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Women always want to refresh themself inside or outside, so they consider investing a great sum of money in healthy products and cosmetics. Hair extensions have become an integrated part of beauty care from the start. 

These products are released with the desire to bring customers a shiny and alluring appearance with a variety of models and prices. 22 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99J is an excellent example. 

This post will cover the quality 22 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99J collection and provide straightforward questions. 

Product Features

Consider the product’s specifications carefully for a better overview of this hair extension type. Keep reading, and I will show you!


The prominent feature contributing to the success of 22 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99J lies in the endless colors and shades. 

Commonly, straight hair extensions deliver primary colors, including black or brown. This might sound like something other than interesting to those looking for a vibrant look that grabs everyone’s attention in the crowd.

At Ivirgo Hair Factory, our experts have improved the palette, giving customers more options when choosing and dyeing the desired hair colors.

With unlimited colors provided, customers have many ways to express their fashion sense and personality. Many choose highlight colors as an excellent choice to flatter black natural hair and express style simultaneously. 


Our hair salon provides straight extensions ranging from 6 to 32 inches in length. Choosing a proper size can facilitate the hairstyling process and make the desired hairstyle easier.

For example, consider choosing shoulder-length, equivalent to 18 to 20 inches, if you are searching for a manageable length. It allows you to pull your hair into a topknot without worrying about intense pressure.

In contrast, a meticulous person should go for 20 to 28-inch products for a lovely and silky texture while satisfying their desire to take care of hair extension during use. 


Ivirgo Hair Factory proudly brings customers 100% natural Vietnamese hair with meticulous processing and production processes. These hair extensions deliver healthy structure, keeping almost 100% of cuticles intact.

Heat exposure and chemical treatments are not Vietnamese hair extension problems. The cuticle layers protect the hair shaft and keep it closed when exposed to detrimental chemicals for an extended period. 

Of course, customers need regular maintenance and previous experience taking care of wigs to keep them in top condition as long as possible. Don’t hesitate to consult our professional hairdressers for extra tips.

Our experts believe Vietnamese hair extensions’ remarkable durability and striking beauty can conquer all customers, even the most demanding ones.


Compared to Caucasian hair, Vietnamese hair has a thicker shaft and around ten layers of cuticles. This helps Vietnamese wigs protect natural protein in the hair structure, avoiding hair dryness for long-term use. 

If you are looking for a hair extension possessing all the inherent properties of natural hair, 22 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99J can satisfy all strict requirements relating to hair health.

You should prepare a large budget when investing in Vietnamese hair extensions, as they are classified into high-class wigs. However, they would be worth a penny and bring you the most satisfying experience. 


A standard straight hair extension typically delivers 18 to 25 inches in length. It allows users to find joy in reinventing themselves and finding new ways to style and color their hair.

Suppose you are into traditional long hair but usually participate in outdoor activities. Simply pull the hair extension into a high ponytail, and you may move more easily without worrying about damaging your hair.

However, remember not to pull the hair extension too high as this can put intense pressure on the attachments, loosening them over time.


How Do You Sleep With Straight Hair Extensions?

You can use a silk scrunchie and pull the hair extensions into a loose ponytail to reduce friction while sleeping. Meticulously, customers can sleep on a satin pillowcase to smooth tangling hair and lessen absorbent during nighttime.

How Long Do Straight Hair Extensions Last?

As for glue-in and tap-in, straight hair extensions can last 6 to 8 weeks with proper application. These methods are quick and easy to apply to natural hair. 

As for clip-ins, straight hair extensions can last up to one year because customers can take them off when sleeping or taking a shower. 

How Do I Make My Hair Texture Straight?

You can use dry shampoo to make the hair texture straight and more natural. The first is to apply dry shampoo to the hair shaft, from roots to ends.

Then scrunch up the hair strands and wind them around for several minutes. 


After reading the article, I hope you have made up your mind to purchase the hair extension for long-term use. Visit Ivirgo Hair Factory to explore more high-end hair products. Thank you for reading!

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