Which one is hair of your dreams: Cambodian hair vs Malaysian one

To obtain the best looking for your hair, you will find and ask hair extensions for help. These days, hair extensions are becoming a phenomenon that takes almost all of ladies over the world by storm.

When you dig deep into doing research on what to purchase, you will be drowned in the mess that you have made it up for yourself. Why? Because there is a myriad of types of hair extensions that you may ponder and there are slight differences among them.

Therefore, you can easily get confused at many good items. In recent articles, I have mentioned all the details related to Cambodian hair extensions and Vietnamese hair extensions. However, when looking back, I realize that it will be a big miss if I do not compare Cambodian hair vs Malaysian one.

They all take root from Asian countries; so what makes them so different, albeit outstanding among others and what are the differences between these two types. In this article, you will definitely have a clear explanation for that query. Follow us and find out intriguing facts that maybe you do not know!

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In a nutshell, what is Cambodian hair like?

Perhaps you have already read my recent article titled ‘Is it worth it if you are investing in Cambodian hair and you thought that you did not need to read this part. However, in every comparison article, I will focus on outstanding features of both the two objects; thus, you can have a better overview of them.

So, if you do think that I will repeat basic information, do not worry because there are always several things that deserve your reading. Cambodian hair is of course collected from Cambodian people who are aware of all the best natural hair treatments in the world.

Long black hair is one of the standard criteria that they use to assess the beauty of one lady. If a Cambodian girl does not have these characteristics, she will be upset as she does not have anything in common with other traditional girls. Due to that reason, every Cambodian female pays much attention to hair care.

cambodian hair vs malaysian
Right from hair donors to customers

When first analysing Cambodian hair, you will be impressed by 4 features. Firstly, it is coarse and thick, in deed. Thus, you can easily mix it and let it blend seamlessly with loose African hair which is a hot product on the market. Second, Cambodian hair is highly textured in that it is available in various patterns such as straight, curly, wavy and the like. More importantly, these textures are 100% natural, which means that it can achieve such curly, such straight or such wavy patterns without any interference of chemical process.

The third feature should be its durability and versatility. By durability, I mean it can hold beautiful curls or wave for good. Once wearing, forever last with proper care from its owner. According to hair experts, Cambodian hair is one of the healthiest hair type in the world and maybe in this contest between Cambodian hair vs Malaysian one, the former is dominant.

Last but not least, Cambodian hair is an easy accessory from root to end. It allows any style that you want and any color that you desire to dye.  As it is unprocessed, you just need to take several basic steps to get the strands right color and appear such even. Cambodian hair just does not welcome bleaching as Vietnamese one.

How gorgeous your hair will be when it is dyed.

Cambodian hair vs Malaysian one all do not welcome bleaching, which prove that they are all easy for you to style hair in whatever way you like and in whatever color that you prefer.

What is Malaysian hair like? (detailed part)

It is ranked as one of the most trending hair extensions in the world as this Southeast Asia hair is extremely sought after natural texture and frequently used by celebrities. Young people are all in love with its silky and lustrous look. Should you want to get an extremely gorgeous feel, smooth and shiny hair, then Malaysian hair integrations are born to be yours.

In terms of versatility, both Cambodian hair vs Malaysian one provide clients with flexibility and perfect blending. Celebrities love them for that reason. Their textures are equally various with some common textures such as straight, curly, wavy, body wave and so forth.

The special thing that tells it apart from others is that it comes in different styles to meet different demands and that Malaysian weaves typically do not curl when they are wet. Shampoo does not ruin the straight texture; on the contrary, it helps to create a slight wave with lots of body and bounce.

cambodian hair vs malaysian
Virgin Malaysian hair in straight texture

Actually Malaysian hair is not excessively shiny and is as sleek as Cambodian hair. Its lustre is low to medium, just like Brazillian hair. Without your use of hi-end products, you can still have good curls because it is truly good in nature.

When comparing Cambodian hair vs Malaysian one, I can see that they have the same natural color which is very dark brown. Maybe hair donors are living in the same neighborhood; so, their hair receives the same amount of sunlight, is affected by similar climate and knows how to take advantage of natural hair treatments.

In addition to straight, body wave and kinky curly hair texture, Malaysian hair is destined to have some popular hair pieces, including lace closures and lace wigs. For other hair types, lace closures and lace wigs are not frequently used and bought by clients. So why is Malaysian hair a special case?

It can be said that Malaysian wig or closure is among top quality virgin hair. Besides, it could last long and keep looking great all the times. Malaysian wigs can be anything from straight, long, short to curly. If you are new to hair extensions, it is advised to get some wigs to experience comfortable artificial hair.

 Which is your dream hair: Cambodian hair vs Malaysian?

To be honest, as an expert, I could not say for sure the answer for your questions because we are all different and we have different taste for beauty. In other words, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Depending on your hair requirements, you will have a different choice. The only thing that I can confirm you that they are good in nature and it would be a wise investment of yours.

They all have a long lifespan, which means you do not have to replace hair extensions so often. When it comes to prices, Malaysian hair has the same price as that of Cambodian. So you do not have to worry too much if you are in tight budget. They are all affordable.

When it comes to hair quality, the most important thing to consider is whether the hair virgin human hair or not. As long as it is collected right from local donors, you will get the best of it.

cambodian hair vs malaysian
Right from the hair donors to your hair integrations

When it comes to length, there is a slight difference between Cambodian hair vs Malaysian one. While Cambodian hair comes in length from 12-26 inches, that of Malaysian ranges from 10 to 30 inches. However, in general, you have the same recipe to estimate how much bundles you should purchase.

