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Hair extension categories are increasingly diverse, and they are available around the world and in many different environments. 

When doing the above research, Ivirgo Hair Vendors found that the hair extension that women prefer the most is Cambodian hair.

It has an intact cuticle, is highly durable, and is rich in different styles. That is why many people find it challenging to make decisions. 

But if you are looking for an easy-to-style, affordable and tangle-free version, the 20 Inches Straight Weft Color 18C is the right choice.

Product Features

Due to its natural Cambodian hair origin, 20 Inches Straight Weft Color 18C is strong, shiny, and highly durable. Next, we’ll give you a more thorough understanding of its essential characteristics, including color, length, and materials.

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Because 20 inches straight weft color 18c does not undergo heat or chemical treatment, it retains its original natural color. You will easily find its 2 main color versions, black and dark brown.

Most women love this shade because they need a version that brings out the natural beauty but is equally seductive.

This hair color is also suitable for those pursuing the loose or pressed African-American women’s style.


I understand that it is always challenging to judge or estimate hair length on your own. But if you want the right size to do the desired hairstyles, 20 inches straight weft color 18c is a good investment. It offers a full range of distances ranging from 6 inches to 32 inches.

For example, by choosing the 6-inch category, you will easily experiment with bob haircuts and different versions of bangs.

On the contrary, if you love the graceful style with braids or waves, you will need the 20-inch classification. It is also the perfect length for a high bun with an elegant look.


As mentioned, 20 inches straight weft color 18c is derived from the pure hair of healthy Cambodians. It’s also not chemically processed, so the epidermis usually runs in the same direction. In particular, this hair extension is also very safe for your health and does not cause damage to your original hair.

As such, you can rest assured regarding its structural quality, safety, and durability.

Notably, the 20 inches straight weft color 18c has a solid texture, which is typical in Cambodian models. It’s super shiny, conforms to all hair types, and doesn’t tangle or break out.


Like other Cambodian hair types, 20 inches straight weft color 18c is a bit rough but has a perfect hold. Therefore, it will last longer, even under high styling temperatures.

Also, it allows users to bleach and dye any favorite color without compromising quality and durability.

Hair wefts

Hair wefts of 20 inches straight are single-machine wefts. In other words, this product is made with super glue on a 3-needle weft machine and regular stitches.

Accordingly, it tends to be thin, soft, easy to conceal, and comfortable even for long periods.

From the convenient benefits of styling to care and maintenance, this product is the right choice for your needs. With it, you won’t have to worry about styling your hair every time you wake up, and you won’t have to wash your hair every day to maintain consistency.


Is machine weft or hand-tied better?

The answer is machine weft, which tends to be more durable than hand-tied. During production, the weft machines are pre-sized and cut to the right size for each customer, but hand-tied is not.

On the other hand, the machine weft has a moderate thickness to provide comfort and requires less care.

Which hair length makes you look younger?

You will look younger, more dynamic, and sleeker when you have shoulder-length or longer hair. The ideal length that I recommend for you is 6 inches. Any hairstyle shorter than this size tends to bulge at the ends and give you an unflattering effect.

What is Cambodian straight hair?

Cambodia Straight is one of the hair types that provide the most strength and fullness. They have a smooth, shiny texture, don’t break easily, and are extremely easy to maintain.

On the other hand, this hair also can hold very well in all weather conditions, whether wet or harsh.

Cambodian straight hair has a natural dark brown or black color. It also allows the user to bleach or dye as desired.

What is the difference between Indian and Cambodian hair?

Cambodian hair looks thicker and coarser than Indian hair, but it is very light and comfortable.

For versatility, India is multi-racial, so Indian hair offers many different options, including thick, coarse, thin, straight, or curly hair.


This article includes the most valuable and helpful information about 20 inches straight weft color 18c. It has helped you better understand this hairstyle and be more confident with your purchase decision.

Finally, if you have any difficulty placing an order, feel free to contact us so we can solve your problems. I am always ready to accompany you and help you solve your problems for a better experience.

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