3 tips to buy top quality mink hair that you should know!

With fashionable ladies, mink hair plays an important role to make them become more beautiful and attractive. However, not many people know how to buy top quality mink hair properly. This article will help you solve this problem. You will not worry about you can buy unfavorite mink hair with some simple tips.

Mink hair is a perfect choice for the women who want to own beautiful hair. Therefore, mink hair is quite popular in the hair market. You can find it easily but it is not easy to choose the right mink hair. Therefore, it is really important to read the article if you want to find out suitable mink hair for you. Scroll through the article and enjoy the meaningful information right now!

What is top quality mink hair?

Nowadays, mink hair is commonly known as one of the top best sellers after texture on the hair market. People like to buy it because it has lots of advantages. First, it is virgin hair which is cut from a single donor (the donors come from Vietnam, Indian, Malaysian, Cambodian, Brazillian, etc…) that make sure about the quality.

Therefore, its cuticles can run in the same direction quite perfectly. To give you information more deeply, virgin hair is the hair that wasn’t processed by chemical and one of the highest – quality hair extensions on the market. Additionally, the virgin hair must not be mechanically processed or manipulated. The virgin hair also is Remy hair which has never been dyed, permed, bleached or harsh washed. Its price is a bit pricey but it is worth spending money to buy.

Mink hair is the virgin hair so that you can be safe about the quality of it. It is soft, silky, smooth and bright. Mink hair also has impressed thickness that most of the other hair types can compare with it. Its cuticles are intact and you can see that the virgin taper on the end is natural.

Besides, mink hair can be maintained for a long time. It can last up to one or two years. You can reuse it many times before removing it from your head. Because of some reasons above, mink hair seems to be a perfect choice for your hair extensions. You can become more beautiful, gorgeous, and attractive with the long, thick and healthy hair.

buy top quality mink hair

Top quality mink hair

Here are some descriptions of top quality mink hair that can be useful for you. You need to ask the assistant carefully about some details to make sure you can buy the top quality mink hair:

  • Quality: Top quality 100% virgin hair
  • Length: From 6 inches to 40 inches mink hair extensions
  • Weight: 90 – 120g each bundle (Depending on your need)
  • Grade: 7A, 8A, 9A hair extensions (7A, 8A, 9A hair are the degrees of the hair quality that indicate the top qualities of hair extensions)
  • Extremely soft, silky, shiny and bright
  • Beautiful, healthy and attractive
  • An amazing thickness and maintained for a long time
  • Color: Natural color (Black, dark brown, blonde, etc…)
  • No nits, lice or harmful insects
  • Tangle-free, no shedding, and full ends
  • Can be styled or dyed comfortably
  • Lasting up 1 – 2 years
  • Some tricks to find top quality mink hair
  • When you buy online through the websites

If you don’t have enough time or want to have mink hair without buying directly on the store, it is a good way to buy it online. You can visit well – known websites and choose some favorite hair extensions to buy within some minutes.

However, you can be confused with lots of colors and textures that they provide. You should take their colors and textures seriously because they need to blend with your real hair naturally. Therefore, you need to know what your hair color is and then choose exactly the mink hair that has the same color.

Or not, you need to spend some money to dye the new extensions after buying them. It is recommended that you should check the information which is provided by the websites to make sure that they are reliable. Reviews from the past customers can be useful for you to decide whether the vendors are good. You should know about the return policy or warranty policy because the product can have some problems that you need to return it.

When you buy mink hair directly

It is highly advised that you can visit the store directly to choose some mink hairs for you. You can check the colors and textures carefully and try to wear mink hair to make sure it is blended with your hair perfectly. You should go to the store in the morning or afternoon because, at the time, the color will be more exact.

Additionally, you can require the advisory of the assistants on the store and ask carefully about the origin, the texture, the length or the hair care. However, it is advised that you should find out about the products at home before. Sometimes, the assistants may not know about the products deeply or they give you some compliments that are not totally the truth to persuade you to buy mink hair there. Therefore, let’s become an intelligent buyer to buy top quality mink hair.

buy top quality mink hair

Where to buy top quality mink hair

If you don’t know where to buy top quality mink hair, it is highly suggested that you should choose Ivirgo hair as your reliable partner. You can find some favorite mink hairs easily because they provide a diverse source of hair extensions. Besides, they only provide 100% human hair that is checked and processed carefully before delivering to the customers.

Ivirgo hair is also the global supplier that has the official office in Vietnam. The main products are Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair. All of them are the top – quality hair that will meet the expectation of any customer. Besides, they have a professional website that expresses the products of the company so that you can buy online easily. Therefore, if you want to buy top quality mink hair, you should choose Ivirgo hair. Your beautiful hair will become the truth so far.

Here are some tips that can be useful for you to buy top quality mink hair. If you have any question, please connect with us at +84 968 509 490. You also can buy directly at our office. The address is 403, Floor 4, 87 Tran Quoc Vuong Street, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi. We hope we can serve you in the beauty way. Don’t hesitate anymore. Please hang up the phone and connect with us right now!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have bought some mink hair here. In my opinion, the shipping was quite fast and the product is good. It is silky, soft and thick. I think I will buy some hair extensions from you soon

We are very glad of your sharing. Our products are high-quality hair extensions that are 100% human hair, free tangle, no shedding and full ends. We hope you will support us in the next time.

It is amazing. The hair is extremely soft and bundles are good and full ends. I really love this mink hair. My new hair is really gorgeous, beautiful and pretty. I love your product.

We are happy that the product meets your expectation. If you need any sharings, please chat with us and we will reply you soon.

I want to buy some mink hair. However, I don’t know where I can  receive the advisory

We are always ready to chat with the customers. You can connect with us by chatting, calling and we will give you the most meaningful. Hope you will buy your suitable extensions and always support us

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