Top 10 Best Heat Protectant For Natural Hair In 2023 That You Can Get At Less Than $20

best heat protectant for natural hair

It seems that we all prefer speed to long-term quality. We will do everything such as blow-drying, curling and flat ironing to achieve shiny and lustrous strands but wait, have you ever asked yourself whether these perfect waves last long or not? Remember, heat is the enemy of good hair and living in the modern 2018, please equip yourself with best heat protectant for natural hair at a cheap price.

There is nothing worse than the moment you see the steam depriving from the tools and facilitate the scent of singeing. For healthy natural hair, a lot of requirements should be met but topping that list has to be heat prevention. It is hard for you to keep air drying all the time; therefore, heat protectant is a must-have item in your basket of beauty tools.

Why not get started with our recommendation on those that you can buy at less than $20!

What is a heat protectant?

Let’s face the fact that we all need to add heat to achieve gorgeous hairstyles and no matter how wonderful your natural hair is and how much you take care of it, repeated use can wreak havoc on your most beautiful tresses. Scientifically, heat evaporates the water molecules in the inner cortex, thus changing the structure inside and mechanical hair properties.

To take the worry out, professionals attempt to produce the best heat protectant for natural hair. What a blessing in disguise! In addition, to be against heat, these items help to provide your hair and ends with enough moisture. In other words, they can play a role as a leave-in conditioner or a styling cream.

best heat protectant for natural hair
Best heat protectant for natural hair could be in form of a spray (as in the picture), cream or serum. (Source: Internet)

A heat protectant, as its name reveals, is a kind of product that you apply to your h?i with a view to protect your strands from thermal damage. During common heat processes that both men and women utilize to enhance their styling, their hair may suffer from blow drying, flat ironing, hot rollers and thermal styling – electrical curling comb. It is worth noting that a heat prevention is not only for natural hair but also for relaxed hair.

Quick warning: using a heat protectant for natural hair does not ensure you a secure place in the safe zone. You are likely to fall victim to heat damage if you are styling too often. It is wise to limit your direct heat exposure more than twice a year.

The possible questions that may enter your head

Whenever you do something, it is necessary for you to pose four questions, including who, why, when and how. Based on that understanding, in this part, we will provide you with comprehensible answers that can encourage you to use best heat protectant for natural hair with confidence.

  • Who can use heat protectant for natural hair?

As we aforementioned, a heat protectant is for everyone, regardless of sex and kind of hair. The basic requirements are to have hair and to nourish a good maintenance.

best heat protectant for natural hair
Do not mistaken that men should not use heat protectant during any hair process. (Source: Internet)
  • Advantages of utilizing a heat protectant

To persuade somebody to do something, you had better pointing out both benefits and drawbacks of a product. Once the advantages overwhelm their counterparts, customers will be talked into purchasing and vice versa. For best heat protectant for natural hair, there is no exception.

There are quite few reasons why people are rushing to buy one and it seems that its drawback is too minor to mention. For starters to easily follow the track, we will make a short list:

+ Prevent your hair from thermal damage (an obvious benefit of best heat protectant for natural hair)

+ Protect your strands from unrecognizable environmental changes, including the sun’s UV rays

+ Strengthen your hair by lessening the porosity

+ Be a source of nourishment for strands thanks to different types of botanical extracts added inside a little protectant

+ Assist in hair styling, namely to make curls, to create more smooth and to facilitate straightening

+ Achieve the healthy sheen

+ Lock in and maintain the hair moisture

best heat protectant for natural hair
A must-have item in your bag (Source: Internet)

With a lot of additional benefits, we are sure that you are convinced by best heat protectant for natural hair. Should you still be in doubt of their usage, please keep reading to see how magical this product is. Should you be in a hurry to seek for a high quality heat protectant, skip some unnecessary parts, go ahead for part 4 and learn how to use it in the next paragraph.

