The best answer for question “can clip in extensions damage your hair?”

Clip in extensions are familiar to most of girls, using clip in hair extensions helps girls become more attractive and beautiful. It is easy to use and be suitable for girls. But some people wonder that can clip in extensions damage your hair and here is the answer with some instruction of clip in hair extensions. Let’s see what it is.

 Can clip in extensions damage your hair?

Before answering the question “can clip in extensions damage your hair?”, there are some information for you about clip in extensions . Clip in hair extensions is a type of hair, with a small clamp, attached under the real hair. As one of the most modern methods of combining hair, it does not affect the real hair, it can be removed manually at any time without leaving the hair salon to connect hair or lift the term. Hooks and hair removal.

Hair clips can be made of real hair or made artificial hair. There are many colors of clip in hair extensions, but mainly on the market only four popular colors: black, dark brown, russet, light brown.

You should choose the clip in hair extensions made by artificial hair matching with real hair color. You can dye the hair with same color of clip in extensions, so it coincides with artificial hair color.

You should clean your clip in hair extensions twice a day if your hair is used regularly. Use a special shampoo to brush the hair. Once done, rebrand the hair and put it in a sack so that the hair will remain beautiful for using in future. Specialized hair spray for hair is more brittle and has a pleasant scent.

Clip in extensions also don’t have any effects on your hair. It doesn’t damage your hair in anyway as people thought. With clip in hair extensions, you just only use when you go out or take photos. The short time of using cannot make your hair become bad. Most girls use clip in hair extensions to have thicker and longer hair, and it doesn’t ruin their hair. She can use it anytime and anywhere she likes.

can clip in extensions damage your hair
Can clip in extensions damage your hair

If someone says that clip in hair extensions damage their hair, you should not believe much. Because their many reasons not relate to clip in hair extensions. It seems that their hair be damaged when using clip in extensions. Because their hair are week and it is easy to brake. So, when they use the clip in extensions, the clip attaches on their hair in a long time. This makes their hair can be broken. But the main reasons still in the hair is too weak to use clip in hair extensions. In this case, too weak hair people should use wig for all head that will be better for them.

Can clip in extensions damage your hair and how to use clip in extensions

Beside the problem that can clip in damage your hair, there are some instruction s about using clip in hair extensions.

  • Take a little hair in the middle of the head so that it can cover the inner layer. Putting the hair have just taken with a hair band.
  • Hairpin the clip in hair extensions into the hair. The inner part of the hair has four clamps and you fix the hair so that the wig covers the underlying hair. Then tuck the hair back into the wig in the first half.
  • Leave the hair on the top of the head back and divided equally to cover the edge of the hair. Reapply to keep hair straight, bloated.
can clip in extensions damage your hair 2
x Beautiful clip in hair extension for girl
  • That is the easiest way to use clip in hair extensions for girls. However, using clip in hair extensions in a long time will make it become fibrous and tangled. These are some tips to reduce this:
  • Go out in the wind (you should put the hair in the jacket, hat, if you sit back should keep the hair to not tangled.) Because your hair is become tangled again by strong winds.
  • Do not dry your hair, leave it in front of the fan for a long time (when your hair is wet, just leave the place dry and dry naturally)
  • Wash hair too much and in wrong way with strong pressure of hand (when the hair needs to soak and then rinse)
  • Hair wash time depends on many factors such as the number of uses, hair styling products, and the environment in which you wear the wig … If you use a wig every day for 10-12 hours. Wash them every 10-14 days. If using less than that so you can wait for 2-3 weeks to wash the wig.
  • You shouldn’t brush your hair too hard or comb your hair with curly hair (you should only brush the hair if it is straight hair and brush to hold the curly hair, do not brush the hair)
  • Do not stroke your hair a lot
  • Go on the rain, you should cover the hair carefully, put the hair in the coat to avoid the rain wet it.

In conclusion, you had the answer for can clip in extensions damage your hair. Besides, you also had the way to use clip in hair extensions and how to protect it. Hope this writing will help you know more about clip in extensions. Please give feedback below if you want to ask something.

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