Best Hair Toners For Highlights – How To Choose?

best hair toners for highlights

Highlighted hairstyle is one of the most trending styles in the world. Today, people love coloring their hair strands with lightener to follow the trend and be fashionable. However, hair highlighting is also the reasons ruining people hair and making hair damaged . So, to eliminate these unwanted things, this post will recommend you guys some best hair toners for highlights to use in daily life.

What is hair toner? < The reasons to use >

In general, hair toner is a product whose uses are to neutralize and correct hair tone perfectly. It just works on bleached or colored hair, not darker hair. Moreover, this product can also help to recover and refresh your hair. As a result, after using, you will achieve a silky hair and still maintain desired colors for highlights.

Is it important or essential to tone hair?

The answer is “Yes”! Look at the picture below to see the difference between before and after toning hair. Highlighting hair can give you a beautiful hair but damage your hair. Just imagine how many chemicals applied on your hair, and how much severely your hair have to suffer.  If you do not use hair toner to take care of your highlights, you hair may turn brassy over time. And you will be satisfied that hair toner will tone down your hair and make it look definitely natural. Also, you cannot have the right tone in the first time of highlighting or even breaching. Therefore, hair toners can help you to get the exact shade you want.

best hair toners for highlights

How to select the best hair toners for highlights?

Picking right toners for your highlights is pretty important. Therefore, there are some things you should take note to not make basic mistakes:

  • Before shopping, please think clearly of what you want to perform, and make sure that you know how the alternatives can affect on your hair.
  • If you have difficulties in choosing suitable toners, asking hair experts or your hair makers for advice.
  • It’s ok that you can buy these products at drug store, hair supply store or hair salons.
  • Taking the ingredients into consideration is also a necessary action.

How to use

Step 1: Testing in advance: Before applying toner, you should check the suitability for your hair. Take a little of toner and apply on a small piece of hair and follow the instruction to ensure you do in the right way. Then, see the result and make a decision if this is the best hair toner for you or not.

Step 2: Wash and condition your hair properly: Remember to wash your hair off  thoroughly. Don’t let anything residual left because it can be harmful for hair.

Step 3: Making a mixture of toner and developer

Literally, developer is a chemical which help to lift the cuticle layer (( and allow color pigment pass through the hair shaft. Just mixing developer and toner and respectively using a ratio of 2:1 to shine hair and keep the hair shade last longer.

Step 4: Apply toner to your hair evenly: To avoid missing anywhere, let’s start from the shaft, move to the bottom and end at the roots of hair.

Tips: Just repeat the toning process every six weeks so that you can prevent your hair becoming brassy again.

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Types of hair toner

Although toners (( for blonde hair, brassy hair or others are different, we can still divide hair toner into two main types: handmade toner and machine-made toner

Handmade toner

As you know, handmade things are usually made of available ingredients which we can easily find in our homes. Likewise, handmade toner is also made of simple materials.

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For example, to make toner for your blonde hair, you should prepare some basic things:

  • Sulfate-free shampoo
  • Baking soda (1 tablespoon)
  • Purple food color (2 drops)
  • Blue food color (2 drops)

best hair toners for highlights


  • Squirting an amount of shampoo to a bowl
  • Adding purple and blue food color with baking soda to the bowl
  • Then adding 2-3 tablespoons and mix everything together

With 3 easy steps, you have your own toner without wasting money. Just follow the recipe and you will get the best hair toner for highlights. Good luck!

Machine-made toner

If you have no time to follow the homemade recipes, it is ok because machine-made toner is the solution for you. Just get to the drug stores or salons and choose what you want. If you do not have any options, here are some ideal suggestions which are considered as the top 5 picks according to experts’ opinions:

  • WELLA COLOR CHARM HAIR TONER – a incredible product for highlights, especially yellow hair

best hair toners for highlights

Achieving the highest rate, Wella toner, which has also the best reviews from a lot of experts, is called a coat for your hair because this product can provide 50% more conditioning than the others. So using Wella toner can help your hair own lustrous shine.

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best hair toners for highlights
Hair toners for highlights

If you are finding a product to take care of your blonde hair, this is what you need. With the great scent, this product can reach the roots and rejuvenate damaged hair after highlighting or coloring. Just go out and take it home now!

  • PAUL MITCHELL FLASH FINISH –  one for orange hair

best hair toners for highlights

Paul Mitchell toners will provide triple benefits for hair – toning, conditioning and shining hair that lasts up to 3 weeks. Such an 3-in-1 merchandise!

  •  MANIC PANIC VIRGIN SNOW TONER – the best solution for bleached hair

best hair toners for highlights
Hair toners for highlights

Making with natural ingredients, this toner help to last the color on your hair. It is regarded as the only one which does not require developer before applying. Also, it is really easy to use.


best hair toners for highlights
Hair toners for highlights


L’oréal is a familiar brand with customers all over the world. This natural gentle toner is the best hair toner for brassy hair which is  so affordable for everyone. One more outstanding point, unlike the other toners, this one just take you only 5 minutes to work that is really suitable for busy people.   

How to keep hair toner stable?

Use high quality hair care products

Using products such as high quality shampoo specifically used for hair that has undergone chemical effects can help make your toner durable.

Protect hair from the sun

In the summer, be careful with the impact of the sun on your hair. You can protect your hair from the sun by using Sunscreen Spray to give your hair immediate conditioning protection. It can also protect hair from drying effect. You can also wear a hat and limit your time under direct sunlight

To sum up…

It is so true that toner is a must-have product which everyone needs to care for colored hair. By carefully reading this post, hope you all can choose the best hair toners for highlights and always be trendy. Thanks for reading!

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