20 inches straight bulk color 16c



Creating trendy hairstyles or doing your favorite styles is a big obstacle for short, thin, and weak natural hair.

Fortunately, hair extensions can make your hair look fuller and longer. With today’s diverse wig models, buyers need help finding a reliable and quality wig. 

But do not worry about this problem because Ivirgo Hair Vendors will provide you with a youthful and feminine 20 inches straight bulk color 16c hair model.

Please take a look at our product information below!


Unlike other brands, our 20 inches straight bulk color 16c is made entirely from 100% natural hair.

Although their origin is mainly in barber shops, they are processed carefully and safely. Broken or faded parts will be available to cut as we only take quality hairs.

Besides, there will not be any other chemical fibers inside the product. In addition, the hair, after being retrieved, is cleaned before being distributed to the market. Therefore, you can use our products with complete peace of mind.


Because extensions are from natural hair, their primary color is black or dark brown. We guarantee that this color part does not add any colorants or chemicals. You can bleach or dye your favorite color if you don’t like black.

Ensure you buy dyes from reputable stores or chemicals that are not harmful to the scalp to ensure they are safe to wear. And always take care of your hair after dyeing to maintain a long-lasting color.


The length you can choose when buying 20-inch straight bulk color 16c ranges from 6 to 32 inches. 

8-12 inches is the most reasonable range for you to own waist-length hair. However, this also depends a lot on your current hair. If you need shoulder height with a youthful and dynamic style, you only need 5 inches.

If you need to change to curls or curls, you should buy a slightly longer size. When curling them up, the hair will curl up and lose its original length. 

So, if you want to create many different hairstyles in many forms for yourself, you should pay close attention to the distance to choose.

Shipper Services

Because you buy goods online, delivery service is the top concern. Each bundle is of natural origin with a weight of 100 grams. 

If you want a home delivery service, you need to order a minimum of 200 grams/2 bundles. We also specialize in providing large quantities if you have a need.

Fortunately, depending on your geographic location and order quantity, it will take 3-5 days to arrive. Contact us soon if you want to order in bulk to receive the product as quickly as possible.


After a long time in business, we have received many customer inquiries. Here are some faqs you can refer to understand this hair extension better.

What is the most damaging type of hair extension?

There are many ways to attach hair extensions to natural hair. Besides safe techniques, a method still harms users: Microbead/micro loop. 

With this connection, the hair will be attached to the metal ring, making the scalp heavier and the hair roots easier to weaken.

Can you shower with hair extensions?

The answer is yes. You can thoroughly shower with hair extensions. Yet, its frequency should stop at a low level. The reason is that when it gets wet with a lot of water, hair extensions will easily loosen and affect hair quality.

Do extensions help hair grow?

It is a rather complicated question. You only realize this problem if you wear extensions for a long time. But in short, extensions help hair grow. Besides, they can still affect natural hair if you do not care for them properly.

Can you exercise with extensions?

One problem to note is that the adhesive tape in the hair extension cannot be removed. But with hair extensions, you still need to exercise normally. 

Yet, if you want to increase the life of your hair, limit it as much as possible. Acids released from sweat seep into the scalp, which will dry out the hair if you don’t wash it in time.

Is it better to put extensions in clean or dirty hair?

The adhesive tape holds the hair best when the hair is in clean condition.

Wash your hair and dry it before attaching the hair extension with duct tape. Detox shampoo is the best option to solve this problem, which minimizes hair loss.


20 inches straight bulk color 16c is a hair model that brings a new look to users. You have fully understood the product features and advantages with the above information.

If you find them quality and reliable, you can order them today. Remember to leave a message if you have questions regarding the product.

Thank you for reading!

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