The following is the table that I suggest in every article. Without learning it by heart or keeping it as an important note, you will definitely purchase hair extensions in an inappropriate amount.

Virgin Cambodian hair vs Malaysian one are both natural and healthy; so it is not hard for customers to try and to install for the first time. However, there are several steps in installations that you need to take notice of. For Cambodian hair, you can click here to see more as I have already mentioned in a detailed guide (dẫn link bài Cambodian hair).

Meanwhile, for Malaysian, especially those who have intention of getting weaves, remember not to cut the weave tracks when you apply your Malaysian bundles. If not, your hair will suffer from shedding due to loose ends. Nevertheless, it is not suggested that you do weave through the tracks. On the contrary, you should weave around them.

By this tips, your hair can last for longer time as weaving through hair tracks could detach some of strands and result in shedding with time.

This is what I call shedding, which is a terrible phenomenon for your hair extensions.

One more thing that makes Malaysian hair more outstanding than its counterpart is that it does not swell or frizz in humid conditions, which means you can get low maintenance. What a good news for those who are living in coastal areas or humid climate!

So, in the end, I want to repeat that no matter which kind of hair extensions you prefer, it is worth your investment if you choose virgin hair of average to high grade. However, you still need to bear in mind some notes that I have written in order that you could have a better option for your budget, your locations and your ability to take care of it.

Price of Malaysian Straight Virgin Hair Grade 6A ranges from $50 to $100 per 3 bundles. Meanwhile, price of Cambodian Straight Virgin Hair Grade 6A ranges from $70 to over $100 per 3 bundles

  1. Basic hair care treatments for both types of hair you need to know

How to comb the wig properly.

– Put the wig on the mannequin head and position the latches firmly.

– Use a wide-toothed comb to smooth the hair or use gentle fingers to brush the hair before combing.

– Brush in the direction from the bottom to the top, the top part of the hair must be brushed first and then towards the top of the head.

– When brushing does not allow the comb to touch the wig cap, this may cause the hair to break quickly.

Clean your extensions regularly

– Add shampoo to the diluted water.

– Put the wig in a soaking basin for about 5 to 10 minutes (just soak, do not use your hands to scratch your hair, because it will mess up the hair).

– After soaking the hair with a shampoo head, rinse with water.

– Continue to add conditioner to the diluted water tank. Soak the hair similar to shampoo and rinse it off with water.

– After that, put the hair in a soft towel and gently absorb it (do not use your hands to rub your hair).

– When the hair is soaked with water, use a comb to comb your hair and hang your hair on a special drying rack to dry naturally. Do not use a dryer or dry in the sun.

– When hair is about 70% – 80% dry, comb the hair with a thin comb and spray the hair with water, then let it dry naturally.

How to dry Cambodian hair and Malysian hair?

– When the hair is in a humid state, there are two ways to dry it: One is to dry the hair in the light in the morning, the other is to use a dedicated hair dryer at a moderate heat (should also limit the use of the dryer because reduces the quality of hair fibers).

– Before drying, we fixed the wig firmly on a wooden bow head, using a comb to comb the hair.

– Adjust the dryer to the average temperature and wind, change the top-down airflow, place the 45 degree diagonal machine against the top of the head and about 20 cm away from the hair.

– If carefully, after drying, you should use some olive oil on your hair to increase the shine and flexibility for the hair. Olive oil is a great ingredient for hair and this is the way to restore hair extensions that are so effective that few people think about it.

– Avoid drying hair at high temperatures if you don’t want the extensions to deteriorate quickly. Do not expose your hair to harsh sunlight, this will make it easier to dry and split ends.

As you can see, there is slight gap between Malaysian hair’s price and that of Cambodian hair. So, now the answer to the question “Which is your dream hair: Cambodian hair vs Malaysian?” totally belongs to yours. Your preferences will help you to choose the more suitable one. Believe me, no matter what you choose, it will satisfy your strict requirements!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have already explored all your articles related to Cambodian hair and I found them all helpful. I can see that you did dig deep into it and it seems that you have answered all the queries that can potentially be in mind of readers. However, when reading this article, I have a better overview of Cambodian hair vs Malaysian one and then I feel that I will go for Malaysian hair. However, you have not mentioned all the grades of Malaysian hair. Could you please take your time to clarify this for me?

A: Your question is understandable because when writing this article, I did think about it. However, I thought that there should be some more interesting part than that issue. I just let it there until you raise your wonder. I am glad that you remind me of it. I intend to provide you with a table so that you can conveniently observe and make comparisons.

  6A 7A 8A
Lifetime 3-6 months with proper care 12-18 months with proper care 2-2.5 years with proper care

(10 inches – 3 bundles)

About $50 About $85 About $170
Feature Virgin hair at the synthetic price High-quality and popular Salon designated or used by celebs
Bleachability #10 #27 #613
Hair texture Silky, soft and lustrous Coarse and bouncy Durable, coarse and extremely beautiful curls with lots of bounce
Restyle You can wear it in origional pattern or you can curl if you desire a new hairstyle Bouncy curls remain when curled Bouncy curls remain when curled

Q: I will go for Cambodian hair as I think price always comes with quality. However, where can I see and follow some natural treatments to take good care of it?

A: Please click here to see more (dẫn link bài natural treatment for hair extensions)


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