  • When to use a heat protectant

When it comes to time, a heat prevention should be utilized right on freshly cleansed hair while the strands are slightly damp. You can apply it after few days or frequently as your styling preference dictates.

It is up to you when to use best heat protectant for natural hair but keep in mind that you need to limit the use of heat tools as much as possible.

  • How to use such best heat protectant for natural hair
best heat protectant for natural hair
Are you ready to go from curls or coils to straight and sleek? (Source: Internet)

Should you fumble to use this spray, here is the best guide for you to apply it on your natural hair.

First step: Wash your strands with a good moisturizing shampoo

By moisturizing shampoo, we mean free sulfate products ((Webster, E. S. (2017, October 26). Here’s the Truth About Sulfates in Your Beauty Products. Retrieved from that help to maintain the pH level naturally. However, even best heat protectant for natural hair cannot work efficiently if you do not clean hair thoroughly from the product.

Second step: Deep conditioning

With the help of deep conditioning treatment, the heat protectant could go into your hair cuticle rapidly, gradually penetrate your hair shaft and be a better barrier from the blowout or flat iron.

Third step: Part your hair and gently comb through

Without saying, before create any style that you desire, you always need to section black hair textures. Only by these few moves can you detangle hair easily, which ensures the next step to be done perfectly. Note that you should comb from ends to the root.

Fourth step: Heat protectant application

For every product that you have purchased, please read the instructions carefully. For instance, if you own a spray of heat protectant properties, evenly distribute droplets onto the hair surface. Additionally, you can apply a small amount of oil essentials such as grapeseed oil ((, Moroccan argan oil ((, or olive oil.

Final step: Do whatever follow-up activities that you want

Whether flat ironing or curling iron, the best heat protectant for natural hair helps you to completely set up a ceramic coating. However, do not overuse heat. Otherwise, heat prevention does not work effectively.

Homemade heat protectant for natural hair

If you are a fan of our website, you will know that we always encourage natural hair treatments. Our motto is be natural, be good. A product made from The Mother of Nature’s fruits would be awesome no matter what it is. Thus, this part is prioritized to best heat protectant made by a hair company.

DIY is a good way to go for a chemical and silicone free hair protectant. In fact, natural ingredients are capable of deeply nourishing and prevent post-styling damage. We will provide you with three ingredients that do not cause greasy and weighed-down hair.

  • Sea butter to create the best heat protectant for natural hair
best heat protectant for natural hair
Some women swear that they will be loyal to shea butter as a heat prevention (Source: Internet)

In its natural state, shea butter is quite hard and really gritty. You definitely find it annoying to get it out of the jar. For such stuff, you might lose your temper before it takes effect. If so, let’s turn that shea butter into a whipped butter. It is such a beautiful thing that you cannot handle.

You can feel silky, light and fluffy at the same time as it not only provides UV shield but also contains various vitamins namely A, D, E and F which are all helpful in strengthening your strands. Experts have claimed that shea butter is the most similar in properties to commercial best heat protectant for natural hair.

Within approximately 2 weeks, you can feel the dramatic change in hair. It could be regarded as a revolution to your dry roots.

  • Grapeseed oil
best heat protectant for natural hair
A cheap ingredient is available in every market (Source: Internet)

This gorgeous oil contains a very high smoke point. It is perfect in the role of best heat protectant for your natural hair because it can withstand high heat giving out from hair straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers. Apply from 4 to 6 drops evenly throughout your hair and finish off with the style that you are dreaming of.

  • Almond oil
best heat protectant for natural hair
You can get it at any nearby healthy food stores (Source: Internet)

In fact, almond oil has the same properties as grapeseed oil. In fact, the smoke point in almond oil is even higher than that in its counterpart. Therefore, if you have to find an alternative to the best heat protectant for natural hair, almond should be a perfect candidate.

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In addition to acting as a heat barrier, this oil is also rich in Vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6, and A – all helpful nutrients in growing strong, healthy, and beautiful strands. It is highly recommended that you should get the organic cold-pressed kind.

