Collective Activities Of Ivirgo Employees

Collective activities of Ivirgo employees


Ivirgohair is known as one of the 5 largest hair export companies in Vietnam. To achieve this success, the board of directors not only focuses on product quality but also cares about lifes of employees. Ivirgohair focuses on stimulating personal capacity development and building a professional working environment. In addition to the production and business emulation movement activities, there are team building, travel, resort, collective activities… which help to connect the feelings of colleagues, improving collective power. In this article, we will point out the 3 most outstanding corporate activities during 11 years of establishment.

First of all, team building activities are held regularly at the beginning of the quarter.

After 3 months in business, it’s time for a short break to help employees relieve stress. Team building aims to build closer relationships among team members, improve team spirit, identify

leaders and create an atmosphere of informal communication. This includes company events, annual summary activity, various fun activities, team games, etc. The operation lasts 2 hours but brings positive results.

The second is a periodical vacation for employees once a year. 

The most recent journey took place in June, 2023 with the full attendance of staff and relatives.

The chosen location is Thailand – a beautiful country with many different cultural and religious experiences. Work hard and play hard. Enjoying Thailand food together, paragliding, canoeing, massage.. helps to strengthen the relationship between employees and the company.

In addition, there are also tours to discover Vietnam with other famous places such as Da Lat, Nha Trang, Quy Nhon…

The third is connecting the factory and office staff through face-to-face meetings.

The Board of Directors creates favorable conditions for office staff to meet directly and discuss with the factory about the advantages and disadvantages of the product, the customer’s feedback. We find solutions to help improve production productivity, quality of hair and keep up with market trends. The activities take place regularly twice a month.

In addition, Ivirgohair also has other welfare policies for employees such as gifts on special occasions (birthday, marriage..), activities to celebrate national holidays, social insurance…

It can be said that Ivirgohair is always committed to providing employees with a professional, fair and healthy working environment. We always strive to overcome existing problems to attract and retain potential human resources.

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