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You will be sophisticated if you are interested in Cambodia’s supernatural wavy hairstyle. This hairstyle is unique and flexible to style, so it also receives a lot of attention from many worldwide users. Moreover, it is also moderately thick, so it is almost suitable for most hair types and colors from all ethnicities.

It can be that natural wavy Cambodian hair is the perfect choice. Ivirgo Hair Vendors will send you some information about this hair type and tips.

Product Highlights

Virgin Cambodian hair is usually curly and a little tangled. However, you can rest assured because the company usually takes natural human hair and has not undergone any chemical treatment.

The natural wavy Cambodian hair is thoroughly to ensure that the disease, such as ticks, lice, or parasites, have been removed.

One feature of Cambodian hair is that it has a relatively coarse texture. That’s why it needs to ensure less heat and fewer chemicals are available when creating the specific hairstyle you want. 

Yet, this hair type is highly resilient, vibrant, and quite strong, so you can be sure that the occasional change in hairstyle won’t affect or damage you too much.

Hair color

Natural wavy Cambodian hair products usually have a fairly natural color, including black or dark brown. So you can bleach and dye them to your liking. In particular, it also has perfect buoyancy and can hold wrinkles.

Not only bleaching or dyeing, but you can also create any hairstyle such as curly, loose waves, or straightened with heat.

Nowadays, many companies have invested more in their output products, so they also polish their hair before putting it on the market. 

Instead of the traditional coarse hair, it is pretty smooth, and its structure is vital. You will be okay with damaging your hair if you sometimes need to change your style and the process requires harsh hair treatments.


Natural wavy Cambodian hair extensions are the same weight as other hair extensions on the market, with 100 grams per pack. 

However, if you can’t get them in person and have to buy them online, you need to order a minimum of 2 bundles equivalent to 200 grams. 

Of course, to request more, you must provide the required hair to the website’s message. Usually, I can provide between 1000 and 2000 kg of hair per month.


Depending on your requirements, the hair length the company can provide will range from 6 to 32 inches. At 6 inches, your hair will be about shoulder length, and 32 inches will be just past the waist or slightly above.

Yet, if you choose a curly hairstyle, you need to select a longer hair length because this hairstyle is often shortened. Also, if you want to do a bouncy curl, choose a 28 to 32-inch extension.

Shipping services

If you choose the online shipping method, we will deliver the goods through 2 popular methods: express delivery and post. 

Express delivery charges double or triple by mail. So depending on your purpose and need, we will ship in the form you choose. You can rest assured that we can still take orders and deliver on holidays or weekends.

Besides, the shipping also increases the product’s price depending on where you order. If you are in China or India, the shipping fee differs.


How much are the natural wavy Cambodian hair prices?

If you want to buy a few packs for your hair styling purposes, the price may not be too much of an issue. However, if your order is in bulk, you need to know that some factors can affect the total price.

  • Hair Source: Usually, if you buy the original raw hair form from Cambodia and have not undergone any heat treatment, it is expensive.
  • Shipping Location: The shipping service or location will determine the price. Specifically, your costs will be different if you choose a supplier in China and a supplier from India. That’s why we always advise users to find local hair distributors.

How should I take care of my natural wavy Cambodian hair extensions?

Simply put, I’ll give you a few tips:

  • You should clean your hair by washing it 2-3 times a week. Do not wash your hair too much, as it will dry out your hair
  • Use conditioner or hair conditioner to make your hair soft and shiny
  • Wear a hat when going out to avoid UV rays
  • Refrain from brushing your hair while it is wet.


Finally, I hope the information about Natural Wavy Cambodian Hair I provided earlier will be helpful to you.

If you are hesitant and afraid to change yourself, don’t worry because this hairstyle will not disappoint you. Besides, share this helpful information with your loved ones.

Thanks for following the post.

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