In terms of dose, apply 2 or 3 drops on the damp hair by a comb then you can dry or style in a way you wish.

Top 10 best heat protectant for natural hair that you can get at less than $20

Before going deeper into the list of top 10 best heat protectant for natural hair that you can get at less than $20, we would like to warn that there is no definition of ‘best’ in this world. However, there is a thing called ‘relativity’ or ‘suitable enough to be a standard’. Therefore, we encourage you to use the sample product before making your final decision.

best heat protectant for natural hair
Among a myriad of options, you will easily get confused at making a wise judgement (Source: Internet)

As we aforementioned, the definition of ‘best’ will vary from one person to another. Hence, please determine these things prior to your choice-making.

+ What is your hair type?

One size does not fit all and not every hair type is suitable for a certain product. Thus, it is vital to identify your hair kind. For example, those with fine hair must not use serums because they are just too heavy.

+ What are the ingredients?

Even though this question seems to be academic to you, to look at the ingredients is helpful to do. You can check for high-quality and nourishing materials, namely natural oils and extracts.

+ Are there any notes to remember?

It is an open question. Carefulness is never excessive. Your life could be much easier if you invest more time in observing everything surrounding. As you can see in the previous parts, a product can play many roles. For example, grapeseed oil can be the best heat protectant for natural hair, can be a shine-enhancer, can be a leave-in conditioner. ‘One shot, two kills’ is always better.

Now, it is high time to introduce top 10 best heat protectant for natural hair that you can get at less than $20. Note that the price is put right below the picture of the product.

  • Curl Girl Unwind Thermal Protector & Detangling Mist
best heat protectant for natural hair
You can shop now at $15 (Source: Amazon)

This bottle is packed with shea butter, pumpkin seed, tea tree oil and babassu; therefore, it works twice efficiently as a heat protectant and a detangler. Moreover, you can utilize it to liven and rejuvenate dry curls. A bonus point that you should not ignore is its amazing smell. Sometimes, you can feel like wearing a perfume.

  • Verb Leave-in Mist
best heat protectant for natural hair
At the price of $16, you can have this best heat protectant for natural hair (Source: Internet)

Verb Leave-in Mist is a kind of multitasker that everybody is in love with. Once you are preparing for heat styling, this lightweight heat prevention also works as a conditioner (as the name reveals) and a detangler. It also helps to provide a moisture boost by gently spritzing on the surface of curls.

  • HSI Professional Thermal Protector
best heat protectant for natural hair
You can get it with $14.99 on Amazon. As for this product, we will go into detail because we find it worth every penny you spend.  (Source: Internet)

You must love it from your first trial experience. For this reason, we will spend more words on talking about it. From the perspective of a user, this part will be presented as a review. If you have time to check this best heat protectant for natural hair on Amazon, its reviews are off the chart. At this point in the present, there are over 3,400 and still counting.

What is the hype inside this thermal heat protector? When it comes to the usage, it would be more than ten things you can do with it. Therefore, a list is better to follow the track:

+ be a barrier from the heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

+ be a manageable detangler and a leave-in conditioner to make your strands smooth

+ be a shine and smooth booster

+ be used for both natural hair and hair extensions

+ be able to reduce drying time and infuse with antioxidant argan oil

Recently, people keep saying that they do not believe anything that marketing exaggerate and that they only believe what ingredients imply. So, when it comes to ingredients, they are all good and worth your belief. It is cruelty-free, paraben free, sulfate free, phosphate free and safe for color treated hair. Why not try this multitasker right now?

  • Flawless by Gabrielle Union Blow Dry Cream
best heat protectant for natural hair
This best heat protectant for natural hair is worth $19. It is as flawless as its brand name says (Source: Internet)

Before saying any word that deprive from our viewpoint of this flawless item, we would like you to read some feedbacks from those on Amazon. We all tend to trust a person with a real customer experience more than one with the knowledge only.

