Miracle natural tips: coconut oil for lice treatment

There is no doubt that coconut oil is an excellent product provided by the mother of nature. However, it will come as a complete surprise that it can be use  to both prevent and treat head lice.

As you may know or feel, getting lice is one of the truly annoying experiences in life and if you do not have a quick solution to it, lice start to spread and literally take over. So, why not utilize coconut oil for lice treatment right now?

In this article, we will deal with everything that may arise from this method, including how good it is, dos and don’t when applying it and how to effectively and naturally treat your head lice.

Let’s follow wholesale hair vendors and find out how magical coconut oil will bring about!

Lice and its cause

Lice ((https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/lice/symptoms-causes/syc-20374399)) – the mere 4-letter word can send everyone to annoyance and a complete panic. Getting lice in the family is no fun. Imagine when you are enjoying your little moments with your beloved ones, at the same time there are gross little critters crawling around and blood out of your scalp. How would you feel?

coconut oil for lice
What if one day you get lice? Panic-trafficking but do not worry thanks to coconut oil for lice treatment!

It would definitely be a terrible experience in life. We knew your feelings and we understand your demand for getting rid of it by using coconut oil for lice. However, do not be in a rush because everything has its dos and don’ts. Therefore, you need to get a rounded knowledge of lice before applying natural treatment.

coconut oil for lice
The life cycle of head lice – too fast to prevent

Where do lice take root from? Let’s get started from the fact that head lice are parasites that overwhelm your scalp by blooding. Scientifically, they are also called pediculus humanus capitis. It can come to you both in direct and indirect ways. Let us help you to break them down:

  • Come in the proximity of those who has head lice as pediculus humanus capitis can transfer so quickly among the heads. Only by hugging them, sitting next to them and the like can lice wide spread.
  • Using the same clothing items or sharing hair tools with ‘victims’
  • Lying on the same place with people with head lice in the last 48 hours.
coconut oil for lice
As you can see, lice can easily transfer from one to another. However, magic will come if you apply coconut oil for lice.

Why is coconut oil for lice treatment effective?

Should you be a fan of beauty world, you may know coconut oil as a powerful helper in cleaning teeth, cleaning makeup brushes and making lustrous hair. Therefore, people start to wonder if it is effective when we use coconut oil for lice treatment. The answer should be a definite yes.

According to a clinical trial carried out by The Medical Entomology Centre in the UK, it has been proved that the mixture of anise ((https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anise)) spray and coconut oil outperformed other traditional lice treatments. Out of 50 participants with head lice, 41% were cured thanks to the magical coconut oil for lice while only 23% were well treated by using permethrin ((http://npic.orst.edu/factsheets/PermGen.pdf)) lotion.

So, how exactly is coconut oil for lice treatment effective? To your expectation, there are several reasons here. First, coconut is rich in lubricating nature and good fat that can kill bacteria. It is this fat that is against at least 90% of the time you may spend on lice shampoos or harsh synthetic products.

coconut oil for lice
Coconut oil for lice treatment – cheap to buy, easy to find

Second, coconut oil is also a natural moisturizer; thus, pediculus humanus capitis find it difficult to grasp the hair follicles ((https://www.physiology.org/doi/full/10.1152/physrev.2001.81.1.449)). What’s more, it is viscous in nature, preventing the lice from wide-spreading onto clothes, furniture, bed and the like. In another word, coconut oil helps to stop them from infecting other people.

However, the most worth-mentioning reason for utilizing coconut oil for lice remedy is that it is a natural treatment with much additional benefits, namely conditioning your strands and making them smoother. When compared to coconut oil for lice treatment, different chemical products on the market can damage your strands or even irritate your scalp skin.

coconut oil for lice
Children with head lice should be treated with natural remedies.

Especially if you have babies or kids, it is highly recommended that you should use coconut oil for lice remedy, Why? Because lice shampoos and solvents pose a risk of ingesting with added dangers and side effects such as blurred vision, diarrhea and paralysis.

In conclusion, coconut oil for lice treatment is extremely effective. In any area where lice infest, coconut oil is capable of healing.

How to treat lice with coconut oil – a good rule of thumb

Before you get to know about how to make coconut oil for lice treatment, we will have a close look at proper lice treatment process. The reason is that every combination all has the same process to apply on your scalp. Therefore, the process should be mentioned at the very beginning of the paragraph. Just follow those steps and then you can succeed in treating lice no matter which method you would utilize.

