Cambodian virgin hair texture is winning people’s heart

Hair integrations are the magic that helps many women stop praying or moaning because of their ugly and imperfect hair. They all get amazed the wonderful transformation which hair extensions bring about.

However, choosing high-quality hair extensions can be overwhelming since there are so many options available for you. In this article, I will write honest reviews about Cambodian virgin hair texture from what I have experienced so far. I believe that it is worth your attention, which enables you to make the right purchase.

What is Cambodian virgin hair texture like?

Before getting to know what  hair texture is like, we will have a quick look at Cambodia and its notable features. Cambodia, known as the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a country located in the south of the Indochina Peninsula in the Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, its population reaches approximately 15 million people, the majority of whom is Khmer individuals.

Based on geographical and demographic characteristics, Cambodian virgin hair texture keeps its originality and traditions as soft waves, a smooth and silky texture and a bit of Hollywood glamour when it comes to its style.

Additionally, Cambodian hair is sourced from Cambodia and is famous for its medium luster. You can easily wash or blow-dry to get a straight sleek look. For a vivacious bounce, do not hesitate to have it curled!

cambodian virgin hair texture
Common texture of Cambodian virgin hair

All these hair textures come in lengths ranging from 12 inches to 26 inches, which offers you lots of choice to choose from and satisfies your demands. You can also be successful in mixing and matching textures to create a unique hairstyle. By that way, you must be really outstanding in the crowd, making a long lasting impression and letting others to turn heads to admire you.

I believe that these typical features of Cambodian hair are evident enough to talk you into making an instant deal. Now you did know people are more and more interested in Cambodian virgin hair textures for a reason!

Why to choose Cambodian virgin hair extensions?

Hair is thought to be one of the first things that help you make long lasting impression as people cannot miss your hair when looking at your face. Should you be unlucky to possess a not-really-lush hair, hair integrations are born to make you gain your original confidence.

So why to choose Cambodian virgin hair texture among a mountain of hair extensions?

First, it can be seen that virgin hair extensions are always on hot seat in the market because they are among the most exotic hair available. Basically, virgin human hair is unprocessed human hair, which means suppliers collect them from a single donor. Therefore, it is very silky and lustrous.

Cambodian virgin hair texture is not an exception. I ensure that you will no longer feel uncomfortable when wearing it. Additionally, the aforementioned characteristics of Cambodian virgin hair will definitely talk you into making a deal.

Let me back up a bit about the origin of Cambodian virgin hair extensions here. Secondly, donors of Cambodian virgin hair are those from the Khmer ethnic group. Hence, they are accustomed to raising long black hair. They are all proud of their traditional costumes of Cambodia.

It is also noted that their hair care habits are a sophisticated and careful process. They often wash their hair with cold water and then care them by natural flavoring or products.

I will never forget their images in that hair, wearing extremely sampot clothes. Therefore, it came as no surprise to learn that Cambodian virgin hair texture is the top-searched keyword in the Google.

cambodian virgin hair texture
No tangle, no shedding and long lasting

Finally, every texture of Cambodian virgin hair is so good that you cannot miss it. The straight texture of Cambodian hair integrations is easy to maintain and with proper care, it can last longer than ever. This texture makes sure that hair is tangle and matte free, which frees yourself from worrying about all of the hassle followed by hair extensions.

Meanwhile, other  virgin hair – remy, curly or wavy hair are naturally thick, luscious and super bouncy. They allow for an easy flat and flawless installation.

You can also go for your creativity to change your hairstyles because Cambodian virgin hair extensions can be styled in whatever ways you prefer. Glossier appearance is achieved with your wild desire and the high quality of Cambodian virgin hair.

Where to buy and how to take good care of it

Hair extensions are gaining their popularity nowadays and there are bundles of providers that you may be likely to find it hard to choose from. Moreover, you are not an expert in the field; so it is pretty difficult to check if products truly come from Cambodia or not.

In this article, I will share my personal experience with my providers and suggest some reliable addresses that may be helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to share your customer experience with us!

Where to buy Cambodian virgin hair texture?

It does not matter which exactly providers you should choose. The matter is that you need to contact directly with them, then ask for what you require and assess the way they consult you.

Cambodian virgin hair texture is a must-sell product in almost every vendor. Therefore, when doing research, you can be confused at too many choices. In that case, let’s browse through the interface of the website and read more and more reviews and feedback from their customers, which may be helpful.

Do not rely solely on the opinions or reviews of several hot vloggers or influencers as in the end, they are all paid to do marketing. The only thing you need to believe in is your feelings about the vendors.

In terms of my favorite vendor (if you want to know), Ivirgo is that one. It really suits me. The company has a headquarter in Vietnam, a country which is pretty near Cambodia. Therefore, it must be cheaper for delivery and hair exports, which allows Ivirgo to lower their price a bit.

