4 easy steps to brush hair extensions bonded by tapes without damaging it

Although tape-in hair extensions caring is not as difficult as people think, their carelessness may lead the strands of tape-in hair extensions to come out. Especially, many people don’t pay much attention on combing hair in right way.

Nearly, a frequent question we usually receive from reader is that can you brush hair with extensions in. So let’s take a look on this post to know about 4 steps to brush hair extensions bonded by tapes without damaging it.

brush hair extensions

How to brush hair extensions? (Source: Internet)

Choose right brush for your tape-in hair extensions

brush hair extensions

Types of brush (Source: Internet)

Nowadays, there are many types of comb in the market with a range of shape, size and materials. To brush hair extensions more effective, it is up on your hair that you can use different kinds of comb. Each type of hair needs a typical comb either, such as a boar bristle brush used for most hair types, a mixed-bristle brush used for medium-thick hair, a brush with sparse nylon bristles used for thick and coarse hair, etc.

A wide tooth brush is the best hair brush for extensions with every hairstyle. This type of brush will make less friction, which causes hair follicles break, split ends. In addition, the strength of wide tooth brush for curly hair is to avoid loosening up the strands of curls as other kinds of comb. If you curl your tape-in hair extensions, you should use a loop hair extensions brush as well in order to keep your curls in shape and make it fluffier.

The material of a brush is also important. Brushes made from synthetic rubber, plastic will cause more friction which hurts your hair a lot. You should choose a brush made from ivory or bristle because it promotes hair to be velvety and shiny.

How to brush hair extensions bonded by tapes

Step 1: Apply nourishing oil to your hair.

Nourishing oil not only provides the humidity and nutrients to your hair but it also makes your hair more slippery. Thanks to this, your hair knot can be detangled easier.

Remember not to apply nourishing oil to your scalp and the tapes. If you do, your scalp will secrete more and get dirty quicker, and the stickiness ability of the tapes reduces forcing the strands of hair extensions to fall out.

brush hair extensions

Apply nourishing oil to your hair (Source: Internet)

Step 2: Detangle and remove knot by hands.

You should use your hands to detangle and remove knot from the bottom to the top of your hair. It will help you brush your hair faster, smoother and avoid strong effects into your hair when combing. Be aware that you should do it gently so as that you won’t hurt your hair and scalp.

brush hair extensions

Use your hands first (Source: Internet)

Step 3: Use wide tooth comb.

Similar to detangling and removing knot process, you had better brush the bottom of your hair first. Then, start combing under the bonds of your real hair and tape-in hair extensions. There is still a gap between hair roots and tapes but it’s not much. This part hardly gets mixed-up so you can use wide tooth comb to brush it separately to other parts.

Step 4: Use other combs to make your hair smooth, volume-up, or in right style.

As mentioned above, each type of hairstyle needs its own comb. In this step, you should use a suitable hair extensions brush to your hairstyle to make it smooth and in shape.

Notes for you

Firstly, do maintenance usually and thoroughly to have strong and velvety hair. Therefore, your hair will get tangled and knotted less, at least it is better than weak hair. Hence, you don’t need to brush too much.

Secondly, avoid wet brush for hair extensions. Many people have habit to brush hair when it’s wet or even when they are shampooing it. However, it is not good for your hair because hair is at its weakest at that time. Wet brush for hair extensions damages more hair follicles in comparison to dry brush hair extensions. Besides, wet hair is slippery which causes higher ability for the tapes to come out. Therefore, you should dry your hair first, then brush it.

Thirdly, minimize times of tape-in hair extensions brush. Just brush hair extensions 2-3 times per day. In addition, the more tangled it is, the more you have to brush your hair. Thus, you need to keep your hair in order to avoid brushing too much.

You should wearing hat when going out to prevent other factors from affecting your hair. In accordance with it, you ought to set your hair forward to your shoulders to let it under control. The second method is to fix your hair with hair extensions brush boots or braiding. Hair extensions brush boots are useful in making easy hairstyle as well. Before going to sleep, you should tie your hair or braid your hair loosely to make it less tangled.

brush hair extensions

Hair extensions brush boots with simple hairstyle (Source: Internet)

Last but not least, note in choosing hair brush for tape-in extensions. Some people think that hair extensions brush uk is the best brush for extensions. However, it is not really true. You should find a reputable company to buy products, which can ensure the products’ quality.

All of above information is about how to brush hair extensions bonded by tapes without damaging it. You can find out that brushing hair extensions is not as easy as you thought. This work requires you carefulness a lot. Hope that this post is helpful to you. If you have any question, let us know. Don’t hesitate anymore, follow our website to get more tips to take care of your hair correctly.

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