Can I mix two hair colors from the same brand to have an ideal hairstyle

Have you ever wondered yourself that “Can I mix two hair colors from the same brand?” to create your own ideal hairstyle as you used to dream before. For certain, you have spent a lot of time finding the answers to that question above. Don’t worry about that! In this brief post, we’d like to assist you to solve this question correctly and effectively.

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Can you mix two different hair colors of the same brand together?

Perhaps, you feel worried about whether you can mix two box hair colors originated from the same brands or not. You’re scared that it will damage your own hair and make your hair become greasy and dry. However, according to some recent researches carried out by professional experts, it comes to us that you can completely do that without having any trouble.

Sometimes, you want to be the middle two levels of color tone that you hardly see in any boxed kit at all. Therefore, mixing two hair colors from the same brand will be superb meaningful in this situation.

In other cases, providing that you want to resist to an undertone in your own color, it might be essential to mix another hair color. Therefore, that can I mix two hair colors from the same brand is possible for all of you.

Can I mix two hair colors from the same brand
Two different hair colors will help you have a unique hairstyle. Let’s try Source: Internet

More clearly, there are tons of people trying to mix two hair colors originated from the same brands and it comes as no surprise to us that it has given them an incredible hair color by the way and certainly, there shouldn’t be any disadvantages of the chemical reactions. In case everyone who doesn’t whether it is good or not, please ask for professors’ advice with a view to getting some basic information before mixing.

So, what will happen if you mix two hair colors from different brands? Alright, in this post, we’d like not recommend all of you. For that reason, every brand has its own ingredients with various substances and if you mix them together, which can cause some chemical effects on your hair.

Moreover, providing that you own 2 brands and you don’t want to take time to buy any hair color box, it’s pivotal that you should read instructions as carefully as possible. It will become better when you ask for a professional colorist’s suggestion if you aren’t sure that these kinds of hair color brands can blend well with together.

How to choose two different hair colors from the same brand to mix together

There is no doubt that mixing two hair colors seems to be not easy to make. For that reason, this depends on some external factors in order that you can create the hair color’ s result suitably you desire. In this post, we’d like to recommend two basic elements called level and tone of hair color.

Hair color level

Can I mix two hair colors from the same brand
Can I mix two hair colors from the same brand (Source: Internet)

Selecting the level of hair color is considered to be quite important to you. More significantly, it will decide the result of mixing two hair colors together.

You do need to mix two hair colors that can be able to complement the shade together. As previously stated, there are 10 levels of hair color for you to pick from the darkest and blackest (level 1) to the lightest (level 10). In this case, you shouldn’t blend hair colors having contrary shades. Two- three darker even lighter levels are perfect for your hair color.

Can I mix two hair colors from the same brand
Hair color tones scale Source: Internet

Alright, can I mix two hair colors from the same brand? It is not a difficult problem but the hair colors you select must be suitable. In case you are into mixing 2 different hair colors along with 2 shades together, the best selection for you is choosing colors that are the same tones in order to make them blend well with together.

How to mix two hair colors from the same brand?

Have you ever had a detailed idea for a hair color in your mind? After that, you realize that perhaps, you can’t find any colors in the boxed kit. However, most people also know that they can create their own unique hair color by learning how to mix colors together. Before making this on your own, you do need to follow some precautions strictly.

Can I mix two hair colors from the same brand
Source: Internet

A combination of necessary tools

To begin with, you need to prepare some required tools such as a bowl, a brush, and a pair of rubber gloves.

Can I mix two hair colors from the same brand
Can I mix two hair colors from the same brand (Source: Internet)

Secondly, after having on gloves, please put two hair colors from the same brand into a prepared bowl. In this situation, you do need to take notice of the ratio of every color. According to some hair experts, you should consider your hair color’ s formula before mixing them together. Provided that it doesn’t have a formula, the best advice for you is mixing them with a ratio being 1:1 equally.

Thirdly, the brush is used to stir the mixture. Next, please add the developer to the previous mixture with the ratio 1:1. Finally, please keep going on until you feel it is completely smooth and get to your own hair.

