Top hairstyles on black girls with silver hair to rock

It is hard to deny that there is nothing more fun than a box of hair dye. Hair dye helps to express your mood, your thought, and even your characteristics. It is way more significant than we can describe in a few words. As dreamers who love chasing for color inspiration in Instagram, we have found that black girls with silver hair are so sexy that we somehow desire to go suntan to change skin color.

It seems that silver locks are the outstanding look that forces others to turn their head back. Even though celebrities and other high profile beauties don gray tresses are extremely attractive, what really takes our soul away are sheer beauty lightening up from black women.

You can enjoy the power via their various hairstyles. We are sure that it is much different from slender figures that are everywhere on the red carpet. Follow us and you can have an intriguing experience with silver strands!

Why is silver the shade that every beauty is coveting?

When your romance with uniform hair dye is running out of, you need to look for something new to love and to be loved. If you ask us for a piece of advice, we will immediately recommend silver which is also called gray. At first, you are likely to think that it is the worst idea ever. However, why not be brave to try something unique, elegant and high quality like black girls with silver hair?

black girls with silver hair
Silver can make your twenties impressive.
(Source: Internet)

Silver is not the sign of age anymore. According to Massy, the co-founder of the book ‘Silver Hair: A Handbook’, in real life, we all have beautiful shades of hair color. Therefore, silver can also be a great thing. It can be considered as the most unnatural color in the box of hair dye. However, it reflects the most realistic outlook.

When you see beautiful tones on other heads, you tend to imitate in order to achieve a trendy look. This instantaneously changes you into a version of anyone else out there. As for silver, it would be a different story. There have never been two silvers which look the same.

Some who are endowed with bright skin tone will highlight their facial sketch in silver locks. Meanwhile, black girls with silver hair could create a mysterious but attractive look. Some may own wider and darker patches in the back. Just be interested in them and you will be offered a wide variety of perspectives.

Though this article is to introduce top hairstyles for black girls with silver hair to rock, we still desire to have the first two parts to mention reasons and things to know to dye your strand silver. We are sure that girls from all races and skin colors would love to try this unnatural but unique shade.

Things you need to know before let the silver rock

It is worth noting that this part is for both white and black girls with silver hair. As we aforementioned, silver is the most unnatural color in the box of hair dye. Therefore, you need to carefully follow your coach’s instructions. To be a silver player, you should be aware of the rules.

Silver could take time

Time is the first thing to care about when you want to rock like black girls with silver hair. It takes time to achieve the color-wise stage. The light you desire your silver strands to be and the darker the natural shade is, the longer it takes. So as to lighten strands safely, you’d better go slow and strictly follow each stage. Several visits to the salon are possibly required.

Time spending means money wasting. It is true of all times. The estimated investment may be beyond your expectations. Therefore, be sure to talk to your stylist in depth before getting the process started. Know your budget and your mind can be free from worries.

You may be asked to go shorter

This seems not to be a problem for black girls with silver hair because their normal length is acceptable. However, for traditional girls from Asian countries, it would be a determining factor in their final decision on going silver or not. Dying your hair gray causes damaging ends through each stage of the process. You should be aware of all the possibilities.

black girls with silver hair
Should your hair be of waist length, the stylist will have to cut a bit. It is better if it is up to your shoulders. (Source: Internet)

Different longevity

By this, we mean different shades of silver will bring about different periods of lasting time. In the previous part, we have claimed that there have never been two silvers in life. Normally, a lighter silver hair color is quicker to fade than a deeper charcoal tone.

Another external factor that affects color longevity is the quality of products. Some stay on tone while some do not. It depends on how you choose the salon.

Full silver is not the only choice

black girls with silver hair
To create an outstanding look, mix in a way you are coveting (Source: Internet)

Why not consider several creative alternatives instead of boring full gray? For those who want to overlay a rich smoky tone, all you need to do is to apply some silver highlights on natural black strands or just to tone the hair with a cooler shade. You can refer to metallic blue, violet or rose gold.

Often shampoo is not recommended

Unlike other hair dyes, shampooing is the enemy of silver hair color, especially of black girls with silver hair as their natural hair quality is easy to get broken. The easiest way to do is to stretch the interval between cleansing. If not, purchase a dry shampoo to avoid the itchiness. Hot water should not be used because it will lead-silver to fade quickly

Know your complexion

Actually, this advice should be prioritized. In nature, silver is cool in tone and it does not fit all. In our opinion, people with pale white or olive skin are in the favor of silver. Their complexion can blend well with this color. For black girls with silver hair, they need some variations in hairstyles and mixture to achieve the natural look. Outstanding does not mean odd or strange to others.

Therefore, in this article, we will suggest some top hairstyles that black girls with silver hair can imitate for a better appearance in this summer vacation. Beauty is another transformation of mix and match.

