Top 4 Best hair extensions: What are the best hair extension for fine hair 2018?

POSTED ON February 9, 2018 BY Thomas Taw

Most of the people concerned about hair extensions. And they want to have beautiful hair. Thick, soft and bright hair extensions make people feel comfortable and confident. If you have fine hair, it is not an easy job to choose suitable hair extensions that is suitable you. You need to find carefully because some types of hair extensions are not good for fine hair. If you have the question: “What are the best hair extension for fine hair?”, the list below is useful for you!.

We have researched many documents to give you information exactly. You won’t worry about fine thin hair anymore after reading this article. Don’t  ignore this article. It is really really useful for you. Let’s take notes all information we provide to you!

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions, also known as hair weaves, are the length of real human hair which are used in order to add the thickness or the length of hair. Hair extensions include lots of types such as: clip-in hair, fusion hair, lace frontal and closure hair, sew-in hair, bulk hair, weft hair, tape and tips hair…

best hair extension for fine hair
Hair extensions

Hair extensions also compose of straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair. When extensions are well matched in color and texture, it is difficult to realize that people are wearing them. The texture hair extensions can be maintained for at least one year. If you take care them well, they can be used for two years before they need to be removed.

All clip-in hair come in one or more pieces which are also called as wefts. Clips have lightweight so that they don’t put pressure on your hair. They are absolutely soft, silky, and gentle on hair. If you want extensions which are easy to use and no waste of time, clip-in hair extensions are the best solution! It can be installed quickly, and maintained from time to time.

Remember to remove them before you go to the bed to prevent your beautiful hair from the damage! Additional, they are really not good for girls who want to wear them for a long time. But they are great when you use them for events or special celebrations. Clip-in hair will give you length and volume to your natural hair temporarily, make you more perfect and attractive.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick installation
  • Maintain for a long time if you take care them


  • Can not wear every day
  • You need to remove them from your hair before going to sleep in order to damage your hair

Tape-in hair extensions: The best hair extension for fine hair and thin hair

Tape-in hair extensions are the best hair extensions for fine hair or thin hair. Tape-in hair extensions are pre-bonded hair to sections of your own hair using a double or single sided tape. The tape wefts are lightweight that is gentle on hair. They don’t cause any problem for your hair.

Especially, the extensions can be reused and you only need a short time to apply them! Tape in extensions also require no tools or chemicals to apply them. It is nice that people can use them for six or eight weeks before removing and reinstalling. Although, they need to be careful with unsuitable conditioner or oils which can cause the slipping for extensions.

best hair extension for fine hair
Hair extensions

Many women are interested in using them because of some reasons as follows:

  • Easy to use: They take about from 30 minutes to 1 hour to install them. You totally find the way to apply them on the Internet because they are really easy to do.
  • Low cost: Tape in hair extensions are the least expensive hair extension method available for both the cost of hair and the application. You only spend money once and you can reuse many times. Additional, they are quite easy to apply so that you don’t need to visit any salons to do them.
  • Easy to maintain: Most of the people forget that they wear extensions because of simple maintenance. If you take care [1] of tape-in hair extensions, you can maintain for a long time (about 8 months).
  • Reusable: They can be reused up to one year. When you want to clean them, you remove the tape from tape extensions. Then you clean them, add new tape, and re-apply them. It is easy, right?

Micro-bread hair extensions: Best hair extension for fine hair

Micro-bread hair extensions are advertised as a good method that makes no damage to your hair. It is simple to do them because there isn’t glue, heat, tape, and no sewing. They are similar to fusion hair extensions in that single strand hair extensions are attached to small sections of your natural hair.

However, they are claimed to your hair and not moved. Therefore, the connections seem to be uncomfortable and durable. They are safe for fine hair. You can use them and feel confident about your thick long hair. If you have very fine and thin hair, we advise that you shouldn’t to use them because the bonds can be detected easily. They can be reused and maintained for 6 – 8 months. Because of these advantages, micro-bread hair is the best hair extension for fine hair.

