Take a sufficient amount of coconut oil and then soak in a bowl of warm water (avoid using the microwave). This helps the essences in coconut oil work better.

– Wash your head with warm water then wipe your hair so that it is still moist. Spread coconut oil evenly over your hair. Thoroughly massage the entire scalp and hair roots so that coconut oil is absorbed evenly across all hair and scalp.

– Wrap your hair and then use a hair cap or towel to hold your hair, keep your hair for 1-2 hours.

– Rinse with shampoo until the hair is completely greasy, make sure there is no excess oil on the hair.


– With this hair balm by coconut oil, after washing your hair, avoid going out to the streets because of the impact of sunshine and dust and smoke will reduce the effect of coconut oil.

– When shampooing again after rubbing coconut oil, you should use shampoo before cleansing. This makes the lubrication process better and better for your hair.

– Apply the above method about 2-3 times / week, dry hair fiber will improve clearly after 2-3 months of regular use.

–     Apply coconut oil on hair

If you don’t have much time for hair and hair damage, you can apply coconut oil to your hair.

How to do:

– You take a sufficient amount of coconut oil for your hair, then use a cotton swab to apply coconut oil to the scalp and hairline. Do not let coconut oil absorb too much into the cotton swab, so gently squeeze a little to remove excess oil before applying it to your hair.

– Massage gently in the scalp for about 5 – 10 minutes so that coconut oil absorbs evenly the entire scalp and hair.

– Wash your head with shampoo after 30 minutes and remember not to use conditioner.

– Perform 1-2 times a week will help reduce dry and split ends. This method gives the best effect when the hair is drying

  • Combined with other materials

Coconut oil alone can effectively care for hair. However, if you want to increase the speed of recovery and prevent hair loss, you can combine with other natural ingredients.

This method helps to care for healthy hair from the inside, restoring dry and broken hair. The method is very simple, mix well 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and then apply evenly to the hair. Rinse thoroughly after 15-20 minutes. Performing once a week will help your hair stay strong and reduce breakage.

Mix almond oil vs coconut oil

Almond oil vs coconut oil for hair
Almond oil vs coconut oil for hair

A lot of experts say that mixing almond oil vs coconut oil is better for hair to reap the benefits of both of them. The mixture is very useful in some certain cases. For instance, you have a mixed hair type that not too coarse and not too shiny. It is suitable for you to use this miracle combination. It will help balance your hair and stay your hair healthy.

Alternatively, you can mix olive oil, almond oil vs coconut oil together; which is a great remedy for dull hair. This combination gives natural nourishment and repairs damaged hair along with a shiny and silky coat.

A bonus: How to choose the best hair oil for you?

To know the best oil for your hair, it is extremely important for you to identify your hair type. The reason is that the type of hair will determine to choose the oil which is the best for purposes. For example, if you have medium hair shiny hair, coconut oil is the best option for you. In another case of coarse hair, you should opt for almond oil. It will provide the essential nutrients for hair.

In addition, it bases on the problems that state of your hair is facing. If you have trouble with premature graying hair, coconut oil is the best for you. If you are trouble in dandruff, it is good for you to go with almond oil.

In conclusion, you need to make a wise choice depended on what you need. Almond oil vs coconut oil for hair, which is your choice of hair oil? Tell us in the comment section below!

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