Cute hairstyles for barbie dolls with long hair that girls can try too

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It would be a big surprise if you said that you did not own a Barbie doll during your girly childhood. Barbie dolls are always the best friend of many girls. It is not exaggerated if we consider barbie dolls as a small part in the heritage that we can pass down to our successors. To mesmerize our old version, you may want to disguise ourselves as dolls by applying cute hairstyles for Barbie dolls with long hair

Barbie dolls are popular and loved of all times for a reason. They are impressive by their spectacular and glamorous outfits, cute accessories, little shoes and of course cloud-like hairstyles. When it comes to their hairstyles, it would be a long story that you would love to hear and learn for sure.

Why not accompany us and explore the back-to-childhood world right now

Immerse in the Barbie doll history that you never have a chance to know

For ages, Barbie dolls [1] with long hair are popular and it comes as no surprise that they have become a global icon. We love her naïve look, her cute face and even little things on her. However, you must not have got to know about her and the things that led her to make this life more colorful. So, this is the reason why we provide you with fun facts that are beyond your expectations for sure.

barbie dolls with long hair
This used to be a luxurious gift that we were dreaming of every night
(Source: Internet)

The iconic Barbie dolls with long hair were born on the March 9th, 1959 at the American International Toy Fair created by the businesswoman named Ruth Handler [2]. Barbie dolls are the reflection through which Ruth desires to convey the message that little girls could be anything that they wanna be. In other words, Barbie dolls with long hair are girly and little but as a woman, she has choices in life.

Regardless of debates and implications that say barbies doll are ruining the self-image of girls, we would like to discuss the ways barbie dolls with long hair beneficially come into little girls’ world. We all owe barbies a favor as they allow our kids to create an appreciation for human experience, to explore various kinds of lifestyles and scenarios. They become their models to follow, become their friends and their teachers at the same time.

barbie dolls with long hair
With many kinds and looks, barbie dolls with long hair or short hair are educational indeed. (Source: Internet)

Barbies in many forms [3] such as doctors, nurses, singers, and models nourish dreams of little babies. They also teach girls to love, be loved and take care of others. They are small but they seem to bring the whole world for naïve kids.

  1. Seven facts related to barbies that will pop your head off

Nobody could deny any Barbie doll with long hair really deserves to be one of the traditional celebrities. They are famous, stunning and glamorous. However, in the end, they are just toys and their behind-the-scenes stories seem to be ignored. Therefore, before making a tour to disguise as our favorite Barbie doll, you should be aware of these domains.

#1. Barbie is just a nom de plume

The full name of Barbie is Barbara Millicent Roberts named after that of Ruth’s daughter. (Her son is Kenneth – barbie’s boyfriend in toy version)

barbie dolls with long hair
We cannot resist our love against this beauty (Source: Internet)

#2. The first outfit of barbie dolls with long hair was not in pink

If you have to describe barbie dolls in several words, pink would definitely be one of those. Pink is the color of sweetness and cuteness, which is the best suited to lovely girls. However, you must be shocked at the fact that the first barbie design was a black and white striped bathing suit.

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barbie dolls with long hair
It was sold at $3 (Source: Internet)

#3. The relationship between Ken and Barbie was once on the rocks

barbie dolls with long hair
In the barbie world, Ken is her fictional counterpart. We were familiar to the image of barbie dolls with long hair hand in hand with the handsome Ken.(Source: Internet)

At that time, barbies were not only built based on all the physical characteristics of a female but they also had sentiments, including passion and love. Therefore, two years later, Ken was born to be her boyfriend. However, every relationship has a period of difficulty. After 43 years together, they did split up.

#4. Have you ever seen barbie dolls with long hair in bridal edition?

barbie dolls with long hair
Bridal editions debuted by Mattel (Source: Internet)

The breakup between the two was fairly understandable because the company had never claimed that they were officially married. We do not know if they marry or divorce or just argue. All we know is that they are a normal couple. Therefore, when this edition was made public, all the girls were looking forward to a happy ending.

