22 inches straight bulk color 30



Twenty-two inches straight bulk color 30 is a hot trend because it suits many different faces and styles. To buy quality and reliable products, you can go to Ivirgo Hair Factory, the leading place to shop for hair extensions.

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Products Feature

To help you have a broader and deeper view of this product, we have mentioned the 22 inches straight characteristic criteria below. Keep reading for details!


22 inches straight bulk color 30 has primary colors including black or dark brown, Can bleach and dye. 

You can find hairstylists to advise you on the right color for you. Hair extensions are a part of helping you have a more organized and eye-catching appearance. Hence, make sure you choose a color that matches your skin tone.

Although it only includes a few primary colors. But you can still bleach or re-dye your favorite color. Plus, whichever method you use, opt for specialized hair extensions for hair extensions.

Also, if you need help choosing colors and shaping your style, you can contact us through our website for specific advice.


You have two choices of hair material: natural hair and synthetic hair. With synthetic hair, the hair fiber is from many ingredients, and its shine and smoothness are inferior to natural hair. 

Not only that, you will not be able to dye or bleach synthetic hair because it is incompatible with ammonia or chemicals.

Due to this inconvenience, we only provide users with 100% natural hair. Its cost is higher than synthetic hair because of the complicated processing process. But if you need to find quality hair for long-term use, natural hair is the perfect choice that we recommend for you.


22 inches straight bulk color 30 is straight hair from 6 to 32 inches. It is the most suitable type for those who love traditional long and straight hair. 

But if you want a different style, you can curl or curl it with professional hairdressing tools. In the case of heat-affecting tools, limit their use as little as possible. The reason is heat has an effect on your hair extensions and scalp.

Shipper service

To receive the product at home, you need to order a minimum of 200gr/2 bundles. We are capable of supplying 1000-2000kgs) per month.

Hence, you can still contact us if you want to order in bulk. Plus, depending on location and actual situation, delivery time will take from 3-5 days. 

Thoroughly inspect the product as soon as it is received and contact us soon if it has any technical defects.


Is straight hair attractive?

Straight hair is said to be stronger and more attractive than other hairstyles. Yet, it’s just a reference for you to choose if you can’t find the right style. 

A hairstyle’s attractiveness, youth, and dynamism depend significantly on your suitability. Yet, it will only be optimal for the first 3 days. If you’re considering a longer period, you’ll need extra moisturizers and other accessories.

Does straight hair grow slower?

Curly hair takes longer to grow than straight hair. The reason is that their hair grows out in a curled pattern, which is different from the straight one. 

According to estimates, it will come out about ½ inch per month. In addition, the length is also affected by how you care for and maintain it.

How can I make my straight hair fluffy?

To create bouncy hair, you need to do the following steps:

  • Blow-dry the top strand in an upside-down fashion. Bouncy hair will be created if you blow-dry your bangs in this form.
  • Use a hair roller
  • Apply some dry shampoo
  • Brush your hair with your hands and make it natural
  • Add a little mousse to add volume to damp hair.

With the above steps, you have owned bouncy hair that looks incredibly natural.

How do I style my short hair?

The hair will reach the shoulder if you choose a hair length of about 7-8 inches. You can do other styles such as curly, half-tied, loose, or low bun at this length. 

Many people think it’s too difficult to change if you have short hair. However, in reality, there are many different styles with short hair that you can try.


22 inches straight bulk color 30 is a hairstyle that offers a dramatic change you should try. Hopefully, this information helps you have more confidence to choose our products. If you love this hair model, order to our website to receive the goods as soon as possible. Thank you for reading.


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