Cambodian natural wavy double drawn hair 20 inches




Cambodian hair extensions are the first choice of many users because of the advantages of this hair extension, such as thickness, firm texture, and durability.

The Cambodian Natural Wavy Double Drawn Hair 20 Inches from Ivirgo Hair Factory confidently owns all the above advantages. Our products give you even more impressive experiences than only a few options on the market can offer.

Product Features

There are quite a few suppliers of hair extensions from natural Cambodian hair.  Yet, you should look for a place that can bring you the best quality products. 

To meet all hair color, style, and texture requirements, there’re not many options that can be better than Cambodian Natural Wavy Double Drawn Hair 20 Inches.


We always use raw hair and advanced processing without chemicals. Therefore, the hair that reaches the customer’s hand always retains the original black or dark brown color.

This hair color is quite suitable for those who love the gentle, luxurious style and want to own a hair extension as naturally as possible.

Our Cambodian natural wavy double-drawn hair extensions support bleaching and dyeing flexibly without affecting the texture and hair shelf life. You can use this advantage to change your appearance and refresh yourself regularly.


We offer Cambodian natural wavy double-drawn curls of the same 20 inches length. It is the ideal length to style or pursue your style comfortably.

We also offer a wide selection of other lengths. Consider and make the appropriate choice depending on the user’s needs.

With its medium length, you have more options for simple or medium curls. You may need to look at more considerable hair lengths if you want thicker styles.


Our hair extensions are made entirely from Cambodian hair. Each bundle is sourced from a single donor to ensure longevity and uniform texture.

Our natural hair rarely tangles. It is also famous for its glossy, bouncy shine. Cambodian hair extensions are the first choice if you want a quick, honest, and practical beauty solution.


We pride ourselves on the thickest, most muscular hair extensions on the market. The hair’s cuticle is relatively intact, all in the same direction. 

With all the advantages, Cambodian natural wavy double-drawn hair is the hair extension that can last for months, even years, that you are always looking for.


Cambodian natural wavy double-drawn hair is an option that can be available every day. Its simple styling is perfectly compatible with natural hair. 

People around will only be surprised when your hair is thicker, longer, and shinier, but they will not be able to detect that you are using hair extensions.

If a simple hairstyle feels dull, you can change your look at home using styling tools and chemicals.


What makes a hair double-drawn?

High-end double-pull hair is usually from natural human hair. 

The manufacturing process for this hair type is different, as the stylists will manually remove hairs that are shorter or longer than the norm. 

This processing step will help the hair extensions have a uniform thickness from top to bottom.

Is Double Drawn hair better?

Hair stylists all consider double-drawn to be the highest quality hair. It is of equal length, has a natural beauty, is always smooth, and has a reasonably long life. Although it’s more expensive than other options, it’s still worth the investment.

What is double-drawn vs. single-drawn hair?

Double-drawn hair will have uniform length and thickness. In contrast, single-drawn hair will have longer ends.

Is double-drawn hair bone straight?

This hair type is relatively straightforward. It is also quite thick, and about 85-90% of its hairs are the same length. 

So, this one is also one of the most expensive hair types today.

What grade of hair is double-drawn?

Double-drawn hair will be evaluated based on the thickness and the number of inches in the same length. 

Single draws will be rated A. Meanwhile, Double ones with the most hairs of the same size will be available to place at the highest grade, usually AAAAA.


There are so many options for extensions from real Cambodian hair. However, our Cambodian Natural Wavy Double Drawn Hair 20 Inches is still confidently one of the most considered options today.

If you are interested in this hairstyle, I hope the above sharing has been helpful for you. I hope you are satisfied with your choice and always look outstanding.

Thank you for reading!

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