This is Karen from Illinois with her updated comment – from 4 months ago: “I have used many products but this one works the best for controlling frizz! My hair is smooth, silky and so soft. No longer frizz and damaged hair. I absolutely LOVE this product!! Only need a small amount for it to work well.”

Another comment from Amber – a verified buyer of ULTA Beauty: “I have enjoyed this product to blow dry my hair. It has a smooth texture after using this. It smells really nice but I don’t think it cuts down on blow dry time.”

With such quite convincing evidence, we hope that you can have your own choice on the best heat protectant for natural hair now.

  • Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray
best heat protectant for natural hair
You can buy a pack of 6 at $28.99 on Amazon (Source: Internet)

TreSemme is a big name in the hair care industry and you must amazed at the price tag of this line. It is cheaper than other lines for sure but the quality you receive is still high. This best heat protectant for natural hair is just another must-have item in your beauty arsenal.

This item is responsible for not only enhancing the heat protection for your strands but also adding sheen and bounce with health. For those who are loyal to this brand, do not hesitate to better see the synergistic behavior of all the products combined.

  • CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray
best heat protectant for natural hair
This red spray costs $16. (Source: Internet)

CHI has been a popular brand since the day ‘flip hairstyle’ was in its heyday! There are two words that can totally describe all lines of CHI brand. They are ‘staying power’ and longevity. Therefore, it deserves a place in top 10 best heat protectant for natural hair.

Besides protecting hair from heat damage, it also helps to lock in the moisture, seals the cuticle, strengthen the strands and add shine. Unlike other aforementioned heat protectants, it contains silk protein which consolidates the hair follicle and fight against heat damage at the same time.

  • Cantu Shea Butter Thermal Shield Heat Protectant
best heat protectant for natural hair
Believe it or not, this thermal shield is worth $4. You may feel that it is too good to be true. (Source: Internet)

Cheap does not mean it is not good enough to be put in the list of the best heat protectant for natural hair. It is ideal for those who do not want to involve in making home-made one but really desire to try it once.

You can spritz on the hair surface to protect it from up to 425ºF. Should your strands be forced to put up with harsh chemicals, never forget to use it to say an eternal goodbye to the frizz.

  • Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Satin Frizz Control Heat Protection Straightening Spray
best heat protectant for natural hair
Another tried and tested product from a giant in the hair care industry costs $9.25 (Source: Internet)

What we really like in this item is its nice smell, kind of a perfume. In terms of use, it is not different from any of those above except for the additional volume that it brings about. Therefore, a place in the top 10 best heat protectant for natural hair is without the doubt.

  • IGK Call Time Styling Primer Mini
best heat protectant for natural hair
Sometimes, the product design does matter in the final stage of customer funnel. Spend $16 and you can get it now. (Source: Internet)

This spray is weightless and floral-scented, which is the best suited to ones who love the essence of nature. It it the mixture of coconut oil and water to hydrate hair when your strands are exposed to heat and UV rays. Mini size is the perfect option if you are a jet-setter.

  • Orlando Pita Play Former Glory Protein Treatment Spray
best heat protectant for natural hair
Another eye-catching design just grabs your attention. You have to extract $17 from your budget for this. (Source: Internet)

This spray contains ceramides and systine which is an amino acid building up protein. Therefore, it can strengthen strands and defend them from heat at the same time. Moreover, your damaged hair is transformed to look full-bodied and shiny with life.

Final thought

In this world, please be a firm believer in being consistent with what you are doing for your well-being. We are all seeking for what works, then being consistent with that. Therefore, top 10 best heat protectant for natural hair is relative but using a kind of this is a must to take good care of your strands.

You can try any of treatment below as long as you stay patient and follow the instructions. It does take time for your hair to strengthen. Much success on your hair journey. Do not forget to leave a feedback after a period of time you follow our track. Thank you for your reading!

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