The ultimate guide about for black women with red hair

Unlike women who have a fair skin and can get their hair dyed with different colors easily, dark-skinned women have to wisely choose light colored hair to avoid getting older. Women who have dark skin should choose the chestnut brown tone, reddish brown or moss brown to brighten the face and avoid picking too bright dye color which will make your skin dull.

What color should dark skin dye have a light skin color? To answer this question for girls, the following we will synthesize one of the most suitable colors for black women – red tone. Black women with red hair are really attractive and have a unique look. In this article, there will be an introduction of the most perfect red tone that will match girls with black skin.

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Best red tones for black women with red hair

Adding a bit of bronze color on reddish brown hair can make your hair a more unique and modern part. Red copper color on the hair will help the skin more rosy, radiant, and it will have the sparkling charm under the natural light such as the light of the sun.

So that, the hair will become more shimmering than ever. Especially, this dyed hair color can match you whatever your skin tone is, so you are still beautiful in this hair color.

Black women with red hair
Black women with Reddish brown hair (Source: Internet)

Reddish purple hair

If the color of the copper can help to highlight your hair, then the combination with the purple color gives the hair more depth and courtesy. Do not worry about the highlight because with this reddish-purple color you will find yourself becoming more youthful and modern. This reddish purple light is a trend that is very popular with young people.

Like other other dyeing colors, dyeing red hair will damage your hair a lot, so you need to set up and start a special hair care routine for your hair and scalp in order to reduce the level of damage.

Black women with red hair
She looks amazing in reddish purple hair (Source: Internet)

Read champagne hair color

Red champagne color is a modern and personal color, but it can still retain the gentleness of women. The hair designers gave the best praises to this haunting hairstyle and always took it to the first place in the hottest hair dye color rankings.

Red champagne color will help the face brighter and cooler. Thus, it is a good hair color and extremely effective for black women with red hair.

Black women with red hair
Gorgeous girl with Red champagne hair color (Source: Internet)

Red – brown hair color

If you choose the red color with dark brown tones, your hair will have a longer lasting dye. This hair color is not too picky and suitable for any type of skin and hair. It will help your skin brighten up a lot, so this is one of the best choices for black women with red hair.

Natural red hair

To be able to dye your hair with this color, you must be really confident about the color of the skin. Your skin should be a little bright enough to match this color. If the skin does not meet the brightness then you should not try this beautiful hair color. Natural red, when combined with a brighter skin, will help the overall face more prominent, more impressive.

Black women with red hair
It is advised that you should have a bright skin for this natural red color (Source: Internet)

Black female singer with red hair

Unlike other different colors such as brown, yellow, moss … a red color is special. Its prominence is like a sparkling sequin dress which can attract all eyes so this color is often not for the shy girl. Therefore, it’s not too many black women with red hair.

To dye red hair, you have to have a quite bright skin, otherwise, the hair will be too blazing. In addition, this color requires a glossy hair because it is easy to expose the damaged hair.

The above strict “demand” makes so many people afraid of red hair, few people dare to try it and the number of people with this hair color is rare. Let’s spot the 11 most impressive and sexy red hair of black female singers.

Black women with red hair
Singer Faith Evans in a stunning red hair (Source: Internet)

Singer Faith Evans ’s skin suits the hair color. When dyeing your hair red, you should avoid fluffy make-up. Have a nude color lip and brown eyeliner as simple as Faith is a fitting suggestion.

Black women with red hair
Fantasia Barrino’s modern beauty and her edge are multiplied by the prominent red hair.
Black women with red hair
Monica Brown looks so well in the pink – red hair color (Source: Internet)

This hair color makes Monica Brown a lot younger and energetic. The singer’s diamond-shaped face also really matches this hairstyle.

Black women with red hair
Riri is the inspiration for black women with red hair (Source: Internet)

Rihanna is always seen as a big fashion icon when she is very caring about her image, always impresses and impresses audiences every time she appears in public. And there is something special about Rihanna that is the hair that makes her brand.

When we first debuted, we know of Rihanna with her hit single “Umbrella”, which can not help but mention the hair that rained in the wind hours, causing storms throughout the years. , is a short black bob hair.

Then sometime later, the public was shocked when she dyed red hair in her hit single, “The Only Girl in the World,” a red color that probably never ever had before… And Rihanna’s red hair is also an endless source of inspiration for fashion-loving ladies who want to stand out, especially black women with red hair.

The way to keep the hair color dyed lasts

To keep your red hair striking and attractive, take care of your hair and remember the ways to keep the color in your hair as below.

  • Avoid exposing your hair to the sun

Just like skin, hair has many layers of cells and the outer layer is very vulnerable to dust pollution and ultraviolet rays. With dyed hair, sunshine is also the reason for the color to fade and make the hair become wrinkled. After dyeing your hair, if you have to go to the sun, you need to cover your hair with a wide-brimmed hat and neatly tied your hair with hair clips that cover the hair in it. Limit exposure to sunlight between 10 am and 3 pm.

  • Avoid drying hair with a hot dryer

After washing your hair, you should dry your hair with a fan or a cold dryer. Avoid drying hair with a hot dryer because the heat will make the hair unsuitable (from moist to hot), so it is prone to cuticle damage and split ends. In addition, if not really necessary, you should also limit hair drying too often, this affects the durability of the dye.

  • Recompress the newly grown hair

With a striking color like red, notice the hair root grows about two or three months after staining. If the difference between the two colors is obvious, then redefine the hairline. If you don’t redefine the color of your original part, your hair will lose its aesthetic appearance, easily offensive to the opposite person.

  • Use own shampoo for dyed hair

The shampoo for hair dyes will contain the right formula, while protecting the hair less fiber and split ends, while keeping the hair color longer. High-end to low-end brands have shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair. Shampoos for dyed hair will have a lighter effect than regular shampoos. In addition, you should use natural conditioner for a healthy hair. Remember to avoid peppermint shampoos, because peppermint is easy to lose color.

  • Apply tips to keep your hair color longer

With outstanding hair colors and dark red color, you use hydrogen perxide solution mixed with strawberries in about 15 to 20 seconds and then apply to hair before shampooing. Your hair will keep dyeing longer and more shiny.

  • Shampoo your head with cool water

Want your hair dyed always fresh, wash your hair with warm water or cool water, as hot water can make your hair color fade quickly.

  • Do not wash your hair often

The farther between the washes, the longer the color of the hair is kept. In addition, a headwear hat when bathing is also a must-have item.

  • Never go to bed when your hair is still wet

If you use a striking color, the color may fade onto the pillow when you sleep with the hair still wet.

The above is the ultimate guide about red tones and some outstanding black female celebrities with red hair for black women with red hair. Hopefully, this will give you a full suggestion about which red tones will suit you best so that you can have a dream sparkling red hair. Wishing you all the best.

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