26 inches straight weft color 24c


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If you want a vibrant and alluring appearance to refresh yourself, consider purchasing 26 Inches Straight Weft Color 24c. The astounding hair extension will impress you during use. 

At Ivirgo Hair Factory, you can easily find high-end hair styling and beauty care products. The 26 Inches Straight Weft Color 24c is one of the specific Cambodian hairs.

Let’s look at the in-depth reviews below to learn more about this unique hair extension. 

Product Features

For several years, hair extensions delivering appealing colors and silky textures have been favored more than ever. They have an endless palette and different shades, which can conquer the most demanding requirements.

In addition to product quality, our store has gradually built up a reputation for good customer care skills and specifically trained experts in coloring and styling. To demonstrate this, keep scrolling down!


Generally, we offer customers a wide range of lengths, ranging from 6 to 32 inches, for specific needs and hairstyles. The hair length is not a problem, whichever hairstyle or texture you choose.

Shoulder-length hair extensions are prevalent this season due to their appropriate length, allowing hairdressers to redesign and dye without much time and effort.

Considering your face shape and body proportion, consider choosing a suitable length for the time-saving hairstyling process. 


In choosing hair extensions, the material is the key to determining the products’ quality and longevity. High-class materials typically deliver longer longevity than medium-class materials. 

For instance, 100% natural hair extensions possess significant longevity, one year or even more, depending on customers’ care. Remy-hair extensions can last 6 to 8 months, depending on the extension method.

At Ivirgo Hair Factory, we ensure hair extensions have clear origins and are taxed. Every product has tags and specs, making it simple for customers to distinguish between them.


The selling point of the 26 inches straight weft color 24c lies in various colors and shades. We guarantee to provide trending and vibrant colors in the hair business market.

If you find the classic natural black boring and monatomic, please don’t hesitate to choose the colored hair extensions as an ideal solution. You can easily attract the attention of other people in the crowd. 

However, the vibrant color might come at a cost, as you have to bleach the natural hair colors to dye lighter colors. Over time, chemical treatments can weaken hair health and scratch the scalp.

Remember to consider carefully before chemically treating to have a healthy and long-term hair extension. 


Another noticeable characteristic determining our product quality is the top structure. Thanks to elaborate research and tests, we have come up with the most healthy hair extensions with almost 100% cuticle layers intact. 

In addition, the cuticles are one-way aligned from top to tip, reducing the chance of your wigs getting frizzy or breakage during washing or brushing. Customers are no longer worrying about finding solutions to these problems.

Recently, manufacturers have been working on hair extensions’ quality and fundamental structure. Therefore, whichever extension grade you choose guarantees decent quality for coloring and styling.


The  26 inches straight weft color 24c allows customers to redesign and customize according to preferences but still retain inherent natural texture and healthy cuticle layers. 

You can tie or perm the product in a deep curly, and wavy-like texture or tie it in a ponytail for outdoor activities. Remember not to apply pressure on the hair extension to avoid loosening the adhesive pads.


Can You Get Hair Extensions With Dyed Hair?

You can get hair extensions with dyed hair as long as your hair extensions are made out of natural human hair. Natural human hair retains almost all cuticles, allowing them to withstand chemical treatments without damage.

On the other hand, artificial hair extensions can’t tolerate coloring because the manufacturing procedure alters their core structure and makes them weaker than usual.

How Can I Dye My Hair Extensions Without Ruining Them?

Consider Using a 10-volume developer and demi-permanent color. These products penetrate under the cuticles, allowing color to last longer on the hair surfaces while significantly reducing potential damage.

Does Dying Hair Extensions Damage The Attachments?

The answer is yes. If you accidentally apply color to the adhesive pads, chemicals will sabotage and loosen them gradually. Consider covering the attachment with your fingers whenever you dye or bleach your hair extensions.


The 26 Inches Straight Weft Color 24c is the best choice for customers of all ages and financial conditions. The desire to have a vibrant appearance is no longer a dream of anyone with this hair extension type.

Don’t hesitate to visit our website for more details. Thank you for reading!


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