Castor oil for baby hair and surprising benefits you have to know

It goes without saying that oil is a functional ingredient for every woman who wants to make beauty. We have a question for you: “Have you ever heard about one secret oil that is wonderful for every home remedy and especially used for newborn babies?” Well, today, we will take a look at Castor oil for baby hair.

If you have ever had children, you probably already know how hard it is when you try to find some safe and natural hair products for your own babies. Sometimes you may wonder that “Can we use castor oil for baby hair?”, the answer is “Definitely yes!”. Can’t wait anymore! Let’s read this article below and explore a few more knowledge about castor oil benefits for newborn babies.

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What is castor oil

Castor oil is a vegetable oil collected by squeezing the nuts of the castor oil plant and used for cosmetic and medical purposes. For instance, when it comes to cosmetic, castor oil is needed for making up products about hair and skin.

Hair benefits of castor oil can be known as promoting hair growth, treating scalp infections or conditioning hair. As far as skin is concerned, castor oil can heal sunburn skin, anti-aging, moisturize skin and also reduce acne.

When it comes to medical purpose, castor oil acts as a laxative, boosts immunity and gets rid of any pain and stiffness. Also, this natural ingredient is a reliable method for cleaning the stomach so that it helps improve the health very much

Castor oil value facts

castor oil for baby hair

Including ricinoleic acid and some other fatty acids, castor oil has become an effective skincare, hair care, and healthcare products. Here is some more detailed information about its property.

Ricinoleic acid makes up 85 – 95% ,

Oleic acid: 2 – 6 %,

linoleic acid: 1 – 5%,

Stearic acid  : 0.5 – 1%

And other 0.2 – 0.5%

So you can be safe and sound when using for your children and massage the baby’s abdomen with castor oil because it’s natural, nutritious and great.

Benefits of castor oil for baby hair

We all know that we can’t have a happy life if our lovely babies have some issues with their hair. Babies’ scalp is super more sensitive than that of adults’. So how to take care of and protect them completely?

Almost baby products now contain too many chemicals such as Phthalate, paraben, formaldehyde, dioxane, and phenoxyethanol and highly dangerous for infants. In this case, let castor oil be the superhero and make it easy.

castor oil for baby hair

Castor oil for baby hair growth

Choosing a totally natural ingredient like castor oil is a good option. Many parents usually apply castor oil on their babies’ head every day because they believe that castor oil is a popular remedy for hair loss and a helpful ingredient for hair growth.

With the regular use of castor oil, the process of growth can be boosted by three times to five times in comparison to the usual rate. It not only spurs hair growth but also make the hair fairly thicker within a few months of use. Sometimes, parents make their little babies wear cap or hat that leads to hair fall problem.

castor oil for baby hair

Using castor oil is an amazing tip to strengthen their babies’ hair. Castor oil has a thick consistency, hence you can mix it with coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil in a half and half ratio. Then use your finger or a brush and start applying it onto the baby’s scalp with gentle circular motions.

Accounting for this, the gentle massage increase the blood flow rejuvenates the hair and stimulates hair growth. Not only does castor oil help the baby hair growth, but it also makes the hair richer and darker.

Castor oil moisturize babies’ hair

It is believed that castor oil is a boon for hair. Whether it’s thinning hair, damaged hair or dry scalp, it can help to crack almost every hair issues. This oil is good for your lovely little babies’ hair as it has many nutrients such as vitamin E, omega 9, 6 fatty acids and proteins which maintain a healthy hair and give it unique moisturizing properties.

It helps to get rid of the dry scalp, get penetrate deeply into the hair follicle and nourish the hair roots. That’s the reason why your baby’s hair will be softer and manageable. What you need is a few drops of castor oil and what you have to do is thoroughly clean your hair and massage with castor oil gently.

castor oil for baby hair

When it comes to beauty and skincare for baby, this oil is a highly recommended moisturizer because it leaves your baby with smooth and silky hair. So if you are seeking an effective and natural hair care for a baby, you know what to reach out for?!!

Castor oil is safe for baby hair

There have been many controversial debates about the safety of castor oil for the babies. The answer is “Yes!” .Castor oil is thought to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, moisturizing, and some other essential properties.

That’s why it is safe to use for kids and provide benefits for the baby hair. Although castor oil is a wonderful remedy, you have to make it a point to take some advice from the doctor before using this oil on your baby hair, to know more detailed information about the proper dosage.

Remember not to apply castor oil in areas near your baby’s lips, eyes, anus, and genitals. Precautions obviously need to be taken to make sure that your babies will not suffer from any catastrophic effects caused by castor oil.

castor oil for baby hairSome other effects of castor oil you cannot ignore

Treatment of dry eyes

You may not know this, but castor oil is one of the best natural treatments for dry eye. You should use castor oil as eye drops because this is a safe and natural remedy for this condition.

Castor oil provides moisture and lubrication to your eyes. Dry eyes can cause other serious eye problems such as degenerative eye inflammation or conjunctivitis. So we have to handle it as quickly as possible.

Treatment of cataract

Castor oil is known to be an effective remedy for preventing early cataract. Experts recommend putting one drop of oil in each eye every night before going to bed. You should use it before you sleep because after use, castor makes your eyes look like a film for a few minutes so it is considered safest to use it at night. Depending on the progression of the disease, it takes about 2-6 months to cure the disease.

Reduces inflammation

Inflammation around the eyelids can be treated with castor oil. It also helps in reducing pain, redness occurs when your eyes are inflamed. Apply pure castor oil on the ring finger and apply it around your eyelids, especially areas of inflammation.

Stimulates growth of eyelashes

Castor oil in the area around the eyelashes and eyebrows may stimulate growth. This will make the eyelashes and eyebrows thick and bold. In addition, it also helps to reduce the phenomenon of entangled fur.

Prevent wrinkles and eye bags

Gently massage the skin around your eyes regularly with castor oil can help keep your skin soft and smooth. It also helps prevent dark circles and wrinkles.

Prevent eye infection

Castor oil can be used for antibacterial. You can use castor oil as a natural eye drops to treat bacterial eye infections such as conjunctivitis. Instead of using pharmaceutical eye drops, you should use this oil as it is safer while providing other benefits to your eyes.

Hair care conditioner and hair moisturizer

Warm a few tablespoons of castor oil in the microwave for a few seconds. Apply oil on wet hair and incubate with a shower cap for at least 15 minutes before shampooing as usual. Castor oil is not only an effective aid for your hair, it is also an excellent skin care product that moisturizes the scalp, prevents dandruff and stimulates hair growth.

Nursing hands and nails

Castor oil can be used to massage hands to help wrinkles fade. Apply castor oil to your hands and nails every night before going to bed. It will soften the epidermis and prevent nails from cracking.

If you are worried about heel cracking, think about applying castor oil to your crack, it will be extremely effective.

Remove moles on skin

Mix castor oil with 2 tablespoons baking powder. Apply this mixture to the mole for a while and then rinse again. Do the same for several days until the moles are completely removed.

To conclude, castor oil is becoming a popular remedy for parents who concerns about their babies’ hair. Castor oil on baby hair can help achieve richer hair naturally, protects hair from damage and make a shiny hair. That’s all about castor oil for baby hair, hope you like and find it helpful. Don’t forget to frequently apply this oil and meet expectations!

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