#5. Even barbie doll had a rebound

As a matter of time, after a breakup, people all get another one to love and to be loved. In the barbie world, there is no exception. When Ken went away, Barbie had a two-year fling with the Australia surfer named Blaine.

barbie dolls with long hair
Is this doll acquainted with you? (Source: Internet)

#6. Barbie dolls with long hair are an costly dream

Why do we call it a costly dream? In fact, a woman named Blondie Bennett made her barbie dream come true by spending approximately $40,000 on a plastic surgery. She has earned money from being brainless and a plastic sex doll. However, in the end, it is the choice that each has the right to make.

barbie dolls with long hair
She is definitely not the human version of barbie dolls with long hair that you desire to look at(Source: Internet)

#7. Barbie’s CV is more impressive than any of you who are here today

barbie dolls with long hair
Barbie on the moon edition
(Source: Internet)

Barbie dolls with long hair amaze users not only by her stunning look in any fashionable outfit but also by her hard work and experience. She has had about 150 careers in life which is a remarkable figure. She has been an astronaut 3 times, respectively in 1965, 1986 and 1994.

  1. Top 10 cute hairstyles for barbie dolls with long hair that girls can try too

We are all growing up the lines ‘I’m a barbie girl in the barbie world’ or at least, we have listened to it once. At the very young age, girls have learnt the art of motherhood by taking care of little barbie dolls with long hair. We seem to be obsessed with them – their lustrous hair, the amazing figure and flawless skin. At one time in life, we have nourished a dream to be wonderful like her.

We do not encourage an unrealistic dream like that of Blondie Bennett. However, we think that if you change several things on your body, it would be possible. While skin and figure are likely to be obtained, the barbie hairstyle is definitely the thing that you are able to adopt at ease.

Among hundreds of hairstyles that you love, we would introduce top 10 cute hairstyles for barbie dolls with long hair that you can try too. Note that it is better if you do not cut your hair too short. Girly look needs quite long strands.

Here is the list that you can try out:

  • One braid
barbie dolls with long hair
Braid is the style that you do not need too many materials. However, it does not mean it is not effective in making barbies more fabulous (Source: Internet)

In the barbie world, they believe that hair is likely to express the mood and you can change into anything that you want through hairstyles. For barbie dolls with long hair, braid seems to be the easiest but most efficient style. Braid brings about a neat and glorious look.

Let’s get started. Here is how we are going to do one braid in just a few minutes.

barbie dolls with long hair
All you need is a comb and a nice hair tie (Source: Internet)

+ Remove the tiara

+ Then comb out her hair with a cool blue brush

+ Next, split her hair into three sections and braid

+ Finally, tie the end with the hairband with the ton sur ton color with her outfit

  • Side braid
barbie dolls with long hair
Side braid gives us the image of more feminine look than one braid. However, with this style, it would evoke annoyance when you are enjoying some activities (Source: Internet)

This is how to do it on barbie dolls with long hair:

barbie dolls with long hair
We will experience it on the purple barbie princess (Source: Internet)

+ First, remove her tiara

+ Then take this pretty purple brush and comb out her hair

+ Next, section out the front of her hair and split into three sections

+ Braid until you can tie the end with the hairband

  • Loose semi-curls
barbie dolls with long hair
We can consider it as the most formal and beautiful hairstyle on the list (Source: Internet)

For barbie dolls with long hair in particular and girls in general, loose curls always own their attraction that others just cannot resist their quick look. However, as you may know, curls often appreciate serious and aged look a bit.

This hairstyle is very simple to follow. After visiting a reliable salon, just let your hair open. An advice for you is to save it for a special occasion or an important night out.

  • Beehive
barbie dolls with long hair
Beehive should be utilized on a formal occasion. (Source: Internet)

In fact, beehive has been prevalent among the royal families, brides, celebrities on the red carpet and beauty queens. Looking at the barbies dolls with long hair which changed into beehive, you can feel an inexplicable power here. It is the swanky look that only those in gowns or who act as a regent can possess. To achieve this hairstyle, hair should be pulled up and puffed at the back in a manner to look exactly like a bee hive.