Top hairstyles on black girls with silver hair to rock

A sharp cut

These days, long hair has not been in the first place of the list anymore just because they are overloaded with it. Sharp cut is the style for you to try something new. However, it is a picky one and our advice is to go sleek shortcut if you are black girls with silver hair and strong personalities or you are mature enough.

black girls with silver hair
It is pretty short and those who always take pride in their lengthier tresses should not follow. (Source: Internet)

A marvelous masterpiece style

There is no need to name this hairstyle because it is so gorgeous that we are speechless. We can call this  an privilege that only black girls with silver hair could possess. Believe us, silver is anything but old and dull.

When it comes to this hairstyle, you can go full gray in ashy or icy tone. Remember to keep the roots dark to maintain a balanced blend and a fresh appeal at the same time. Look at the following curls. They are all curly in the same direction and same style. Should you desire a more fabulous look, add purple hue and go less silver.

black girls with silver hair
This is the reason why we regard black girls with silver hair as a sexy magnet (Source: Instagram)

Ombre straight and side-parted strands

black girls with silver hair
We have to say that ombre always has enough power to grab all the attentions. (Source: Internet)

In terms of up-keep, ombre should be placed on number one. However, let’s ask yourself if you dare to permanently dye your locks. You can avoid the fade to happen quite a few weeks longer than a straight dye job with roots. To achieve this look, it is necessary that you apply a deep silver on the rich dark navy black ends. At the same time, you should keep the color of your roots and your dyed color in the same family (we mean the family in the color cycle).


This article will turn out to be incomplete if we do not mention braid as one of the top hairstyles on black girls with silver hair. Box braid remains a source of pride for black women. Therefore, it is normal if they desire to highlight them in front of people from other skin colors and races. Time elapses but what belongs to tradition should be complimented on and maintained from ancestors to successors. To achieve the following sensation, you should apply silver to the majority of strands and keep it black on the roots. After that, you can get started with your box braid updos.

black girls with silver hair
When compared to other types of braid, you must be impressed by this one (Source: Instagram)


Pixie is also known as a variant of a crop. To get a pixie cut, you should go short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top. Pixie has taken the beauty by storm since the 1950s and it is very popular among African women. Therefore, for black girls with silver hair, pixie should be shortlisted.

One of the best experience when get pixie is to have a golden chance to wander with a variety of color schemes without getting patchy results. Let’s consider yourself as a prime candidate for silver experimentation.

black girls with silver hair
It is hard to find a reason why you keep staring at this lady. (Source: Internet)

Aqua silver ends

Have you ever seen Rihanna in silver hair color? If you have, you will immediately name her as the queen of black girls with silver hair. With her initial facial expressions, it comes as no surprise that you will be strongly impressed by.

black girls with silver hair
In this picture, she is nothing different from a mermaid fashionista (Source: Internet)

To be more specific, she is wearing a silvery blue shade of ombre hair with her ton-sur-ton metallic lipstick and a white wardrobe. All these things make it clear her hair which is the highlight of this look.

Tight voluminous curls

black girls with silver hair
Whenever we see black girls with silver hair, we will think it is a dream that we find it hard to make it come true. For this hairstyle, it is something that is beyond our reach (Source: Internet)

Her tight voluminous curls help to create a full and fabulous frame for her face. It means when people take a look at her, they will focus on the sketches on her and these curls are just so eye-catching. Bangs of the same texture and the same silver are the wonderful finishing touch. They encourage us to look, to touch and to love.

Straight bob haircut

black girls with silver hair
A sleek straight hair cut will never be out of fashion (Source: Internet)

Bob haircut is always the breakthrough that should be reminded of all times. Historically, women used to regard long strands as the standard of a beautiful lady. Later, bob appeared to lead beauties towards advanced and fashionable styles. From then on, bob haircut has been popularized.

In this color game for black girls with silver hair, bob should not be excluded. First, visit a reliable salon to cut straight around the head of the jaw level. You can leave a fringe or a bang to look cuter. It even looks more stunning with the magic ombre shade.

black girls with silver hair
Bob suits any cool hue because it is cool in its nature (Source: Internet)


We all save the best for the last. This hairstyle is perfect as its name reveals. Moonlight is the full silver that you have not thought about for sure. However, to achieve it at its full capacity, you should take care of your strands in order to keep it straight with several waves.

This style will remind you of all things related to fantasy. It is so magical that we could hardly describe in a few words or adjectives. Just look at it and you will immediately fall into a rabbit hole. It opens a wonderland that you are always dreaming of.

black girls with silver hair
You can transform into a graceful girl thanks to moonlight hairstyle (Source: Internet)

So, this is the end of the article about top hairstyles for black girls with silver hair. We hope that thanks to what we provide you with, you will have a better understanding of silver hair. Do not turn silver down at our first offer because we are sure that it will amaze you.

Any good things will come if you pay enough attention, attempts and a reasonable price. During getting your hair silver, you may have to suffer from pain during bleaching. Please think it over before getting it started. Thank you for your reading and good luck!

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