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Hair extensions are certainly no longer a new concept. However, have you heard about Cambodian hair extensions, with the product 22 Inches Straight Weft Ombre 8c 60c from Ivirgo Hair Factory?

If not, you’ve missed a reasonably priced yet quality product. This hairstyle promises to satisfy even the most demanding users. 

Product Features

If you are interested in 22 Inches Straight Weft Ombre 8c 60c but need more information about this hairstyle, check out some shares below. 


Experiencing many different colors in her hair is what many women desire. Yet, not many people change their hair color often because they are worried that it will be harmful or cause damage to their natural hair. 

With 22 Inches Straight Weft Ombre 8c 60c, you can freely change your look without worrying about the above problems. 

This hair type has a striking ombre color, making you more attractive than ever. You can freely bleach and dye to get your favorite hair color. 

It is a combination of two different colors, creating a beautiful color effect.

Unlike some options currently on the market, our hair extensions allow you to color freely. You don’t have to look for darker or lighter colors than the manufacturer provides. It is an advantage that not many providers can offer.

With these hair extensions, you will not cause any damage to your natural hair but still get the look you imagine. 


We offer high-quality Cambodian hair in various length options. With 22 Inches Straight Weft Ombre 8c 60c, you will get silky smooth hair in the desired length. 

It is the perfect solution for those who are always confident with underdeveloped hair. With 22 Inches Straight Weft Ombre 8c 60c, you will have the long one of your dreams in just a few minutes. 

You can also ask us to change the length of your hair. Whatever your requirements are, you can be satisfied with our product.


22 Inches Straight Weft Ombre 8c 60c is made entirely from Cambodian natural hair. We build a professional hair collection, treatment, and production process. Each stage is strictly controlled to ensure the highest integrity of the hair. 

Even professionals in styling and hair care must appreciate its quality. Its pattern, color, and luster are always in the best state. These hair models are all arranged in the cuticle, straight, and have the most natural color. 

With all the advantages mentioned above, it is not surprising that you can style our extensions using any styler without the problems of shedding or tangling. 


22 Inches Straight Weft Ombre 8c 60c is one of our most naturally structured products. Its color, pattern, and sheen are entirely natural because it has not been treated with chemicals, and the hair has a complete and straight cuticle. 

Its strong-state allows natural hair to last for a long time. And you don’t have to spend too much time on maintenance, maintaining your hair’s shine, thickness, and softness. 


Our hair extension has a high volume and a striking color that promises to change your look instantly. 

Plus, this extension can also be flexibly changed to fit many different styles. You can use only a few wefts to add volume to your natural hair. Or you can also change the style and color of your hair to refresh yourself. 


Can you wear your hair up with a weft?

The answer is yes. You can even tie your hair in a ponytail without revealing that you’re using extensions. 

How often should you wash your hair weft?

You should wash your hair extensions about two or three times per week. 

Can you wear ombre extensions without ombre hair?

You can have ombre hair extensions even if you don’t have ombre hair. However, you should only use hair extensions when your hair is short or medium. 

How many bundles do I need for 22 inches of hair?

You will need about four bundles if your natural hair is between 20 and 26 inches long. 

How long can you leave a weft in?

An extension can last 6 to 12 weeks until it requires you to maintain it. After this period, you should adjust the hairstyle to ensure it is not tangled and in the correct order. 


You cannot doubt the 22 Inches Straight Weft Ombre 8c 60c quality. This hairstyle will change your appearance most spectacularly. I hope you always have great experiences with this particular hairstyle. 

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