You need to be careful because they may be not suitable for your hair! Besides, you should avoid oils, conditioners, or silicone hair products at the roots to prevent the slipping of extensions.

Nano tip hair extensions

Nano tip hair extensions are fitted by taking small, individual portions of a client’s hair, and threading a nano ring onto the hair through a metal wire. The extensions can be clamped on your hair and not moved. They have quite a high durability that lasts up to 4 months. However, they will be not reused and take a bit pricey.

  1. 4 ways to take care of extensions you need to remember

Clean extensions regularly

Just like real hair, extensions need to be cleaned regularly. The extensions are in direct contact with the scalp, causing a greater amount of sweat, if the hair is not properly cleaned, the bacteria will affect the scalp. Unlike regular hair washing, extensions cleaning is done through the following steps:

Step 1: Add conditioner to the brass and dilute

Step 2: Put hair that has been combed smoothly into 5 – 10 minutes soak, do not use your hands to rub your hair.

Step 3: Rinse your hair with cold water, use a light towel to drain it, don’t rub it

Step 4: Use a hair comb again, let it dry naturally (no drying or sun exposure)

Step 5: When the hair is about 80% dry, use a special spray for extensions and use extra gel to keep the hair curled

Step 6: Can bend, stretch at a light temperature to make hair more beautiful.

Brush your hair properly

The first thing to consider is choosing a comb. This is a very important thing that you often overlook. Comb for combing your hair differently than a normal comb, you can also accompany the hair care tools included when buying extensions.

Before combing your hair, spray a hair conditioner exclusively for the extensions, divide the hair into small parts, and comb it from the bottom to the top to minimize hair tangles and lumps. Nourishing spray on many tangled parts to easily untangle, make hair more smooth and smooth. After brushing, gently shake the hair to make it natural and smooth.

Protect your wig every time you use it

Exensions have a different texture than real hair, so be sure to protect your wig every time you go out. When going out, you should put your hair in front of your chest to limit the wind from tangling your hair and make it dry. In particular, do not let your extensions stick to rain or exposure to the sun if you do not want your smooth extensions to become dry, tangled, and unnatural. So, if it’s sunny, give your extensions a sunscreen to ensure your extensions are safe.

Store hair after each use

Extensions can be used for 6 months to 1 year but if you care for your hair carefully, properly keep your extensions for 2-3 years depending on the material. After each use, in addition to cleaning the hair, it is necessary to pay attention to how to store the extensions. After using, spraying and combing hair, neatly wrap the ends of the hair in, wrap it with a retention net and put it in a nylon bag, tie it tightly. To keep your hair in good shape, make sure you don’t hang the hair outside, but wrap it in the bag, squeeze the air out because the wig is exposed to the air and make the hair dry.

The list above is the top 4 best hair extension for fine hair. Fine thin hair will be not your fearful if you follow our instructions and connect with us to discuss. If you want to find out more deeply, please call us at +84 968 509 490 to hear the advice and have hair extensions you want with the best price and quality. Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s act to become more beautiful and attractive right now!!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I followed your advice but it doesn’t meet my expectation. The micro-bread hair can’t be maintained for 4 months. Why did that result happen?

A: We said that they can last up to 4 months but it doesn’t  always happen! It is up to you and the way you care extensions. You need to be gentle on hair and careful with hair care products

Q: It is really useful. My hair becomes more silky, soft and bright with the help of clip-in extensions. It is convenient to wear when I have a party and need to be more beautiful. Thanks for your reliable list!

A: We really happy to hear that you shared. Thanks for trusting us. We hope you like the article and support us by like or share it.

Q: I like tape-in extensions. It is easy to use, reasonable cost, low maintenance and least damaging. I have bought to improve the thickness of my hair. It is really meet my expectation! I think the information you shared is useful.

A: Thank you. We always want to give you more meaningful advice, If you want to have more advice, please call us at 84 968 509 490. We always welcome you!

Q: I have fine short blond hair. Which type of hair extensions can I use?

A: We think clip-in hair is the best choice for you. Besides, you can try tape-in hair. You also ask experts or professional hair stylists to have an exact advice! Thank for your question!

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