  • Half-pinned wavy hairstyle
barbie dolls with long hair
Should you ask us to make a judgement, we would say this is princess style (Source: Internet)

Normally, barbie dolls with long hair are true princesses. However, this wavy hairstyle reminds us of tangled princess. It flaunts others from the first sight. A big note for those who desire to get this done is to keep beautiful, big and loose waves. It is the best suited to every dress and every face-cut. What an easy fit that you can do it yourself!

  • Two braids
barbie dolls with long hair
The picture on the right is perfect for barbies doll with long hairs. From our point of view, it is better than the two aforementioned types of braid.(Source: Internet)

It is not so different from other types of braid that you have got to know before. However, there is a basic step that can tell it apart. By this, we mean the step just can stand this style out from normal ones. The highlight of this hairstyle is to make the bridge between the two braids. If so, graceful look can be achieved.

Let’s follow us because we are sure that this style is for both barbies doll with long hair and for girls who need a simple but stunning appearance to brighten their face. As this is for barbie world, you can skip some steps when you practice on your own. First, remove the tiara then comb out her hair with an awesome brush. Next, split her hair into three sections on the left and right side then braid. Tie together with the hairband!

  • Side parted simple hairstyle:
barbie dolls with long hair
It would be on the number one of the list of simple hairstyles as you just do not need to do anything (Source: Internet)

Barbie dolls with long hair can try this because it will help to lighten up the white skin on their face. It is suitable for all occasions as well. For girls, it is born to be that of lazy girls. All you need to do is to comb your hair well and part them into two sides as illustrated in the picture.

  • Braided bun hairstyle
barbie dolls with long hair
This hairstyle is not encouraged in casual contexts.(Source: Internet)

If you own long strands like barbie dolls with long hair, this style is for you. First, you are required to make a braided ponytail (follow steps in the three types of braid above). Then with that achieved ponytail, tie it into a high bun. Finally, choose a formal dress and be confident in your own steps. You are the true princess on the stage right now.

  • Long traces
barbie dolls with long hair
You can adopt this hairstyle for barbie dolls with long hair in case you are going to the beach or you just need a sexy look.(Source: Internet)

Why is long trace hairstyle highly recommended? This reflects the American tribe look which is so wild and inexplicably sexy. To show off beautiful long locks and a hint of oomph, you should dress up like that. These days, bandana or turban is taking girls by storm. It will be a perfect addition to your natural strands.

To show off the length, add some waves. You can also highlight some curls to give it a fulfilled look and bring out its volume.

  • Sagging bee hive
barbie dolls with long hair
The last hairstyle for barbie dolls with long hair must be sagging bee hive.(Source: Internet)

If there are several words to describe this hairstyle, we would choose ‘stunning, noble and rebellious’ at the same time. It is better to dye your hair before changing into any kind of beehive hairdos. However, bad news is that this is considered as the most vulnerable hairstyle and require the most quantity of support to hold it up.

You can spot this hairdo in Espanola – the world of glamourous Spanish women. They have done it all the time to keep their face in formal status. As a tradition, they will perform the sagging bee hive with jewellery and tiaras. Choice is yours, of course. If you are longing for it, let’s do it on the most special event.

From all the pictures that we provide you with, we ourselves start to believe that barbie dolls with long hair are flesh and blood celebrities. We cannot deny the fact that some of us from all ages tend to imitate their hairstyles. We totally agree upon that because changing for the better just makes your whole world more colorful. Unless you transform your whole look, you should change.

barbie dolls with long hair
Braided turban – a combination between sagging bee hive and braid (Source: Internet)

Now, it is high time for you to prepare yourself for not getting shocked and wowed by the amazing you in new hair. Let’s bring barbie dolls with long hair onto the real life with your own version and in your unique characteristics. Thank you for your patience and agreement to get on the time machine and be ready to change. Never forget to send us some pictures after you come into barbie world.

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