  • Leave a bonding agent to lose the lice from your strands and facilitate some of the active lice suffocation
  • Mix with essential oil such as anise and tea tree
  • Keep them stay there for a few hours. After that, comb the strands to get rid of lice and pick up the nits. Note that it is the most vital step in the process to use coconut oil for lice; therefore, you have to choose a special comb as regular ones just cannot work in this case.
  • Wash with a cleansing shampoo which includes lots of essential oils
  • Repeat if you think it is necessary
coconut oil for lice
The process is easy as piece of cake. Do not worry if you are not experienced enough

The process is pretty easy but the effects it brings about will be beyond expectations. Now, it is time for you to explore your best recipe of coconut for lice treatment. Let’s learn and do it yourself to say goodbye to lice for good.

  • Plain coconut oil for lice
coconut oil for lice
Coconut oil for lice itself is perfect

As we have discussed earlier, coconut oil is a perfect and potential lice treatment. Therefore, why not take advantage of pure coconut oil as the most basic but effective remedy. The process follows these aforementioned steps; nevertheless, you are required to rub thoroughly down to the roots.

Additionally, it is better to wrap your head in a shower cap or towel after shampooing. Afterwards, just leave them there overnight (within at least 8 hours). You are likely to run through each strand in order to remove possible remaining lice or nits by the special lice comb. Repeat the process until no pediculus humanus capitis has been found.

What a simple method! Get started using pure coconut oil for lice treatement right now!

coconut oil for lice
Magical coconut oil for lice treatment that you may not know
  • Coconut oil for lice plus tea tree oil

Have you ever heard of this strange combination? Have you ever got to know about tea tree oil? You may be posing these questions when you are first suggested utilizing this recipe. Believe it or not, this mixture will do good to you, in every aspect and without any risk.

According to scientific domains, tea tree oil is well-known for being one of the most wonderful anti-bacterial and anti-insecticide substances that the Mother of Nature could provide us with. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it can rapidly kill lice and it is a match in the heaven with coconut oil for lice remedy.

coconut oil for lice
Coconut oil is often accompanied by tea tree oil.

As for this remedy, there are some notes that you should bear in mind. First, a good rule of thumb to quantify the two is 5:2. By this, we mean that you should mix 5 drops of tea tree oil with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil thoroughly. Overnight covering is encouraged after shampooing.

It is fine if you wake up in the morning and spend from 4-5 minutes on blow drying your strands. Repeat each step of the process above. However, do not over-repeat it to speed up lice elimination. Just do it in 1-2 cycles. It will not pose any risk of damage to the strands.

Should you find it hard to seek for tea tree oil, you can skip this remedy and go for the other ones in the article. There are hundreds of ways to make use of coconut oil for lice treatment.

  • Coconut oil and garlic
coconut oil for lice
Could you believe that garlic can be mixed with coconut oil for lice?

Are you a big fan of garlic bread and garlic in their pasta but have you thought of putting garlic on your hair for sure? The answer should be ‘no way at all’ as garlic is just too stinky and smelly in nature. However, garlic is full of antiparasitic and antifungal substances which help to get rid of lice. When mixed with coconut oil for lice remedy, garlic works well to create an extremely unpleasant environment for parasites to develop.

How to mix it? The recipe should be 1:2, including one tablespoon of garlic juice and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. More importantly, you have to put on a shower cap and leave it there within one hour. The other steps would be the same as the process above.

If you do not really like the smell that garlic gives off, just do not attempt to do it. Try to find your favourite mixture between coconut oil for lice with another natural product.

coconut oil for lice
What a cute couple for getting rid of annoying lice

Is oregano cheap and available in your living area? If yes, why not take advantage of it to create a naturally perfect treatment for your hair problem. Oregano oil is extremely strong; however, it is strong enough to make this solution for head lice even more efficient.

Remember the ratio of 5:1 then you can succeed in treating lice by this combination. Mix 5 drops of coconut oil with 1 drop of oregano oil thoroughly. Do not forget to massage your hair and scalp during application. It can be considered as the quickest method that you may want to try.

It does not take more than one hour for the lice to be totally dead. At that point, please comb through your strands, removing any remaining dead nits. Repeat steps in the process until no lice will be found.

  • Lemon juice, green tea and coconut oil for lice killing
coconut oil for lice
How to make the mixture in detail?

When it comes to coconut oil for lice treatment, it is a famous word of mouth in that people advise one another to mix coconut, green tea and lemon juice together. Why is this a pretty powerful weapon?

As you may know, each separate ingredient does good to your hair growth and protection. While coconut oil facilitates a slippery surface for the lice to latch on, the acidity in lemon juice makes them hard to survive. When the lice’s strength has beaten, green tea is responsible for reducing the inflammation on your scalp where you often scratch.

