Cambodian clip ins Atlanta GA are taking the dwellers by storm

Hair extensions are not a one-type-fits-all kind of service, especially in Atlana GA where the residents have a good taste of beauty and have a high demand for cosmetic products. They tend to be so meticulous at taking care of their body and other parts.

Therefore, if a product is not high quality enough or too expensive when compared to the benefits it brings about, it will easily get boycotted. However, over the past few years, Cambodian hair integrations have been successful in talking people into purchasing them with a large quantity.

It has become an interesting phenomenon that makes experts in field so surprising. In this article, we will together find out the reason why the dwellers are so crazy about Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga.  

What are Cambodian clip ins like in general?

First, you need to know what clip ins are before understanding why it is so hot and popular in Atlanta ga, the United States. Clip ins are a temporary but quick solution to obtain a beautiful style even though you do not have qualified skills or too much free time left.

Cambodian clip ins are well-known for being affordable, convenient and easy to use. All that you need to do is to temporarily apply hair integrations on your scalp at home. Therefore, you can change your style frequently.

Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga

Natural look will be achieved thanks to Cambodian clip ins.

Though it is a fast solution for working ladies, Cambodian clip ins allow dwellers of Atlanta ga to experience the fullness, natural flow and real beauty. Every strand is luscious and gorgeous while it remains lightweight and durable at the same time.

Cambodian clip ins atlanta ga often come on sets. It is the keyword that is top searched on the social platforms as it works both for first-timers and experienced users. In Atlanta ga, the United States, should you seek for a classic hair extension made of real strands, you can definitely come to several reliable suppliers to get the Cambodian type.

Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga

This is a sample of Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga.

Normally, hair should come in packages of 1,3 or 7 pieces with sewn-in clips which are utilized as thickeners. It can be used to create a dramatic colored hair integration. Clips allow you to directly sew into the hair and they come in numerous colors to match your natural hair. You should offer dark clips for dark hair, light hair for blonde hair and the like.

Each pieace of Cambodian clips in Atlanta ga has a various number of sewn-in hair, relying on its width. The width of clip ins could be adjusted for placement in different regions in your head to ensure nice look. Therefore, the hair integrations will flow naturally into your own hair to create a gorgeous appearance.

When it comes to lusters, Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga have a beautiful range from low, medium to high luster. By luster, we mean the natural shine/glow of the hair. They also have silky, slightly coarse as well as coarse textures.

Straight texture of Cambodian clip ins (Atlanta ga)

Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga

Image of straight texture

This texture is easy to maintain and it will last a long time with the proper care. You will experience tangle and matte free, which means you do not need to spend hours to get mad with detangling and thus, have more time to living your life.

This texture is very popular among residents in Atlanta ga as it can be styled in whatever way you prefer. You can start out with a blank canvas. You can do all styles such as flat ironing to a sleek straight look or creating bold curls with this high-quality Cambodian hair.

How to wear Cambodian clip ins for Atlanta ga’s dwellers

For those who are interested in Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga, remember that they are often attached in the morning and removed at night. In other words, during swimming, sleeping or showering, you must not wear them in. To clip in these integrations, all you need is a pin tail comb. If you want to curl or straighten, just do it before or after attachment. Both ways work.

When clipping on the fake strands, let’s get started by creating a horizontal parting. Do not forget to pull away any remaining strands. At the parting, please tease the hair closest to the scalp. Bending the clip until you hear a click. After that, attach the integrations to the teased area. Repeat this procedure for all the other clips in the package.

Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga

See the picture to understand more about the procedure.

 Another method to apply Cambodian clip ins Atlanta Ga is the U-shape thumb of rule. Follow these steps below:

  1. Step one: Make a U part on your back head that spans from ear to ear. Snap open each clip on one of your wefts.
  2. Place the clips along the line and snap shut. Make sure it is secure.
  3. Add another weft following step 2. Continue to add wefts until the desired style is desired.
  4. Or you can add in wefts from the top (around the top of the ear) and work your way down.
  5. Once the back is finished, you may use the single clip pieces to fill in the sides.Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga

U-shaped method

How much are Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga?

To inform you of the price of Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga, we will divide into 6 clip-on sets.

  • Clip-on set with original 3 pieces in length (40-50 cm): from $50
  • Clip-on set with original 7 pieces in lengths (30, 40, 50, 60 and so on): from $54
  • Clip-on set with original 7 pieces curly in length (40 cm): from $95
  • Clip-on set with body wave 7 pieces in length (60 cm): from $120
  • Clip-on set with premium 7 pieces in length (50 cm): from $200
  • Clip-in hair piece Hollywood Volume in length (35.45 cm): from $140

Additional tips for lengthening, thickening and color effects: Different types of Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga will help you to truly express yourself. In the rule of thumb, the fuller your own hair is, the more integrations you need.

How to take good care of Cambodian clip ins atlanta ga

#Tip to cut Cambodian clip ins

Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga

How to trim Cambodian clip ins properly

For the sake of your desired hair, sometimes you have to trim the clip ins after putting them in. For the best results, it is suggested that you should brush your hair first to remove any knots. Smooth out and look at the overall length between your natural hair and the clip ins. For a natural look, let’s cut the ends of any integrations that grow below your own strands.

A small note is not to cut in the flat line. You should angle the scissors and thin out hair strand by strand at the ends.

#Tip to style Cambodian clip ins

Cambodian clip ins are nothing different from the other types except for the clips that make it easier for your installation. Therefore, styling Cambodian clip ins is not difficult at all. Just treat them as your own hair. When you curl hair integrations or use a flat iron on them, do not forget to use heat protection to save both your natural and fake strands from the harsh exposure.

To get to know more about natural treatments or highly recommended products, please click on our previous article about Cambodian hair extensions in general.

#Tip to wash Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga

Atlanta ga is the metropolitan city where hair services are developing so quickly. People start to pay more attention to their strands and thus, for working ladies, they often do not have time to wash hair extensions at home. They often go to hair salon to get their Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga cared.

There are 3 things that an Atlanta ga resident should take notice of when you are looking for a high quality salon.

Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga

Wash remy hair extensions

  • They undo all tangles before washing for both your natural hair and artificial strands.
  • Sulfate-free products of famous brands are used
  • Ask you to brush your hair until it is dry

Where to seek for reliable Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga

You can check out several leading wholesale hair vendors in USA in general and in Atlanta Ga in particular. For reliability, you can even check out famous vendors in Cambodia and you are in charge of shipping fee in case you do not believe in the quality of hair vendor in Atlanta ga.

As many clients suggest, we experience IvirgoHair Investment and Commercial JSC with the headquarter in Vietnam. We suggest that you should hunt for their Christmas sale or purchase some bundles in big events. You will have a really good deal.

They are having business with quite a few clients in Atlanta ga and the shipping fee is affordable. Within 2-3 days by UPS or 5-7 days by DHL or FedEx, you can get what you want. The reason why we mention a Vietnamese vendor is that Vietnam is a neighbor of Cambodia and it is a developing country. Therefore, what they offer will a lot cheaper than that of temporary suppliers in Atlanta Ga.

However, if you immediately want some bundles of Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga, please read this article to know how to choose a reliable hair provider before getting in touch with them (link bài cách chọn hair vendors). You can even seek for many good vendors in Texas and Dallas where are all called the heaven of hair extensions.

Remember to ask for their consultancy before ordering some. Once you know the way they work, you will not suffer from any problem that may arise.

So, this is the end of our article about Cambodian clip ins Atlanta ga. Should you have any questions or any wonders that are related to this kind of hair extensions in Atlanta ga, do not hesitate to comment below. We will try to answer it as soon as possible.

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