When first getting in touch with Ivirgo, you can be reminded of all the typical features of Cambodian virgin hair texture to make sure that you want it. They are willing to answer all your queries to their best of ability. Ivirgo even skypes with customers to show them the real products.

In general, I have had wonder customer experience with Ivirgo. Only after 3-4 days of order, I can get the product with the exact quality as introduced before. For other vendors to buy Cambodian virgin hair texture, please see the list in the Aliexpress to get to know more.

How to take good care of it?

cambodian virgin hair texture
Very basic steps that you can follow to care your hair at home ( Source: internet)

Literally, Cambodian virgin hair texture is not that hard to take good care of. Should you remember basic steps to care, your hair extensions’ longevity can be expanded to the extent that you will never expect.

Firstly, washing the virgin human hair right way.

A good rule of thumb is to detangle from the ends to the roots before shampooing. Gently wash in a downward motion. Organic and sulfate free shampoo are recommended.

After shampooing, you can use some drops of natural oil such as coconut or almond to moisture your hair extensions. They will make them be lustrous for longer. Do not brush any Cambodian hair texture until it is dry.

Secondly, there are important notes when you style hair extensions. Among many types of hair integrations, Cambodian ones are the easiest to style. As aforementioned, they allow for whatever style you desire – wavy, curly, straight or even mixed hairstyle.

However, heat is one of the biggest enemies of hair extensions. The more you limit heat, the better and the longer they can last. Be careful with blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. One more thing to note is to make sure your hair integrations are dry before you get started.

Finally, hair treatments are crucial to keep your luxurious raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendors alive. Basically, it is not much different from those of other virgin hair. Please kindly click on the recommended article here:

[link bài chăm sóc tóc nối]

Below are basic domains of Cambodian virgin hair texture. We hope that after this article, you dare try a new type of virgin hair extensions. Once try, forever love. Should you still have questions or wonders, do not hesitate to comment or directly contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Cambodian virgin hair shed/tangle?

A: It is users who determine the life expectancy of the product. With proper care, Cambodian virgin hair extensions should never shed or tangle at all. It only starts to get tangled when being triggered by following factors, namely dryness, salt-water, improper drying techniques and low quality hair care products.

Q: Can I buy Mongolian hair to substitute as Cambodian virgin hair?

A: This question is more likely to ask for comparison. While Cambodian one is slightly coarse hair in nature and has something in common with relaxed African American hair, Mongolian hair is of thicker hair shaft, heavier density and soft texture. I cannot say that Mongolian hair can be a perfect substitute for Cambodian one or vice versa because based on your preferences, each has its overwhelming characteristics. I only can say that they are all good to be your must-have ‘accessory’.

Q: How many patterns of Cambodian virgin hair texture are available?

A: There are 5 popular patterns, which are natural straight, natural wavy, natural body wave, natural deep wave, natural curly.

Q: Can you tell me the major difference between raw hair and virgin hair?

A: Virgin hair is collected from humans/donors. It has never been chemically or mechanically manipulated at all. Raw hair is the other way to define virgin hair. Therefore, they can be replaced for each other.

Q: Can I color my Cambodian hair extensions?

A: In the article, I use the phrase “whatever style you desire” and in this answer, I can say that you can do whatever you want with your Cambodian hair integrations. In the end, they are strands of hair that are collected from human. Please treat them as your own natural hair.

Q: Can you tell me more about virgin Cambodian wavy hair? I am going to have that type. So at least, I need to know basic domains about it.

A: It is incredibly soft and versatile. Nevertheless, because it is wavy texture, it can be worn in its natural wavy state, flat ironed straight or curled for vivacious bounce. Be careful when taking care of this wavy texture!

Q: If there are two options available and you can only choose one, which one would you choose (Vietnamese or Cambodian virgin hair texture)?

A: To be honest, it is a hard question to answer because personally, I like both of them. They all come in a variety of textures and they are easy to take care of and style. They all have their attractive features that are difficult to give objective comparison. I will go for Vietnamese hair because I am into its being soft and silky. However, if you love something to be sexy, modern and outstanding, thickness and coarse should make you become a fan of Cambodian virgin hair. However, it does not mean Vietnamese hair is all straight and Cambodian hair is always wavy/curly. It is not the case at all. Let say Cambodian hair is often heavily textured and Vietnamese hair is likely to be silky textured. Even when you are negotiating with suppliers, let’s use the two terms that I have just suggested.

Q: Do you find it expensive when you pay for Cambodian virgin hair?

A: No, I do not. Cambodian virgin hair is one of the most affordable, albeit good hair extensions that I have known.

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