The effective tricks help you care for hair extensions

Did you use to dream of having beautiful hair extension? Also, did you use to spend too much time to find the way how to get to keep hair extension beautiful forever as it was? Some people say ”yes”, but others say “no”. Don’t worry about it. Have a look on this following this post to know more about some tricks helping you care for hair extensions effectively.

Why is hair extensions cared carefully?

Caring for natural hair seems to be not strange to everyone. However, taking care of hair extensions is not not close to us because everybody thinks that these hair extensions don’t need to care a lot, simply only wear it when necessary.

In contrast, hair extensions should be cared much more than national hair. For the reason, they are made from many different materials, used by human hand (not to be raised like the natural hair), so they are lack of stuff substances and need to be cared by your caring. No matter how superb hair extensions you have, after the next time, they will be greasy and dry. Therefore, caring for hair extension is inevitable to us.

Some suggestions for you to care hair extensions

There are a lot of tips to keep hair extensions beautiful and strong as it was used to. However, in this post, we recommend four effective ways made by many hair experts all around the world. These tricks are easy enough for all of us to care for hair extension at your own home.

Using combs smartly

Make sure that you shouldn’t use combs which have lots of thick teeth set too neatly because they have highly frictional force. This causes your hair extensions to be easily destroyed. Instead, thin wooden or ivory combs which have larger space among teeth will be perfect selection to care for hair extensions.

care for hair extensions

In the combing process, you also need to be careful. It’s essential that you should take notice of position of the hair extension on the head. The important thing is need to comb slightly and carefully. If you comb a bit strongly, your hair extension will fall down and look greasy. Gradually, your hair becomes dry and unkempt.

More importantly, when you comb, you need to pay attention to this. One hand is used to hold comb, and the other one is used to comb. Remember to give love to your own hair, which reduces your hair falling down day by day.

Brushing your hair extensions slightly and correctly

Brushing hair extensions seems to be easy to everyone. However, the problem is not too much people know how to get to brush in a correct way.

To answer the question ”how can we brush the hair extensions correctly?”, many experts and hair salons advise you to comb slightly before brushing to avoid your hair falling down. Another necessary thing is you should stand straight under the shower so that hair can be brushed in a correct way.

care for hair extensions

Making hair extensions clean because of regular hygiene

This is one of the necessary tricks that women should care to get dream hair extensions forever. It’s regular hygiene with shampoo that will help your hair clean, soft and look natural.

Some hair salons suppose that you can do with in three times a week by the shampoo having full of nutrients. As a result, your hair extensions not only smell pleasant and comfortable but also become longer and stronger.

Steps for hair extensions hygiene

  • Step 1: dilute clean water with shampoo.
  • Step 2: comb slightly, and then take your hair extensions into a sink within 5-10 minutes and remember not to crumple.
  • Step 3: wash your hair extension with clean water and use clean and soft towel to dry and not to crumple.
  • Step 4: use an ivory comb and let your hair extensions dry naturally (remember not to use a hair drier or bathe in the sky).
  • Step 5: when your hair is dry about 80-90%, please spray herbal water into your hair in order that your hair extensions are always smooth.

Using shampoo correctly for hair extensions

Your hair extensions should be used with a combination of special both shampoo and conditioner. Therefore, choosing the kinds of shampoos like herbal shampoos, and keratin shampoos will be the best way to nourish your hair extensions.

care for hair extensions
Care for hair extensions with expert

Moreover, hair salons advise you not to use chemicals at home. The best way for you is you should ask for professional salons’ consultant to keep your hair extension strong and fresh.

Hopefully, these are some suggestions for you to care your hair extensions effectively. Please read carefully so that you can enough information to take care of your hair extensions yourselves at home.

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