Some notes for you

Please do a trial first if there is no any formula for your own hair color. In this situation, take some strands of your hair in order to mix a little hair color.

How to keep dyed hair durable?

Use a dye with a moisturizer

Dyes can cause hair to become more dry, so hair absorbs and releases more oil. This oil can dissolve the molecules of the dye.

Before dyeing your hair, ask your hairdresser to use a high quality dye that has moisturizing ingredients for your hair. Dye with natural oils will help maintain moisture for your hair and the hair will look healthier and more shiny. In particular, dyes that do not contain ammonium are a very good choice for your hair!

Do not wash your hair immediately after dyeing your hair

After dyeing your hair, you should wait at least 48 hours or maybe longer to wash your hair. If possible, wait 3–4 days after dyeing to wash your hair so that the color has better time to go up. This patience is an extremely important condition to take care of the durable dyed hair!

Caring for dyed hair with dry shampoo

To keep your hair looking fresh, lift your hair and spray some dry shampoo on your hairline to absorb the lubricant. These dyed hair care not only keeps hair from becoming stain, but it also retains longer dyeing.

Avoid getting wet hair dyed when bathing

On non-shampooing days, you should use a hood to keep the hair from getting wet while bathing. You can also have a loose, pony-tail bun to prevent water from getting sticky. Wet hair will fade color quickly.

Use shampoo specifically for dyed hair

When shampooing hair dye, you should take care to use shampoo to protect hair color. A good shampoo will help maintain your hair color longer and increase the health of your hair.

Care for dyed hair with cool water

You should wash your hair with warm water or cool water. Hot water will cause the dye to fade faster because hot water will cause the surface of the hair to open, causing the dye molecules to float out. So don’t forget to adjust the temperature just right before shampooing.

Care for dyed hair with specialized conditioner

If possible, consider avoiding shampoo and use moisturizers for dyed hair. Shampoos can make hair color easier to fade than conditioner.

In addition, use a specialized conditioner for care of dyed hair. This conditioner will help your hair color look brighter and more even. Some conditioner products that contain Tahitian monoi oil and Ojon seed oil can help limit fading and create a protective film on dyed hair.

Take care of hair dyed with protective essence

The use of hair restoration essence can help make hair less tangled and protect the hair from damage due to heat tools as well as other factors from the outside environment.

You should find a hair restoration product dedicated to protecting dyes. The key to taking care of this hair dye is especially important if you often use a dryer, bending, stretching or if you leave your hair in the sun for too long.

Use thermal protection products for dyed hair

When using a dryer or straightener, make sure your hair is completely dry before being exposed to heat to avoid damage from inside hair. You should also use a pre-discharge conditioner to strengthen your hair and finally use hair spray to protect your hair.

Supplement vitamins for dyed hair

You can use more functional foods for hair vitamins because vitamins are one of the essential nutrients to care for strong and shiny dyed hair.

Vitamin C keeps the strong blood in the scalp healthy by supporting hair follicles and helping you absorb iron from plant proteins.

Sun protection to care for dyed hair

Regardless of the season of the year, the sunshine can fade the hair color. Therefore, you should avoid exposing your hair to the sun for too long and using products that contain hair protection agents from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

A lot of styling products, hair restoring oils or SPF sprays will help you protect your hair from sun damage. Even sun protection products for hair contain vitamins to help restore the dye and prevent hair damage.

Avoid chlorine exposure to dyed hair

If you’re a swimmer, wet your hair and use a hair restoration essence before going into the pool to prevent chlorine in the pool water from damaging your hair.

Chlorine chemicals can accumulate and change the hair color to green. In addition, you can also wear a swimming cap to prevent hair from coming into contact with water.

After reading this short post, certainly, you have an answer to the question above “Can I mix two hair colors from the same brands?”, don’t you? Hopefully, all of you will feel confident when mixing two different hair colors each other. Last but not the least, please read precautions and take steps carefully to have an ideal hair color.

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