Warning: Can you wash your body with shampoo? A big no-no to you

Since shampoo and body wash are 2 products with the same view, which are to clean your hair and body, many people believe the 2 products are somewhat similar and use them as one.

Some people use shampoo to wash their body while some others use body wash as shampoo as well. They use body wash and shampoo as one to get a sense of convenience and save cost, but you may wonder is it really worth it?

From here, the question ‘’Can you wash your body with shampoo?’’ arises. The answer I give you is that you should not wash your body with shampoo instead of body wash for your own safety.

What makes shampoo not suitable for skin wash?

To know whether can you wash your body with shampoo, you need to know what made of shampoo and its function.

Shampoo is “soapy”

Can you wash your body with shampoo
Shampoo can get rid of oils and fat from hair (Source: Internet)

The term ‘’soapy’’ may sound unfamiliar but it is easy to understand if you know about hair care. Hair care is much more complicated than you can ever imagine, using body wash to wash your hair can not bring back good results as shampoo and vice versa, washing your body with shampoo may not worth the convenience when shopping as it is. Shampoo is made of different ingredients from body wash to tackle hair problem like oiliness, dryness or harm caused by dying colors. Shampoo helps clean the hair but also strips of the essential oils and fats from your scalp with dead cells. As a results, should you use shampoo instead of body wash to wash your body, your skin can run off oils and fat, which causes irritation, dullness and dryness to your skin.

Shampoo is acidic

Can you wash your body with shampoo
Shampoo has higher acidity level than body wash (Source: Internet)

With specific formulation, shampoos are more acidic ((https://web.archive.org/web/20160207011433/http://dwb.unl.edu/calculators/activities/diproticacid.html)) than body wash. Knowing this, you may be able to see why shampoo cannot replace body wash products. Can you wash your body with shampoo when there is much more acidity in that than body wash? The answer is obviously no. The pH level in shampoo is made to be approximately equal to that of natural hair. In other words. the acidity in hair can be adjusted by shampoo, which makes hair look smooth and shiny. In short, should you use shampoo to skin clean, you may cause harm to your skin.

Shampoo is much more related to detergents

Can you wash your body with shampoo
Shampoo as detergent make your hair shiny and smooth (Source: Internet)

Shampoo and body wash are attributed to be detergent but shampoo, with higher acidity, can clean your hair while body wash, with a friendlier pH level, can be used in bath to be more gentle to your body. However, shampoo is much more related to be detergent. In accordance to the Daily Mail of UK, shampoo can be used to do many other things rather than just as a hair product. To be precisely, shampoo is said to be able to wash kitchen tools or household appliance. So, as yourself that can you wash your body with shampoo when it is a detergent that can clean your household appliances as well? I would rather say no for the safety of my skin.

The answer to the question “ Can you wash your body with shampoo ?”

Can you wash your body with shampoo
Should you wash your body with shampoo instead of body wash? (Source: Internet)

Many things are made for their own purposes and reasons, so do shampoo and body wash products, they have reasons to be invented separately. However, since their purposes are similar to some extent, people can be confusing. I highly recommend you that, much as convenient as it is to use shampoo as  both hair wash and body wash, you should not substitute shampoo or any hair care products for body wash.

Consider all the reasons I have pointed out above, I state the answer to whether can you wash your body with shampoo is no if you really want to protect your skin. Prepare yourself both shampoo and body wash because if you substitute shampoo for body wash, you can cause irritation, dryness, dullness to your skin due to the higher level of acid formulated in shampoo.

To sum up, i want to make a list of things you can protect your skin while using shampoo:

  • never use shampoo as body wash (obviously)
  • while washing your hair with shampoo, prevent the shampoo liquid from running down all over your body by rinsing the shampoo off while leaning your body forward
  • non-soap cleaner ((https://www.sharecare.com/health/skin-cleansing-soaps/difference-between-soap-non-soap-cleanser)) such as Dove is highly recommended to be used
  • after taking a shower, while your body is still damp, use a moisturizer ((https://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/moisturizers-do-they-work)) immediately so as to lock all the moisture has soaked into your skin, which keeps your body protected and hydrated all day long

To conclude, I guess you all now know whether can you wash your body with shampoo. Despite the fact of using shampoo as hair extensions care and body wash product can bring sense of convenience and cost cutting, you have to put your body’s safe as the most priority. Share this question of the problem to your families, friends so as to protect them and aware them of the misuse of shampoo they have been using wrong all the time.


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