The Best Clip In Hair For African American Hair Update 2023

best clip in extensions for african american hair

Clip-in hair extensions has a lot of benefits, which includes giving length-defying tresses, and density to your hair. However, to find the best clip in extensions for African American hair can become a real challenge.

This is because there are very few products that have a perfect African American women hair texture can be found in the market. As a result, some African American women just buy anything that they can and take it to their hair without considering whether it looks nice or not. And if you are one of those who had suffer from this dilemma, don’t worry and read this article as we can help.

Why do women look for the best clip in hair extensions for african american hair

best clip in extensions for african american hair
Choosing a suitable extension can make you confident (Source: Internet)

A lot of African American women like to have a black hair weave because of so many different reasons. Despite the fact that ethnicities groups now wear hair extensions, people often combine weaves with the Afro ethnicity.

However, basically, women mainly wear it in order to make their natural hair more beautiful, enhance its length and density, or the most recent purpose is that hair weave is considered as a hair growth remedy!

Clip-in extension is a great alternative choice for girls to have longer and denser hair in just some minutes. Unlike other complex methods which are used to get black hair weaves, clip in hair extensions are a lot easier to wear.

Also, it has lower risks leading to hair damage because what you have to do is just attach the hair extension by using the clips. There are no more situations of long hours for making hair weaves, or the difficulty of maintaining them.

Top 3 Best clip in hair extensions for African American hair

Light Yaki Texture

best clip in extensions for african american hair
Light Yaki Texture – the best clip in extensions for african american hair (Source: Internet)

This clip in extension is straight and sleek hair, which gives a classic good looks to women of any group. Light Yaki will be the best choice if you want a long, dense, and flowy hair look. which is not too silky. It goes well with fine hair that underwent straightening process like relaxing. This extension could be one of the best clip-in hair extensions for African American hair that is really hard go out of style.

Coarse Yaki Texture

best clip in extensions for african american hair
An example of Coarse Yaki Texture (Source: Internet)

On the other hand, unlike Light Yaki Texture, Coarse yaki  is an extension with a very straight hair. It is the best choice for women who are wanting to get a natural look. It has a very real texture. In the natural state it is thought to have some kinds of crimps which are similar to those that happens at the roots of real natural hair.

These crimps will gradually become less apparent when you reach the ends of the hair to make the hair look of the change from relaxed hair to natural hair. It can also be ironed to flat hair in order to give you a  look with straight texture. Even when it is ironed into flat hair,it still looks very real because of the coarseness of that hair texture.

Remy hair

best clip in extensions for african american hair
Best clip in extensions for african american hair (Source: Internet)

Remy hair is the 100% human natural hair which comes from and belongs to one donor only. The hair strands are held from the root to tip and especially, with great care, this hair extension can keep the of the hair cuticle become intact during a harvesting process. Both steps can prevent the hair from shedding, which is less than any other human hair types. Remy hair can be in untreated condition (virgin hair) (( or may have some minimal processing. The very careful detail of harvesting process and the way Remy hair is processed has made Remy hair become one of the most expensive hair weave types and one of the best clip in extensions for African American hair.

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How to protect clip in extensions


best clip in extensions for african american hair
Don’t forget to protect your clip in extension for longer use (Source: Internet)

After finding out the best clip in hair extensions for African American hairs, you should also consider how to protect your hair to give it the best look and make it last long. Here are some notes you can do to make your clip in extension healthier and last longer.

When going out, in order to avoid the sun, you should put your hair in your coat so that your hair does not dry and rips, which lose its smoothness.

After each using the hair clip, you should brush it gently with  the hair comb to make your hair smooth 

Combing for clip-in extensions is different from a normal hair comb. When you buy your own clip-in extensions, you should buy hair care tools attached. Before combing, you need to apply a special spray for your extensions, divide the hair into small parts, use a comb to comb from the bottom to the top to limit tangle and clumping. Nourishing spray on many tangled parts to easily untangle, make hair more smooth. After brushing, gently shake the hair to make it natural and smooth.

When the hair is twisted due to multiple tangles, you should use stretchers to straighten the hair.

If you use the hair clip often, you should clean the hair once after 2 days . Before washing hair, you should gently comb the hair to make it untangle and have smooth hair, which avoids the bad case when washing the hair mess will make it really difficult to brush.

When washing hair: Pour the conditioner into and dilute with water. Then brush the smoothed hair into the soak from 5-> 10 minutes, you should also note that only gently massage it without soaking. Then, rinse your hair with cold water, use a light towel to drain, not crushed your hair too hard. Re-comb your hair, let it dry naturally (do not dry your hair using dryer or leave it in the sun). When the hair is about 80% dry, use special spray for the clip in extension and use a gel to keep the curly hair

You can also bend, stretch with the heat slightly to make the hair look better.

The above is 3 best clip in extensions for African American hair and some methods to make them look naturally and nice. Hopefully after reading this, you will always have a good look with clip in extension. Wishing you all the best.

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