While this is the mixture of 3 ingredients, it is still easy to remember the recipe because the only number you should bear in mind is one. Mix one tablespoon of each thing together and you will get a perfect weapon to be against lice. The other steps should be the same as those in garlic with coconut oil for lice treatment.

coconut oil for lice
Children are the more vulnerable targets of lice.

When it comes to apple cider vinegar with coconut oil for lice, you would have to think of a different method with a totally different process. What you need is a jar of coconut oil and a bottle of apple cider vinegar.

This is how you can do it properly to take root of lice. First, you are bound to rinse you strands with the vinegar but do not wash it out because it will help you to dissolve the glue that sticks eggs to follicles. Next, pour coconut oil for lice treatment onto the scalp as soon as the vinegar has dried.

coconut oil for lice
Have you ever tried to mix apple cider vinegar with coconut oil for lice treatment? If not, believe us and try it at the moment!

Put on a hair wrap and leave the mixture there for the whole day. After few hours for the mixture to be effective, comb your hair to pick dead eggs and lice. The intriguing feature of this method is that you do not have to do this many times. Just once and forever. Besides, you can get beautiful and skinny strands at the same time.

What a comprehensive method! Why not try apple cider vinegar with coconut oil for lice treatment right now to reach two targets in one shoot?

The benefits of coconut oil are much more than that

  • Very good for fat abstinence

While other oils provide up to 9kcal per gram, coconut oil is the safest choice for people who are obese because they only provide 8.6 kcal / gram. In addition, saturated fatty acids in coconut oil do not cause weight gain and are very suitable for people in slimming mode. Using processed coconut oil during meals will help your body promote a strong metabolism within 24 hours and the calories are quickly burned. This helps the body get rid of toxins and remove excess fat.

  • Beneficial for the digestive system

Because it is a saturated fat and contains a moderate amount of sugar, coconut oil is easily absorbed into the body’s metabolism and is able to improve the performance of the large intestine, thereby stimulating digestion. If you start with coconut oil, your body will show signs of loose stools. It is perfectly normal for the effect of coconut oil because the digestive system is being stimulated to remove toxins.

  • Reduce the risk of incurable disease

The pure coconut oil reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL), thereby reducing the risk of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, liver disease and kidney.

  • Coconut oil helps care for bones

Pure coconut oil contains most minerals such as magnesium and calcium for strong bones. So for injured or elderly people, coconut oil is included in the food processing ingredient to help bones recover quickly and better protect.

  • Reduce stress for busy days

One of the ingredients that make up the effect of coconut oil is that it is very rich in carbonic acid pH of acid and acids that secrete Capri Malik. This feature helps our minds relax. Eat coconut oil consecutively daily in small quantities to help you sleep better. It also helps reduce chronic fatigue and long-term insomnia.

  • Oral health care

Coconut oil has the function of reducing the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth and plaque, which can lead to various problems, such as gingivitis, swollen gums, bruising or bleeding gums. You can use coconut oil to rinse your mouth twice a day to improve dental problems.

  • Provide energy for the body

With essential fatty acids and vitamin minerals, coconut oil is confident that it will give you an abundant source of energy for a day’s work. At the same time, maintaining the ability to eat coconut oil will help you strengthen your immune system and avoid many incurable diseases.

  • Lotion

Most people know how to use coconut oil to rub their hands, fingers and nails to prevent them from drying out. In addition, coconut oil also brings a pleasant scent. You can mix it with a little salt to kill the dead skin on your feet.

  • Sunscreen

Natural coconut oil also provides moisture to the skin and has a light sun protection capacity equivalent to SPF 4. Although it is not a high SPF, it is a good alternative.

  • Cure some wounds

Coconut oil can soothe sun burns, bug bites, small cuts and scratches, and even acne.

In conclusion, we have dealt with 6 methods that you can think of when applying coconut oil for lice treatment. We hope that they can help you to stay away from parasites as soon as possible. However, as you can see, there is no alternative for good old-fashioned combing and nit picking. No matter what you choose, you still need to carry out the removal process.

We all know that it is a tedious and annoying task but it is a must-follow advice. Chemicals come and go, even though they are from nature. Therefore, it is better to rinse it out carefully. As long as you follow our lead, you can maximize the effects of coconut oil for lice remedies.

We look forward to seeing your feedback and comments! Should you still be confused at any step or any method, do not hesitate to comment below. We will try our best to give you a quick and accurate answer. Let’s get the kick of the battle right now! Thanks for your reading!

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