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Diversity in style, exclusivity in quality, and perfection in length are the significant Cambodian hair advantages. They help provide users with impressive and valuable consumer experiences. 

The most typical of which is the Cambodian natural wavy single-drawn hair version. It is a product with many unique features, suitable for many customers with different preferences. So how is it specifical in parts? 

Let’s check out the product review below with Ivirgo Hair Factory. Scroll slowly so you can get all the essential information. 


Cambodian hair is hair of legal origin, collected from various sources, but mainly from Cambodian sponsors. Mostly, they are strong hair strands with a textured finish and attractive, natural color. And, of course, our product is no exception. 

The hair is light black, shiny, and super bouncy. It is suitable for many customers with different faces and skin tones. This hair color is the best way to show a simple, sophisticated, and attractive beauty for those with pinkish-white skin. 

For blondes or brunettes, black hair is perfect for brightening your face. At the same time, it also contributes to covering some other defects on the front. 

Our unique hair extensions also allow you to bleach and dye to your liking. Its fragile, strong hair makes it easier and faster to absorb dye chemicals. 

From there, the displayed colors will be accurate and meet your expectations. Yet, do not forget to take care of your hair because of that. It needs a perfect feeding and care regimen to maintain its health and effectively reduce damage. 


The needs of customers are increasingly diverse and somewhat stricter. With each individual, they carefully ask about both the hair’s quality and the product’s available length. 

With this in mind, we have simultaneously developed and produced this hair model in many different sizes. 

The hair length will range from 6 – 32 inches to meet customers’ requirements. For each size segment, we carefully select the suitable hairs of equal length to create a quality and uniform bundle. 


This hairstyle is a natural wave, bouncy, and full of life. Our product is far better than the artificial curly hair created through the complicated curling process. 

It can hold curls long without stretching after washing or heat. It will help you have shiny hair and confidently participate in many exciting life activities. 

With this hairstyle, you can also change into many desired hairstyles if that’s what you like. To add youthfulness and personality, you can tie them up or round them, making them look much more dynamic. 

Otherwise, you can braid them into pretty braids to show off the lightness and sophistication of your lifestyle. 

We do not recommend cutting the hair short for this product, as it will lose its natural curl. It also leads to damage and rapid breakage and is challenging to restore as the original. 


From the perspective of consumers, we understand the difficulties and concerns of customers when faced with purchasing decisions. 

Most users are concerned about the quality of the product even though the reviews from previous customers are stable. To further stabilize customers’ psychology, we pack the finished hair bundles with a weight of only about 100g. 

It is the best way for users to easily access, buy and test the product quality before ordering in larger quantities. We can fulfill orders with standard quality for more extensive order requirements as quickly as possible. So you can be assured entirely when buying and using products at our hair salon. 


To facilitate transportation and meet the order requirements of all customers, we have cooperated with many delivery units simultaneously.

They include UPS, DHL, Fedex, and EMS, the leading reputable carriers, ensuring the safest and fastest delivery. 


Is this hairstyle worth it?

Have. It is more valuable than any other hair extensions on the market today. With a natural wavy look and an attractive traditional black color, this product is 

perfect for highlighting your face’s gentle, elegant beauty. It is the beauty of modernity, courtesy, and luxury. 

Is this hairstyle for middle-aged women?

Have. Middle-aged women can buy and use this product. It helps your face become more youthful and charming.

Can I straighten my hair?

No, that’s not a good idea. With exceptional long-lasting hold, our hair model is committed to not straightening even with the help of specialized tools. 


The article shares about Cambodian natural wavy single-drawn hair characteristics will help you have an objective overview of the product. 

From there, make a quick and accurate buying decision. Try it out, and remember to leave feedback on our review! 

Thank you for reading!


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