6th anniversary of Ivirgo’s establishment

In 20th October every year, Ivirgo is happy to hold birthday’s celebration.
More especially, We have the second factory in Nam Dinh province which is more than 1000m2. This is also one of the great encouragements and honors to help Ivirgo develop strongly.
Ivirgo brand ,officially born in October 2012, operates in the field of hair production and distribution Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair. Moreover, with the effort to meet all the needs of customers, Ivirgo began to expand its business to other industries. After 6 years of operation, Ivirgo has gradually affirmed its capacity on the way to become one of the leading companies in the distribution of high quality hair in the areas of Vietnam, Southeast Asia. The grand opening of a new factory is a testament to the development milestone, which is also a good foundation for development in the second 5-year plan.

Hair Care Expert at Ivirgo Hair | + posts

I am Thomas Taw, the CEO of CITIZENSNIPS. I have experience in hair product development and chemical research, as well as sustainable resource engineering. In 2009, I co-created Sunsilk, one of the world's leading haircare brands. More recently, I was the CEO of SMOKINGPANDA LTD. I am a professional with a strong track record in delivering tangible results.

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